Wednesday 01.28.15

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power cleans, 20-30 lbs
One-legged squats (pistols), right leg
One-legged squats (pistols), left leg

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 Pistol Squat Demo:
(plus scaling)



  1. 15:11
    Did pistols sitting on bench w/ leg out then stood up and sat back down. ( I have seen demos that this is a way to begin to learn them)

    Legs are shaking!

  2. 17:36
    No pistols….just one leg squat…not very deep.
    Legs so tired!
    20lb weight.

  3. 12:21. 16# till set 15, then switched to 20# for the rest of them. Did the sit down bench thing as I've never been able to do pistols before.

  4. 9:36 25#
    Pistols were rough. Couldn't get down very low at all!

  5. I did pistols that way, too. 20#. Only did 21/15/9/3 in 11:38 still totally out of breath and legs shaking

  6. 18:44
    Wanted to quit after the first round! So rough! Did pistols all the way down with my hand on the coffee table for balance and support. So hard!

  7. 15:43
    Burning legs!!
    20 lb cleans
    Used chair for balance and support on the squats. Not pretty but done. Opposite leg touched the ground in front.

  8. 5 mile run

    25# power cleans
    Assisted pistols squats- held on to a pole to help balance while I went all the way down.

  9. 15:39 with band assisted weak (not deep at all) pistols and 20# pcs

  10. 19:48 I thought this one would be easy, I was wrong! Pistol's done on a chair.

  11. 17:35
    30# cleans
    Pistols down to 18" fit ball.
    Didn't hold anything and kept other leg straight out.

    Yowza. Gonna be feeling that tomorrow!

  12. 11:05
    One legged squats, not very deep but done.
    20# PC
    Legs are shaking!!

  13. 27:00
    Full pistols with husband strap support. Might post the video on Facebook if I don't look too ridiculous!! ?

  14. 19:55
    sat on a bench for pistols and held a 5# weight out in front of me for a counter-weight.

  15. 20:29

    24# cleans
    Pistols using bench for support on way down and back up

    First time doing pistols- my legs are going to HURT tomorrow!

  16. 18:09
    45# bar
    Pistols to 10.5" paint can
    This workout was extremely challenging mentally!!!!

  17. 19:36. Pistols w/band assist from my banister and aiming to reach horizontal on every one. 20# cleans.

  18. 19:40ish (my stopwatch stopped and I forgot to restart at end, so I estimated. Full pistols with band assistance (on my pull up bar). (Technically rope assistance) 20# cleans.

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