Tuesday 12.09.14

For time:
Run 1,000 meters
30 bench dips
30 sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20 lbs
30 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
30 power snatches, 20 lbs
30 burpees
30 pull-ups (assist as needed)
30 thrusters, 20 lbs

Post time to comments.


  1. 23:29
    straight leg dips
    handstand pu: 3 real, 7 with legs on desk for 3 sets
    pull ups with band

    that felt wonderful.

  2. 20:24
    All weight as rx'd
    Bench- 1/2 straight 1/2 bent
    HSPU on 21" bar stool
    Burpee w/ pu
    Pull up- 1/2 jumping 1/2 chair assist

    Holy arms! It took me over 5 minutes to do the burpees & pull ups- my arms were burning!

  3. I'm on new baby time so I nixed the run and pull-ups for the sake of completing as much as possible. 11:40 or so. 2 year old was helping me too.

  4. 22:28
    Pushups with feet on box
    30 10 lb dumbell power snatches each arm
    Jumping pull ups

  5. 19:08. Straight leg dips. Knees on bench for HSPU, very chair asst pull ups. Rest as rx'd.

    Holy arms, Batman!! How on earth will I wash my hair??

  6. 2nd day. Excited!!!!i had to modified my workout a lot.
    Yeah!!!! My baby is only 8 weeks old; so, part of my body are toooo heavy for jumping??. Positive not giving up!!!!!25:06

  7. 20:46
    Subbed girl push-ups for HSPU.
    Jumping pull-ups
    All rest as RXed.
    Butt to floor
    Legs up for dips.

  8. Completed on 12/10. 17:35. Push ups on plates, 45# high pulls, 15# snatches, 90# pull up assistances, 45# thrusters. Then 12/10 wod. Then partial leg and ab routine.

  9. 25:01

    Did dips on parallel bars w/ band assist.
    SDHP – 35lbs
    HSPU were in pike on 42" box for the first couple, moved to BPU for a breather, then moved to 30" box then knees on 30" box. (this took a long time!)
    started Power snatch with 45lbs finished with 35 lbs.
    Unassisted Kipping pull ups all!
    45lb Thrusters
    Ran another 2.63 miles to make 3.5 total.
    TIRED!AND sore!

  10. 28:56

    35# SDL
    GPU then 30 Handstands
    45# PS
    45# Thrusters

    Had to catch a chicken in the middle of the workout and break up a cat fight so that combined with the heavy weights slowed me down a little but felt like a good workout!

  11. 19:40
    Hspu 1/2 feet on wall 1/2 pike press
    Chest to floor burpees
    Jumping pull-ups on rings
    30# thruster
    The rest as rx'd

  12. 16:52
    Hspu with feet on treadmill (inverted push-up)
    Chest to floor on butler
    Single arm snatch (15 each)
    54# assist pu
    Stopped timer between treadmill area and pull up rack

  13. 21:40. Hspu w knees on couch, 10 lb dumbbell snatches ea/arm, full burpees,, subbed bent over rows for pull ups.

  14. 21:00 (with a couple stopped stopwatches along the way to help kids). Guesstimated the 1000 m run, hspu on tiptoes through 17, then switched to knee pu b/c of sore wrist; 25# sumo squat, one arm dumbbell snatch 15# (15 each arm), chair assisted pull ups. 20# thrusters. 10 of the burpees were full push up, the rest no push up burpees.

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