Friday 10.17.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 burpee box jumps, 18 inches
10 squat cleans, 20 lbs

Post rounds completed to comments.


  1. because of my mouth surgery, I haven't been eating; here is my pathetic no-fuel score: 3 rounds & 10 box jumps; 20" box

  2. Stephanie- that was tough- so no fuel I'm sure made it harder! Hope you feel better soon 🙂
    4 rounds + 10 burpee box jumps on 5th (step ups)
    Was trying to complete 5- but my legs are toast after all these squats this week!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Stephanie, hope you're feeling better soon! And you still smoked me: 3 rounds plus 7 burpees
    Used a chair and stepped onto it because I was too afraid to jump with both feet
    Great week, thank you Jenni!
    Happy weekend to all!

  4. 4 rounds + 7 burpees
    Burpee chair step ups

  5. Ladies, I am a bit late to the game, but I wanted to check and see about the Vi Shakes. What is the best deal you have found on them? Where? Also, Do they make any of you gals feel bloated? I have heard they do but I am unsure. Lastly, are you all doing 2 shakes a day or just 1? When are you drinking them?

    Thanks so much!!

  6. Doing a 5K tomorrow so taking today off. My legs are glad for it too – good WODs this week! Have a great weekend, Mamas!

  7. Julie & Kirsten, thanks for the comments. You're both too sweet :).

  8. 4 rounds plus 10 cleans (I accidentally reversed the order)

    15 in box

  9. Messed this up! Got four and a half rounds, but didn't do Burpees on box jumps until round four. Need to repeat!!

  10. 4 rounds (but went over to finish the four, ended in 11:30). 10# sc. I'll do more weight next time.

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