Friday 10.10.14


For time:
100 Walking lunges (50 each leg)
50 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Jump rope
25 Knees to elbows
50 Box jump, 18 inch box
25 Weighted squats, 40 pounds
25 Push-ups
50 Leg lifts

Compare to 10.10.12


no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake
drink water every day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat
 finish strong!

join the challenge

don’t gain weight this holiday season!


  1. 14:10
    Reverse crunches
    2 up/ down on stairs for jr
    KTE- bar-
    Step ups on 18"
    20# squat
    Boy pu

    Great week! I'm spent!

  2. 14:20
    Used my 20 lb. baby for my squats (a little trickier, but a lot more fun than normal weights… With a little tiny throw at the top of each squat)

  3. 13:32
    Step ups
    Boy push ups
    Knees to elbows on bar

  4. 11:30
    47 weeks pregnant
    100 lunges
    50 twists with MB
    50 JR
    50 JR for KTE
    50 step ups
    25 squats no wt
    25 PU on bench
    50 twists with MB

  5. 13:53
    K2E on floor
    18" step ups
    30# squats
    GPU, chest to floor

    Been a loooong week. All three kids had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease while hubs was out of town. SO GLAD IT'S FRIDAY!!

  6. Heather! 47 weeks pregnant! Every pregnant ladies WORST nightmare! You are totally amazing! I want to be like you next time I get pregnant. (Next and LAST!)

  7. 18:45
    Double unders 27
    20" box
    45 lb squats below parallel
    Knees on bar

  8. As Rx….16:16.
    How do you do KTE on the floor? A reverse crunch? That would save time moving around, as I do the workouts on my days off from work and my 14month is running around the yard 🙂

    1. Lie on floor, arms under couch or around something. Pull legs up like a reverse crunch, except get your rear and lower back all the way off the floor and touch your knees to your elbows.

  9. Did 10.17 WOD first then,


    KTE on bar
    box steps & jumps as my legs were already tired.
    65 lb FS
    All BPU

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