Thursday 10.02.14

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 hang power snatch, 20-30 lbs
12 pull-ups (assist as needed)

Post time to comments.



  1. 3 mile run
    100 each of JJ and JR instead of 400m
    30# HPS
    Jump pull-ups

  2. Crud. I did power clean instead of power snatch. 11:10. 30# PC; chair asst pull ups.

  3. 11:48
    Subbed bench press for snatch
    Boy Push ups for pull ups

  4. 14:53 10#alternating arm db snatch. Band asstd pu

    Did yesterdays wod this am. Ate then did this wod in afternoon when i really wanted to take a nap! Mind over matter i powered through although i posted on yesterdays board how much i hate running, yet i did it!

  5. 18:46
    Did 21 10 lb single arm snatches per arm each round

  6. forgot to post time yesterday.

    36:41 – 10# HPS and girl PU subbed for pull ups

  7. Completed on 10/7 after 10/7 wod. 14:33. 15# snatch 70, 80, 90# assistanced pull ups. Then body pump.

  8. Pat and Maria 17:18 #65-pat, #30-maria and a few unassisted pull ups and then Pat assisted on rest

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