Tuesday 07.08.14

5 rounds for time of:
21 burpees
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


  1. 19:21
    Subbed 21- 18" box step ups for burpees (easier on back)

  2. 6 minutes for 1 round

    Sore right hamstring so I stopped. Bummer

    Did 5 rounds of 21 SDHP (25 lb) and 21 bench dips

  3. 22:11

    Did my very best but way slower than everyone else!

    #notarunner #noair #dripping

  4. I got 3 rounds in at 12:34. Running out of time and energy. Migraine Meds have drained me today.

    1st round was burpees. Next two subbed 100 single jump rope and 50 mountain climbers

  5. 10:08 for 2 rounds, had to stop for kid issues, didn't get back to it to finish.

  6. 25:07 as rxd. I feel like i won because the last run i so wanted to walk but my playlist song was gym class heoes fighter so i kept telling myself to fight & listened to the lyrics, cheesy i know but i pulled through. Mind over matter!

  7. 19:48
    Almost two weeks off and trying to start back. Still on vacation visiting family for another 2 weeks so I don't know how consistent I will be. 🙁

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