Monday 06.02.14

For time:
Run 800 meters
40 Pull-ups (assist as needed)
Run 800 meters
40 Push-ups
Run 800 meters
40 Butterfly sit-ups

Post time to comments.


  1. 20:58
    40 push press/20#
    Pu- combo of boy/girl (still pressure on back)

    Last day of school! Finally 🙂

    1. 17 minutes even
      Chair assisted pull-ups
      Hardly slept last night and my legs feel like they're filled with sand!

  2. Ran 3 miles then


    Unassisted kipping pull ups
    All boy push ups

    1. Did 46 pull ups on my way to 50 before I realized it was 40.

  3. 24:32
    chair assisted pull-ups

    My runs were a lot slower than usual, had to do a slow jog. I have plantar fasciitis. Took all of last week of to rest my foot. Not a 100%, but happy to be working out again.

  4. 18:00 machine assisted pull ups. Push ups on toes, sit ups on ab horse/machine. Then RPM. Teaching body pump tonight.

  5. 23:57
    Green band assist
    Incline push-up with going all the way down for 26. Then gpu's

  6. 21:21

    40 pull ups. 1/2 were blue band asst. 1/2 were knee ups
    40 BFSU
    40 BPU

    RAN AT 6.5

  7. 20:13; chair asst pull ups, to-the-ground GPU, BFSU and running as rx'd.

    This was actually kinda miserable today. 🙁 With three little ones I sometimes go days without enough sleep and I was just dragging.

  8. 24:02

    Tricep dips for pull ups
    Arms crossed BFSU

    Lost some time during dips. Felt like my head was going to explode.

    Finished up with another 800m run and 40 KTE on the floor

  9. 26 minutes
    30 jumping pull ups (10 wide grip, 10 narrow – palms facing me, 10 parallel grip) 10 assisted pull ups (narrow grip – palms facing away)
    boy pushups
    800 meters – 3:15, 3:21, 3:27

  10. 26:29.
    Ran 600m, walked 200
    Did resistance band pull downs instead of pullups
    girl pushups

  11. 26:29.
    Ran 600m, walked 200
    Did resistance band pull downs instead of pullups
    girl pushups

  12. 18:37
    Kitchen table for pull ups
    Rest as rx"d.
    That pic makes me want to do real pull ups to look like her!

  13. 16:06

    purple (small) band assist for half green (big) assisted for other half.

    Push ups were 20 boy and 20 incline

    BSU as Rxd 🙂 (it's SOMETHING!)

    Then Ran 2 more miles for 3.5 total.

  14. Pat 19:58
    Maria 22:36 for every 10 jumping (slow back down) pull ups did 2 unassisted pull ups

  15. 26:39 rows instead of pullups – no bar. Gpu to the floor, crunches then leg lifts (diastasis). I'm a rather slow runner, but i can't get faster until i do it more, right?

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