Wednesday 05.14.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Run 400 meters
Then 3 rounds of:
5 pull-ups (assist as needed)
10 push-ups
15 squats



  1. Raining…subbed 200 jump rope
    3 rounds + jr + 1 rd
    Band assist
    Boy pu

  2. 3 rounds in 20:50
    Subbed 2:30 on elliptical
    5 push press for pull ups (can't jump)
    Girl push ups (to take pressure off back)
    Squats with handheld weights and overhead extension ( one of my PT exercises…killing two birds 🙂

  3. 3 complete rounds
    +400 run
    +5 pull ups
    All unassisted pull ups and regular push ups

  4. 3 rounds with 2 min left. Baby woke up so had to stop.
    Sun 30# push press
    Boy push up
    Butt to floor squats.
    Now off to run 6 miles

  5. 4 complete rounds
    Plus I'm pretty sure I accidentally added a set in there somewhere (so 4 instead of 3 on my second round )

  6. 2 full rounds
    +400 meter run
    + 5 pull ups
    + 10 push ups All BPU
    + 15 squats All Squats butt to floor

  7. 3 rounds with 4 seconds remaining on timer.
    Jumping pull ups
    Boy push ups

  8. 3 rounds plus ~290m

    chair asst pull ups, chest to bar
    GPU, chin to ground
    butt to floor squats

  9. 3 full rounds + 20 burpees, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

    I subbed burpees for the run so I could do this in my apartment.

  10. 800m
    6 rounds Purple band
    Adjusted a bit, running is getting hard! 16.5 weeks prego

  11. 1 round 400m
    11 single rounds + 5 pull ups. (after reading the comments, I see I messed up just a little bit).

    Green band pull up assist
    GPU-shoulder injury

  12. 3 complete rounds in 21 minutes.
    Assisted pull up using machine

  13. 3 complete rounds
    +2:30 on bike for run
    +1 round of the 5,10,15+5 more pull-ups.

  14. 3 rounds with a little over a min left so did the next 400 meter run.

    Push press with 12lb dumbells for pull ups. My pull up bar is upstairs, treadmill downstairs…

    GPU and then as low as I could get them squats.

    Sweating like a pig! Great workout and got rid of my migraine!

  15. 3 rounds in 18:18
    Worked out after dinner. Ugh
    Jumping or regular pull-ups but arms were shot so last two sets were on trx

  16. 900 jump rope 3 rds in 6:56 jumping pull ups only modification

  17. Mis-read the instructions, did 3 rounds though as rx'd.

  18. 4 rounds of running, 3 of all else (sit-ups instead of pull ups)

  19. 3 complete rounds + 400 m (finished at 21:10)
    Jumping pull-ups
    All bpu

  20. 2 complete rounds plus run + 5 pull-ups + 10 push-ups + 15 squats

    All band assisted pull-ups and bpu

  21. 3 complete rounds plus run & full round of pullups, pushups, squats & then 2 pullups into 2nd set. So almost finished 4th round. Pullups bnd asstd.

  22. Almost 3 full rounds, minus one set of Pull ups, push ups and squats.

  23. 2 full rounds +
    5 jump pull-ups
    10 BPU
    15 squats
    Subbed running for 200 JR singles per round.

  24. 3 full rounds
    Push press for pull ups
    Mostly bpus

  25. 4 Full rounds with 9 seconds left on the timer.

    First two rounds were all BPU. Purple band assist pull ups (except the first set of round 1 which was standing pull ups.)
    3rd round was half girl half boy pushups
    3th round all GPU.

    Ran 1 mile warm up/cool down.

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