Monday 05.05.14

“Nasty Mamas”

3 rounds for time of:
50 One-legged squats, alternating
7 Pull-ups
10 Hang power cleans, 20-30 lbs

Post time to comments.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!



  1. 10:24
    chair assisted squats
    unassisted pull ups
    #30 HPC

  2. 7:01
    Pistols no where near perfect, but better than last time. Jumping pull ups. 20lb cleans.

  3. Quick question…do you all do pistol squats, or one-legged squats leaning forward with your leg in the air behind you? Just curious. My pistol squats are laughable (and they kill my knees)!

  4. Ran 4 miles
    Butt to floor squats. Didn't read correctly
    30# hpc

  5. 11:56 pull ups on machine. 70# assistance. 45# dead lift clean and press. Then ab routine. Then RPM teaching body pump tonight.

  6. 9:59

    Chair asst pull ups, used one leg only
    20# cleans

    Averaged 6 1/2 hours of sleep the last three nights. Just glad to get this done.

    Alicia: I do leg-behind-me OLS for now. Someday want to do real pistols.

  7. 9:04
    45# cleans
    red band assist pull-ups-I am very excited to have to use the least amount of support!! Almost there I can feel it!

  8. I did a tabata :20/:10 of:
    Double unders (I got 22 in a row!)
    Shoulder-to-overhead 45#
    Deadlift 75#

    Total Reps for all: 247

  9. 7:03

    1st round as rxs w/ 22# and chair asst pull up
    2nd & 3rd subbed DL for cleans. Used 40# and chair asst pull up

    5 min warm on bike. Jogged 1.5 miles afterwards.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  10. 8:25
    Squats with leg behind me
    Jumping pull-ups with slow let down
    36# cleans

  11. 10:47 chair assisted pistols, black band assisted pull-ups, 30#

  12. 9:00
    One leg squats still lacking greatly
    Sub all boy push for pull ups
    30# hang power clean

  13. 11:30
    squat to chair
    pull ups from chair
    14 # … think they were more like push presses

  14. 15:20
    I couldn't even begin to do one leg squats.
    so I subbed regular squats with 45#
    Jumping Pull-ups (Closest I've ever come to a pull-up, so I guess I'm getting stronger)
    45# Hang Power Clean

    I think I could up the weights next time.

  15. 12 minutes, hey at least I'm doing it. Still need one leg chair assist for pull ups

  16. 13:00
    jumping + band assist pull ups
    30lb hang cleans

    also ran 1 mile and did
    75 mountain climbers
    30 push-ups
    5 x 25’ bear crawl
    ran another mile

    Im training for a 4+ mile obstacle race. whoop whoop

  17. 8:30

    Held on for pistol squats, all past 90 degrees
    30 lbs for Cleans – should have done more.
    Assisted pulls ups with small purple band.

    Ran 1.5 miles

    10 pull ups
    15 push ups
    20 sit ups
    30 seconds handstands

  18. 12:51

    Pull-ups were 3 second negatives & 28lb hpc.

    Looking forward to more workouts!!!

  19. 8:39
    Squats on step of pull-up machine alternate 25 each side
    40# assist PU
    30# cleans

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