Friday 05.02.14


For time:
50 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
50 Walking lunges
40 Front squats, 30-40 lbs
40 Knees-to-elbows
30 Power cleans, 20-30 lbs
30 Burpee box jumps, 18 inch
20 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
20 Double-unders (sub 80 single jump rope)

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Holly
“Well my story isn’t anything special I just wanted something more from my workouts. I have been running off and on for the past couple years, a 5k here or there. Got into some crazy stuff trained and ran my first half marathon this last April. I somewhat slacked off this
past summer but knew I needed to kick into gear. So one of the ladies I met this last year during half training, Kari, she had told me about this HIIT Mamas thing and I was totally inspired by her story. So my challenge started Jan of this year and it’s almost over. But this chick is hooked. No stopping me now!! Weighing in at 163 lbs Jan 4th, the last week of this
crazy amazing challenge weighing in at 150. All I can say is Wow!!!!” – Holly


  1. Happy Friday!

    I followed 4-29-14 modification for this WOD because it is 20 reps of each exercise.
    I did 80 sjr at end
    60 lb deadlift, 40 lb squats, 40 lb thrusters and KTE on bar

  2. 75#, 45#, Kte on floor, 15" box, 35#, 35#
    80 sjr

    Broke up DL, lunges, squats, Kte, box burpees into 2 sets

    Happy Friday!

  3. 16:29

    can only do 15lb weighted front squats. Getting better though 🙂

    Everything else as Rx'd

  4. 22:19
    30# heaviest weights
    K2e in floor
    Step ups
    Single jr

  5. 17:36
    35# squats
    25# power cleans
    25# thrusters
    swapped KTE's and box jumps (did 40 box jumps and 30 KTE)
    did 80 sjr

  6. 17:35
    20# on everything
    Burpee with push-ups, high jump (no box)
    80 sjr

  7. 16:22
    20 lbs. all
    Single jump rope
    I procrastinated this wod all morning! Had to take little breaks to get through the knees-to-elbows and the burpee box jumps…

  8. 18:09 95# dead lifts and back squats 24 in box. 45# cleans and thrusters. Single jump rope. Ab routine then RPM.

  9. 16:32.

    60# DL, 20# for the rest. 14" box. 'Toes to bar' on floor. SJR. Rest as rx'd.

    Great job Holly!

  10. 3 mile run

    65# DL
    40# front squats
    k2e on bar
    30# cleans and thrusters

    Great job Holly!

  11. 16:30 had to separate burpee box jumps and take a few breaks to catch my breathe….Glad it's over!

  12. 11:06
    Subbed push ups for KTE because I did this with my PE class and we all didn't have access to a bar. They asked me "who makes up these exercises?!?!?" I just laugh and smile! Thanks Jenni

    1. I teach PE too. What level? I just started at a k-8 school last year but used to be 9-12.
      I do tabatas with k-8 and CF-inspired workouts for older kids. They love to hate it.

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  13. 60# deadlift
    KTE on floor
    30# squat clean and thruster
    single jump rope
    really worked on deep lunges and squats

  14. 20:24
    65# dead lift
    45# front squats
    40# thrusters
    K2e all on bar

  15. 16:23

    40# DL
    22# squat
    KTW on bar
    22#power clean
    Separated burpees and box jumps
    Jump burpee no push up
    16# thrusters

    Left shoulder really bothering me.

    5 min bike warm up and 15 min bike afterwards.

  16. 19:05
    60lb Deadlifts, 40lb squats, 30lb cleans and thrusters. Half kte on bar, half on floor. SJR

    20 minute elliptical after

  17. 23:47
    100# dl
    105# squats
    50# pc and thrusters
    18" box

    I felt like I was moving very slow towards the end and having to catch my breath a lot, but I promised myself I'd do it all in 1 round and not to lighten my weights.

  18. Also named holly 🙂
    15:97. 35# dlifts, 35# fsquats, 20# cleans, 20# thrusters, sjr. The burpees killed me in the middle, i had to do 2 sets.

  19. Pat 22:05 #95dl,18in,#65 rest and single jr

    Maia 22:15 #65 dl, 18inch, #40 rest and single jr

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