Friday 03.21.14

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating each round
15 Butterfly sit-ups
Compare to 12.18.13

Happy Birthday to my epic son,

He turns 8 today and I am still in the hospital so I will miss it, but I want him to know that I love him beyond words and I hope he has an epic birthday with his Dad.
Love you Bubba.



  1. 12 rounds & 5 pushups. Made some progress since December! Yay. Happy Friday, ladies!

  2. 15 rounds exactally.
    Rotated between pu w/ arms in & modified hspu each round.
    Bsu with arms crossed holding 2.5# weight in each hand.
    Spent 5 minutes after with pistol practice. Sat on couch with leg extended straight and stood up unassisted.
    Happy Birthday Cade- and hope you are doing well Jenni! Hopefully you can go home soon!!

  3. 17+bpu+squats…finished 18th rd at 20:36
    Did 15+bpu last time.
    Happy Friday!

  4. 11 2/3 rounds

    Happy birthday Cade!
    Happy Friday everyone!
    Hope you're home soon, Jenni!

  5. 16 at the buzzer!
    Compared to 14 and 11!!
    Yay for progress!!

  6. 15 rounds
    Chair assistance with one legged squats, still need to work on them a lot.
    Arms crossed on first 6 rounds.

    My 8 year old son did 16 rounds! He wanted me to post his time!

    Happy Birthday Cade!
    We will pray for a speedy recovery on your back and so you can get home to your family soon!

  7. 16 rounds if I counted correctly, crunches subbed for butterfly after the first 12 minutes.

  8. 15 round plus 1 push up. I really wish I had posted my times when I first started these workouts.

    Hope you are healing quickly, Jenni!

  9. 6 rounds before my son woke up. I'm going hiking with a friend after lunch to get more cardio in.

  10. 10 Rounds
    Modified – Bulgarian split squats for pistol (not strong enough to do pistol)
    Hip Raises for sit-ups since I'm 4 months preggo.

  11. First I did a 3 RFT:
    400 m run (I subbed 200 Jump rope)
    21 KB swings 35#
    12 pull ups (purple band assist)
    9:17 for that one.

    Today's I completed 17 rounds on the dot!

    Happy Birthday to Cade! Love his hair in that pic. Is it just that I'm such a Nebraska girl that I think his hair is SO California!?
    Looking cool!

  12. Ran 4 miles

    20 rounds + push ups

    All boy push ups

    Thanks Jenni for all you do. May you have a full speedy recovery. Happy Birthday to Cade.

  13. 12 rounds in 20:29

    5 bpu
    10 right leg w/16#DB
    10 left leg w/16#DB
    15 BSU

    1 mile run. Total time. 29:11

    Happy Birthday Cade!

  14. completed 13 rounds + PU and 1LS of 14th round.
    all BPU's
    and arms crossed on BFSU's
    Happy friday, mamas!!!

  15. 35 minute tempo run, then

    16 rounds as rxed. Finished with about 30 seconds left on clock.

    Hope your getting home soon Jenni. Happy Birthday to your little guy!
    Happy Friday everyone

  16. 12/18/13
    3 1/2 mo postpartum
    13 rounds + 2 GPU
    tush in air on some GPU
    toe on ground for squats
    half BFSU/half crunches

    6 1/2 mo postpartum
    13 rounds + 5 GPU + 10 OLS
    chest to ground for GPU
    back leg fully in air for squats
    all BFSU

    In just 3 months totally improved my form/strength plus added 13 reps!

  17. I share a birthday with Cade!! Only 34 years older! Lol!

    I hope you are out of the hospital son jenni!!!

  18. Did yesterdays work out first
    13 rounds all BPU YEAH!! But still balance check and not very deep squats

  19. Hope Cade had a great birthday!!
    Thank you for being dedicated to us mamas– even in the hospital recovering from back surgery! Wow! I wish I could meet you in person because you amaze me.

    10 full rounds plus 5 push-ups for 11th round
    Full push-ups (hands in and chest to floor, on toes)
    One legged squats with back foot resting on box
    Arms crossed.

    1. I would LOVE to meet all of my Mamas too!! Wouldn't that be fun if we all met up somewhere for a mud run?

  20. Ran 4.5 miles first. Was doing quarter mile speed run with quarter mile recoveries between. Did six rounds then finished off to 4.5 miles.

    Then did 15 Round + Push ups & 1 leg squats and 5 BFSU.

    Squats past 90 while holding onto treadmill for balance. All BPU.

  21. The timing of this workout worked for me today. 12 rounds with some situp modification due to a rugburned buttcrack. OUCH.

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