1. 20:55
    My transitions took me a while; I had to keep going through the whole house to get from outside to my ab mat.

    1. Treadmill. Husband was not home. I missed great running temps.

  2. 18:31
    Outside run- going to get up to 60 today in St. Louis – whoo hoo!
    Arms crossed

  3. Too cold to run;I've gotten spoiled in my old age.
    Did 3/28/13 instead
    12 minutes, AMRAP
    35# shoulder press, 25# SDLHP, 35# squat
    Completed 9 rds plus SP and 2 SDLHP

  4. Ran/walked 2.71 miles 33 minutes
    3:08 WOD with 20#

  5. Ran/walked 2.57 miles in 33 minutes
    3:04 for the WOD
    20# thrusters

  6. 18:34
    So excited to run in the sun today and actually see grass again!!!
    #20 thrusters

  7. 18:14 and I actually ran it on the streets of my town! I have been anticipating and dreading spring. I knew I'd run out of excuses not to run. Did way better than I thought I would.

    30# thrusters

  8. 22:23 compared to 23:37
    Was hoping for better but I'll take any improvement!

  9. Ran 4 miles then


    Ran 1st 800 outside on the way back from my morning run.

    2nd and 3rd 800's on treadmill.


    My face is red and hot and my legs are tired. Great workout.

  10. 18:50, had to take a call during the third run but kept walking. 30#

    Time last march was 18:45, considering more weight this time and taking the call I'm pretty sure I took time off.

  11. I'm training for a race so I had to run a little more. I did 3.5 miles in treadmill intervals then 3 rounds of the other 2 in 4:32.

  12. 17:22
    20# thrusters
    1min plank.
    Did wod outside and have no mat for abs so subbed plank.

    1. Heather- I throw my yoga mat onto my lawn and do sit-ups outside that way.

  13. Ran a quick 1.5 miles earlier in the morning.

    17:58 20# thrusters regular sit-ups

    I'm pooped. I hate running and this was quite a bit for me in one day.

  14. 18:28

    Treadmill run.
    12#DB Thrusters.

    Surprised myself since my legs are still sore from the 130 thrusters the other day.

  15. 17:15
    400 JR instead of run on each round
    BFSU Arms crossed
    20# Thrusters
    TGIF!!! Good weekend, mamas!!!

  16. 20:04

    20#, Arms crossed

    I really wanted to skip this one. Not because of the running but more because of the rain and wind here in NC. I toughed it out and glad I did. Happy Friday!

  17. Realized after watching the BFSU video that I've been using my arms to much. Working on that now.

    treadmill, 20# thrusters

  18. First time ever. Very out of shape…I put on 40 pounds in 20 weeks of pregnancy after having lost 70 pounds the year previous. So I am very motivated to lose this fast. I didn't time myself today; I will Monday. Pretty sure it took over 30 minutes to do just two rounds, and I used 10 pounds per hand for the thrusters. 🙁 That's okay. I'll do much better after 6 months of this. Thanks for making this available!!

  19. 14:05

    Ran half a mile warm up.
    30 lb thrusters deep squat
    ran 1 mile after to bring total to 3 miles.

  20. 19:42
    Ran my fastest half mile ever on the treadmill!!!!
    23 seconds faster than last time and transitions were horrible today! Feeling proud!

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