Wednesday 02.26.14

For time:
5 handstand push-ups (modify as needed)
10 one-legged squats, alternating
15 pull-ups (assist as needed)
10 handstand push-ups
20 one-legged squats, alternating
30 pull-ups
15 handstand push-ups
30 one-legged squats, alternating
45 pull-ups
10 handstand push-ups
20 one-legged squats, alternating
30 pull-ups
5 handstand push-ups
10 one-legged squats, alternating
15 pull-ups

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  1. 20:07

    Did 5 real handstand pushups for each set, with the rest with my feet in my pull up band
    Jumping Pullups
    1L Squats next to my box

    Doubt I'll be able to walk normally tomorrow 🙂

  2. 20:14
    Feet on top of 18" box- pike position
    Jumping pull ups
    Getting better w/ OL squats. I found I can go way deeper on my right side than my left…

    Stephanie- we might need a pull up playlist- lol! That was tough!

  3. 17:40
    Feet on wall (still very shallow but working on it)
    Chair-assist…lots of chair 🙂

  4. 16:23
    Feet on top of back of chair. Tried to have hips over shoulders.
    Ol squats were a little lower than before but still not too low. Did them next to couch.
    Did both jumping pull-ups and band assisted.

  5. 16:10 including walk to and from pull up bar
    Hspu: feet 3/4 up on bookshelf (~3.5ft)
    Pull ups: first 12, then first 5 of each round except last unassisted, rest chair assisted
    Ols: I also noticed I can go deeper on my right, they still aren't pretty

  6. 15:13
    Fully inverted on wall, couldn't go very deep, but getting better!
    Jumping chair assist PU
    Good one!

  7. Short on time so set timer to 10 min to see how far I could get. Got through the 45 push ups
    Two of my boys thought it looked like I was having so much fun (they were right!) that they joined me and it was so funny to watch my two year old with his legs on my bed doing handstand PU–which really closer to a handstand than mine!

  8. 15:16
    Legs 3/4 way up on bookshelf
    Squats not very far down, but done!!
    Chair assist PU

  9. 13:30. Push ups on 18 in box. Pull ups with green and small black band assist. Then RPM.

  10. 16:22. Let's just say that was ugly!

    Feet hooked on hubby's dip station for push ups. Chair asst pull ups.

  11. *major mods*
    Push ups off coffee table, squat with side leg lift, bent over forward rows for pull ups.

    Kudos to those who did the pull ups. You rock!

  12. 24:20
    Used Green Band for 3 Pull Up's
    Used Blue Bands for remainder
    Last two sets of Pull Ups could more accurately be called Forehead Ups!
    Excited though! Feeling Stronger!

  13. 17:38

    Pike push ups
    Wall assisted one leg squats
    Bench assisted pull ups.

    Even though everything was assisted in some way, I felt really strong today. Spun 2 miles afterwards.

  14. 17:48
    Knees on chair pike push-ups
    Jumping pull-ups
    Pistols to 90-degrees

  15. Medina sisters and Alexis:
    Chair assisted and 18in box push ups
    Abs to each round: 20 boats, 40 penguins, 50 bf sit-ups, 40 leg raises, 30 sec plank

  16. 15:00
    First 5 of each set of push ups on a 7 inch curb rest regular push up
    Not very deep squats still working on balance
    Jumping pull ups

  17. Since I am unable to do HSPU's, this was a very modified workout!
    Kept handstand against wall for 5, 10, and 15 seconds for each round respectively.
    Did Jump pull-ups.
    Either way I'm drenched and arms feel like spaghetti lol
    Happy hump day, mamas!!!

  18. Okay that was terrible!!
    45 pullups=slow death. My forearms are fried.


  19. 12:00 even….wondering if I did something wrong! I know I did all my sets, but I know I'm not as fit as some of you mamas on here.

    Did my push ups with my feet up on my bedroom door.

    I did the total number of squats in each set, half on each leg…that's right, isn't it? Its not per leg?

    Band assisted pull ups.

    Going to go do some jumpropes…I'm feeling like I gypped myself.

  20. about 12 min. accidentally stopped and reset the clock. subbed the last 30 pull ups with dips. wrist couldn't handle anymore.

  21. 20:55 handstand leaning against door
    Pistol squats as low as i can go without assistance.
    Band asstd pullups. Most of the time i felt like i was just looking at the bar. Alot of time i just did one single almost jumping band lift because i was too weak to do more than one @a time!

  22. 13:38 pike on floor and bench push ups, squats weren't as low as I would have liked due to sore knees, reverse pull ups and chair assisted.

  23. 15:57
    Pistols were not very low. I got as low as I could without falling. Hspu with knees on chair. Jump up lower down

  24. Ran a mile to warm up


    Major mods.

    First round and a half I did HSPU in a pike position off a chair, all the rest on my knees on a chair.

    Pistols where past 90 holding onto a band so I could still get the form right.
    Pull ups were with green & purple bands by the end.

    Interrupted half way through by my 2 year old needing to go potty.

  25. 27:50
    pull ups -jumping and bands
    pistols 90 dgrs or lower
    hs push ups in pike position

  26. 18:30
    First two rounds band pull-ups, 34 jumping on round, remaining chair assist. Wall HSPU above pike, pistols almost 90 degrees. Did 2 days late.

  27. 16:04
    Pull-ups: first round as listed, after pull-up rows

  28. Pat 17:15 (knee on bench pike push ups)

    Maria 18:38 – knee on 18in box, pistols not quite at 90, band assisted pull ups at the end jumping pull ups

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