Thursday 02.20.14

Hero WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes of:
Run 800 meters
80 Squats
8 Pull-ups (assist as needed)

Compare to 02.20.13


  1. 6 Rounds & 2 minutes JR

    Was so excited that the ice on the roads finally melted. Got all dressed to run outside and the second I stepped out it started pouring. Gahhh!! Subbed 4 minutes jumprope for running.

  2. I too was excited to get outside- 50 degrees this am- but started raining as soon as I got outside- thought I could do it in the rain- but the lightning made he head back in πŸ™

    Did "Sudden Death" from Carrots n' Cake blog. AMRAP- 20
    100 kb swings
    75 overhead squats
    50 bar facing burpees
    Made it through 1 round. Then swings, squats & 6 burpees.
    25# swings 10# squats

  3. 4 rounds plus 400 meters

    band assist

    slow morning and a couple kid interruptions but finished!!

  4. 4 rds. Had a minute left but was exhausted!! Happy to have made it through!!
    Butt to floor squats for first two rds and last 10squats on last rd.
    pull-ups were band assisted.
    Ran on treadmill.
    Whew!! Tough one….had to take frequent breaks and legs feel like jelly.

  5. 4 rounds + 1 more 800 m run

    first 3 rounds of squats were butt to floor – couldn't continue that for the last round (so tired!!!)

    jumping pull ups

  6. 5 rds in 43:51…5 rds was my goal πŸ™‚
    Walked about 300 meters of each round, band assist PU

  7. 6 rounds plus 400m run
    jumping pull-ups

    Also did yesterdays wod before this one.

  8. 8 rounds +800 m

    Ran outside on track (treadmill still out of commission). Subbed push ups for pull ups.

    That was a lot of squats!

  9. Yes, Jen Roe, that was a ton of squats. Holy glutes!
    6 rounds here + 400 jumprope and 20 squats.

    I'm surprised by my will to continue even though most of me is screaming to quit. I think that's the best thing these workouts have given me, determination.

    1. I agree! These workouts have definitely taught me that I can push my body farther than I think I can. I didn't think I would make it through this one but I did and now feel great about it.

  10. I almost lost it when I saw today's WOD. Then I said "Suck it up, buttercup!" and I went and did it!

    5 rounds + 800m run + 9 squats

    treadmill, chair asst pull ups

  11. 6 rounds plus about 200 m when the timer went off, went ahead and finished 400 to end at the house.

    1. Subbed push ups for pull ups to not run in and out of the house

  12. That was a little bit of hell on earth.. πŸ™‚

    6 rounds + 800 M + 74 squats – I truthfully could have finished the squats and possibly the round, but I just didn't want to do ANY MORE SQUATS!

    Pull Ups chair assist.

    I did run another 800 M to cool down. And then finished the 7th round Pull ups.

  13. 5 rounds (last 5 reps after timer)

    Subbed rowing for runs and push-ups for pull-ups.

    Ordering my pull-up bar tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

  14. 5 rounds (12 times around big gym)
    Purple band for pull ups

    ( 800m and 15 squats less than last year BUT I've had two knee surgery's since then so I'm doing good πŸ˜‰

  15. 6 rounds plus 20 extra squats to make it an even 500
    Subbed push-ups for pull-ups since I was outside.
    7 weeks post partum

  16. 4 rounds in 43 mins
    Run outside
    Push ups for pull ups. Put my bar up then when I went to start pull ups I realized I left my jump assist stool upstairs.

  17. 5 rounds plus 600 M.

    Really great workout…I was holding back a little throw up several times! Gross, I know.

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