Friday 02.14.14

“Love It”

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 Deadlifts, 60 lbs

Compare to 02.14.13

Happy Valentine’s Day Mamas!


no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake NEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: drink at least 3 glasses of water a day

Drinking water will help you lose weight!

1. Drinking water will quench your appetite

Research shows that if you drink  water 30 minutes before you eat,  you will consume an average of 75 calories less during that meal. This might not seem like a big deal to you but it is an easy way to cut out 150 calories a day, which is 52,800 calories less calories a year. That one act alone can give you an extra 15 lb. off in 1 year!

2. Drinking water burns more stored fat.

Your liver’s job is to burn fat. When you don’t drink another water for your kidneys, your liver will help out, which means it has less time and energy to burn fat. Pretty simple. 

3. Water = Energy

Dehydration will leave you feeling sluggish. Give your body what it needs to perform. Water!

4. Your muscles need water to grow.

Your blood is made up of water and your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and the rest of your body. If your want them to grow, you need to feed them. Keep your muscles hydrated for optimum performance and growth. 

5. Water improves your metabolism.

Research shows the drinking water will speed up your metabolism and keep it up for about an hour after you hydrate. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories you burn.




  1. Got dressed to do this outside because it's warmer than it has been (28 degrees) and I started running on pavement then almost wiped out from ice in driveway. I went in and did yesterday's WOD.

  2. 20:53
    Outside run…but had to go slow bc of ice in patches and it was dark outside.
    Then had to run inside and downstairs to get to weights
    45# (I'm excited to finally get here and not feel any problems!)

    Happy Friday and Valentine's Day!

  3. 15:16. I subbed 250 single jumprope for the running because of icy roads.

    Here is our Spotify HiitMama's Burpee playlist! It's pretty diverse, but I think a lot of fun. Sorry if you recommended an 'explicit' song, but I didn't add those due to a lot of us working out the presence of children.

    If you have a favorite workout song you'd like to add, leave it in the comments today and I'll throw it in.


    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. 17:54
    200-250 Jr in place of run
    #30 DL so I did 42 each round

    Thanks Stephanie for the playlist!! Its awesome!

  5. 15:54
    Outside workout as rx'd. I've felt really sluggish the past few days when working out. Hope it goes away soon!

  6. 16:48
    80lb for 3 rounds, 90 for 2 rounds

    Great playlist! I'm about to do 30 burpees to it! 🙂

  7. 17:44 as rx'd

    Work out to "Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio" on Pandora. Plug my Kindle into my Jambox and my cell phone keeps my time while I run on my treadmill. Yay for technology.

    Also going to start adding burpees at the end of my workouts. Love that idea!

  8. 21:29
    Subbed running for 100 jumping jacks and 10 burpees
    55# DL
    Happy Valentine's day mamas!!!

  9. 9:58
    Ran in place for a minute on each round
    45# bar for deadlifts

  10. 20:10
    65# deadlifts
    Slower than I would like, but still trying to get over a cold.

  11. 19:24
    Hurtin' today!
    50# DL With two weights in each hand which I find awkward, so about 30 were 30#
    Last two runs slow- dizzy today

  12. 17:50
    Outside workout (still dodging a little ice and felt tired)

  13. 18:28
    Kids in and out of the room
    Concentrated on form for DL.

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