Friday 01.31.14

“Fit Fifty”

For time:
50 Double-unders (scale: 200 jump rope)
50 Burpees
50 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
50 Back extensions (supermans)
50 Push press, 20 pounds
50 Knees to elbows
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Kettlebell swings, 20 pounds
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Box jumps, 18 inch box

Compare to 01.29.13

Post time to comments.

“Good morning! I’m from a small town in northeast Alabama. I wouldn’t
normally do something like this, but I felt compelled to reach out and let you
know how much I love receiving my daily workouts from your blog. It helps motivate
me daily, besides just being a lot of fun. Without going into too much
detail…I am currently in active recovery for bulimia, which includes
structured nutrition and staying active.  Being reminded daily to get up
and strive for a healthy lifestyle is GOLD to me. At 26, with miles of
struggles in my past, I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride. So, thank you
for all you do, and know that while I’m a more “invisible” partaker
in your mission, I’m always involved and grateful for your efforts. Have a
great day!”
no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm


“Consumption of alcohol may be legal worldwide, but that does not change
the fact that alcohol can be an addictive and dangerous drug.”

  1. 1) Liver Disease 

    Liver disease is the
    health outcome that is most commonly associated with excessive alcohol
    consumption. Intoxication causes your liver to swell, which can cause
    pain in severe cases. Among chronic alcohol users, this liver swelling
    will eventually result in the infiltration of fatty lipids and liver
    enlargement. Alcoholism can eventually result in cirrhosis of the
    liver, which reduces the liver to a yellow, swollen, scarred and
    non-functional organ.

    2) Memory and Learning Problems 

    Prolonged alcohol use
    is associated with brain shrinkage and tissue damage, and can cause
    memory and learning problems. Alcoholics also demonstrate diminished
    spatial abilities and attention spans, and have difficulty completing
    problem-solving tasks. In severe cases, alcoholism can result in
    anterograde amnesia, preventing the individual from being able to form
    new memories. For light and heavy drinkers alike, encoding of new
    memories is impaired during alcohol influence.

    3) Vitamin Deficiency 

    Excessive consumption
    of alcohol results in several vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies
    are the result of alcohol’s tendency to interfere with the absorption
    of vitamins by the body. Your body’s folate, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12,
    thiamine and vitamin A levels are all diminished with consumption of
    alcohol. Alcohol also results in loss of zinc through the urinary
    tract, limits the gastrointestinal absorption of iron, and is
    associated with anemia.

    4) Academic Performance 

    A 2005 study conducted
    at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse found that male college
    students who drink, or who live with a roommate who drinks, tend to
    have lower GPAs than non-drinkers and students living with
    non-drinkers. Interestingly, these differences in achievement were
    observed to be much smaller for female students, suggesting that males
    may be more vulnerable to the negative effects of peer pressure and
    alcohol use.

    5) Medication Interactions 

    Numerous types of
    medications can have negative interactions with alcohol. According to
    researchers at the University of Oklahoma, even moderate alcohol can
    interfere with your body’s ability to metabolize drugs or can enhance
    the effects of certain medications. Medication interactions can often
    cause excessive drowsiness and can result in liver problems. Types of
    drugs that interact with alcohol include antibiotics, antidepressants,
    pain medications, antihistamines, barbiturates, opioids and muscle

    6) Pancreas Problems 

    Alcohol can cause
    short-term impairment of the pancreatic system because alcohol
    stimulates pancreatic secretion but impairs the production of
    additional pancreatic enzymes. This results in digestion problems and
    the inability to absorb nutrients. Chronic alcohol consumption can even
    result in severe pancreatic dysfunction, such as pancreatitis.

    7) Sleep Deficiencies 

    While drinking alcohol
    can sometimes help people fall asleep, alcohol consumption is
    associated with sleep fragmentation and nighttime body arousal.
    Drinking also results in less REM sleep. Once a chronic drinker stops
    drinking alcohol the opposite effect is frequently observed, wherein
    periods of excessive REM sleep are co-mingled with periods of marked

    8) Saturday Night Palsy 

    colloquially-termed “Saturday night palsy” is a type of peripheral
    nerve damage that is caused when a frequent drinker falls asleep while
    putting excessive pressure on the hands, feet or another limb, as
    detailed in a report by Penn State University researchers published in
    the journal Alcohol Health & Research World. Since alcohol
    interferes with the body’s ability to communicate with the brain, the
    affected limb may feel “dead” for a few days or a few weeks. In extreme
    cases of intoxication, loss of blood to a limb can even lead to
    amputation or death.

    9) Dehydration 

    In the short term,
    drinking alcohol can result in diuresis, or rapid dehydration.
    Consumption of alcohol results in the decreased secretion of
    antidiuretic hormones that prevent dehydration; dehydration is one of
    the main causes of hangover symptoms after drinking. It’s never a good
    idea to drink alcohol when you’re planning on engaging in physical
    activity or planning on being outside on a hot day.

    10) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 

    According to the State
    University of New York in Potsdam, if you drink alcohol while you are
    pregnant you put your unborn baby at risk of developing fetal alcohol
    syndrome. Babies who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome experience
    learning problems, deformed facial features, smaller heads and
    abnormally developed joints and limbs. They also weigh less and are
    shorter than other babies.”


  1. 30:37

    as RXed, except I kept my legs down on back extensions due to my lower back being excessively sore. I overdid the deadlifts earlier in the week.


  2. Another day for this one… Didn't have time to drag equipment outside from basement.

    Instead I did
    50 wallballs
    20 burpees
    40 wallballs
    15 burpees
    30 wallballs
    10 burpees
    20 wallballs
    5 burpees
    12:59 with 12 lb ball

    Enjoy your weekend mamas!!

  3. 27:50
    1:35 slower than my time on 8-12-13
    But I moved up in weight- 25# on all
    Single jr
    All KTE on bar (last time only half)
    All jumping pull ups (last time some were chair assist)
    Curled legs on supermans

    Great week of workouts!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Tight on time so left out wall balls (don't have one) and jumping pull ups, rest of circuit 15:58

  5. Ran 1.75 mi
    Skipped burpee, put lip, and box jump. I was short on time.

  6. 35:35
    200 singles
    Thrusters 20#
    Push press 30#
    Kte floor
    Kettle 15#
    Beginner Low bar pull ups
    Jumped step
    The rest were as rxed (which wasn't a lot)

  7. Wow! yeah that was brutal! But loved it

    Did everything as Rx'd but did K2E on ground.

  8. To the woman in who's honor we are working out today: thank you for sharing your story. It inspires me. I'm so glad you have found help here!

    I did today's WOD and realized I didn't start the timer–doh! Aprox. 30 min modified a bit

  9. 23:12 today compared to 25:19 back in August!! I reversed the order, like the original filthy fifty, too.
    I did have a couple modifications though. Only 15# on kb swings, but 30# on push press, which was tough doing 50 in a row!
    Also did the 200 jump rope instead of double under's. I thought 2014 was the year of handstand push-ups for me, but maybe I need to add double under's to that list.

    1. People keep thinking that I reversed the Filthy Fifty but we do have the original FF and Crossfit actually does this WOD both ways so sometimes we do it backwards because it will have a different result.

  10. 22:50. lifted weights as Rxd but only did half pull ups (actually pull downs). whew!

  11. 25:11
    200 jump ropes
    Burpees to plank
    10# thrusters
    16# push press
    25 reverse pull-up ~ arms are super wimpy
    6" box jumps except 15 12" jumps

  12. Holy crap. Slow going today.
    Sub 200 rope
    K2e on floor
    Paused time while going to assisted pull-ups with 70#
    Half hi box half low

  13. Ran 3 miles

    20:07 (reverse order like original filthy fifty–one of my favs)

    20" box jump
    KTE on bar
    25lb KB
    35lb PP
    14 lb WB
    Double unders

    Thank you for sharing your story of strength and courage anonymous HIIT mama.In life it is our trials and stuggles that strengthen our character. There are three things that help me through life. 1. Faith in God and His Eternal plan of happiness for us. 2. My family 3. Daily exercise.

    Thank you Jenni for all your efforts in keeping us motivated.

  14. 27:44 burpees to plank. 14# wall ball. 26.4# kettle ball. 35# press to 30 then 15#. Pull ups with black band. 20 in box jumps.

  15. 28:02
    Did transverse ab exercises for superman and kte (diastisis recti)
    200 jump rope
    Otherwise as RXed

    That was tough!!

  16. 24:00

    DNF – Did Not Finish!

    Did not do: Pull Ups or Box Jumps

    MOD: Used Incline Bench for KTE's

  17. 11:30
    I did thrusters instead of wall ball and didn't do jumping pull ups, I barely could do 1.

  18. 27:46

    – Jump rope singles
    – 10 lb thrusters
    – 16 lb push press
    – K2E on floor
    – 12 inch box jump

    Rest as RX'd. I'm excited because I gave myself a 30 min time limit and I beat it. Now I must summon the energy to hoop dance. 🙂

  19. 31:05
    15# WB, 30# PP, 20# KBS. Did single JR, tried double unders but kept hitting my shin and arm with the rope.

    Does anyone have any tips for double unders? Really want to try working on them, but can't seem to get the rope around fast enough to avoid my legs.

    1. I wish I had a solution 😉
      I've watched a few videos on how to improve but i think it just takes a lot of practice!

  20. 30:23
    Single jr
    K2e on bar…hitting my elbows every time!!
    15lb KB
    Lower box jump
    Rest as requested 🙂
    Happy with my time…it was where I thought I would be so I met my goal 🙂

  21. 24:28 including shoveling new spot for box jumps
    K2e on ground
    10 unassisted pull ups rest chair assisted, jumping pull ups dont work for me because I have a swinging bar
    Single jump ropes

  22. My family sometimes think what I do is a little insane, but seriously exercise is my coping mechanism. I'm a calmer, happier girl for sure!

  23. I didn't have a chance to do this today because my parents are in town, but I did go for a great run with my dad.

  24. 39:08
    Used a 6 lb ball instead of 10 and a 15 lb kettlebell as that's what I have. Used a chair and stepped up then did a dead hang at the bottom for jump pull ups. All else as rx'd. Great workout to finish out the week!

  25. 20:55 did 2rds of 25, needed a little mind over matter for this one.
    Burpees to plank, KtE on the floor, don't have a push up bar so did 20 door pull throughs, high knees for box jumps.

  26. 27:15
    Burpees to ground
    15lbs. Thrusters for wall ball
    Kte hanging from forearms on pull up station

  27. 31:10
    As RXed.
    Knees to shoulders
    Everything else strict.

  28. 28, 200 singles, kte on the floor, pu on the treadmill otherwise as rx'd

  29. 29:50 BUT

    KTE half on floor half on bar
    Real Back extensions
    15 LB ball (all that was there)- and I didn't throw it 10 feet either…
    Burpees nearly killed me and then I did 50 Jump rope and thought I was finished and turned off the timer and gasped and died and then looked at the board and realized I needed 150 more… swore to myself and got up and did 30 more then said FORGET IT! and stopped. Next time.

  30. 22:00 minutes and substituted the double under for the 200 jumps and then the jumping pull ups for wall jumps.

  31. 31:12
    25 jumping pull ups
    15 knees to elbows on ground

  32. Should have saved this one until I felt better. I am really sick but tried anyway. Couldn't finish… getting really light headed and seeing spots.

    single jumps ropes
    thrusters for wall balls
    K2E on ground
    15# KB (I actually have a real one now!)
    30 push ups for pull ups..

    and then I couldn't go anymore. Next time.

  33. Medina sisters:
    Ran stairs instead of jump rope
    Used chair for jump pull ups

  34. squats 30
    jump rope 194
    push ups 60, first 10 bpu
    superman's 111
    pull-ups with dips 120.

  35. I reversed it too, sorry! I thought I had seen it both ways in multiple places.
    Jumping pull-ups, 25 lb KB swing, 30 lb push press, 15 lb ball on basement wall (not 10 feet- more like 8), 200 single jr

  36. Can I second Jen Roe's comment about 3 things that help me in life? Perfectly said, Jen Roe!!

  37. Katie-32:46
    Lori- 38:06
    Single jump rope, kte on floor on back, 15# kettlebell

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