Wednesday 01.29.14


3 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
10 Handstand push-ups (modify as necessary)
15 One legged squats, each leg

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Carissa
“Just want to thank you for featuring me (on Instagram) and for all the workouts you post to really get us moms back in
shape. I’m 33 years old and have 3 girls ages 6, 3, and 1.  I have always been active.  I was a sprinter at the national level in college, a former coach for a high school boys track team, and currently a personal trainer for people with special needs. After the birth of my second daughter I became a stay at home mom. I participate in races ranging from mud runs, to ultra trail marathons.  My next goal is an Olympic level triathlon. Keep up the great work at Hiit Mamas!!!! Thanks again.” -Carissa


  1. 6:14 jumping pull-ups, used box for hspu and feet were at edge. I'm working on pistol squats. I did them by rolling on back and final pistol squat then held that position for second or 2.

    Carissa- great job! Great energy!! Of course- great before and after photos!

  2. 5:47
    Jumping pull ups. Hspu with feet on back of chair.
    One leg squats with support and not going down very low yet. But getting better…can do a few without support now

  3. 6:14
    Jumping pu
    Feet on box- head to floor
    Did squats without holding on!

    Love workouts that have your heart rate going in such a short time!

    1. Did one round of pull ups unassisted. Others were jumping.

  4. 7:37 including modifying space to do handstand push ups
    Subbed 5 bench press for pull ups, pull up bar is outside on frozen deck
    Handstand push ups on 4th shelf of standing bookshelf, final round on 5th shelf…. Getting closer to verticle 😉

  5. 7:15
    Jump assisted pull-ups
    Chair assisted push-ups

  6. 5:55
    Did regular push ups and help with the push ups

  7. 7:27
    Jumping pull-ups
    Assisted handstand push-ups, feet on chair

    40 min. tempo run
    30 star jump burpees

  8. 7:04
    No bar so used a sturdy end table for pull ups and then put my feet on the table for push ups. Only got 6-7 push ups each round before resorting to regular gpu. This was a hard one, but fun!

    Carissa, I so enjoyed reading your story, and am inspired by your success!

  9. Ran 4.5 miles


    Unassisted pull ups
    HSPU vertical against wall
    Need to work on pistols–my balance is terrible

  10. 7:59
    Jumping pull ups
    Push ups with feet on bench
    Chair assisted squats

  11. Did two round of 3


    Chair assisted PU, Handstand with hold for 5 seconds, and single leg SQ. Couldn't quite get the pistol form down. Off to shovel snow in the event we run tomorrow!

  12. Did two round of 3


    Chair assisted PU, Handstand with hold for 5 seconds, and single leg SQ. Couldn't quite get the pistol form down. Off to shovel snow in the event we run tomorrow!

  13. 5:38
    Chair assist pull-ups
    Feet on table for pu's

  14. 6:33
    jump up slow down pull ups
    feet/knees on box for push ups

    One legged squats were ugly and wobbly, but I did them!

  15. 3:54 green band assist pull-ups. Push ups on 20 in box. Then 1/28 wod. Then RPM.

  16. 6:05
    No bar did a sub with weights
    Push ups assisted, side walk
    I don't know if its allowed, but had to use a chair to balance during one leg squats, not very deep unfortunately! But I tried

  17. 4:17

    Jumping pull ups…tried to hold for a bit at the top.

    First two sets of hspu on door about 3 1/2 feet up, then last set on a chair.

    One legged squat…not deep at all but did without holding on.

    Did 1/28 WOD before this one.

  18. First I did work out from 1-3-14 because I was sick that day 14:06

    Todays 6:49
    Assisted beginner pull ups
    Knees on chair
    And regular squats because I did the other workout or else I might of tried them.

  19. Carissa- I think I need to meet you! My name is Carissa and we have a lot in common! I too have 3 girls…and 1 boy. 7,5,3, and my baby turns 1 in February. I am 32 and from the pictures posted I think we kind of look alike. In college I was a distance runner at the national level. And my major was recreation therapy and fitness management. So if I wasn't a stay at home mom I would be helping people with disabilities fulfill their recreation or fitness goals. I'm going to go check out your site…

  20. 5:57 but it was not a pretty sight.

    -Jumping pull ups
    -Pike/Downward dog push ups
    -Pistol squats with some support but not very low. One day!

  21. 9:25
    Standing pull-ups
    HSPU in pike position
    Pistols to 90 degrees working on depth and balance. No hands.

  22. 5:04
    Need work on my form! Great stress relief as things have been very stressful as my dad now fights stage IV colon cancer. I will b starting back at a "somewhat normal" sched next week and look forward to your workouts!!!

  23. 9:57
    Kipping pullups with band assist. Making progress though!!!
    Handstand push-ups with box
    Pistols with band assist.
    Ran 1.1 mile. Walked .4
    20 burpees

  24. 4:36 pushups with 18" elevated legs. I love how strong I'm getting!

  25. Medina sisters and Alexis
    Pull ups with chair
    Push ups with chair
    Used wall for one legged squats

  26. 9:16
    This one was rough, but I finished.

  27. 7:18

    Jumping pull ups
    HSPU knees on chair head to floor
    Pistol squats all the way down holding on to a pole.

    4 mile run – 30 min

  28. 5:30
    Pull ups with band, HSPU on bed on shins, wall for balance on squats

  29. 5:09, ashamed to say it was very modified. Door jam pull ups and reg push ups instead of the handstand.

  30. 9:50. First 2 of each round unasstd pull ups, rest band asstd. Handstand tilted up against door. Pistol squats unassisted as low as i could go, alternating each leg, although 2nd round i did 5 on single leg each then went back to alternating.

  31. 5:33

    chair assist pull ups, first 2 rounds pu against wall at 45 degree angle, last round reg pu, wobbly with squats but focused on form

  32. 5:33 did the handstand push ups from the 4th stair up. Slight jump with the pull ups.

  33. 5:56 jumping pullups, push ups with feet on 18 inch box, I like those one legged squats

  34. 5:20
    jumping pull ups
    inverted push ups with feet on bench

  35. 5:58 range of motion was terrible!
    Jumping pull ups
    Feet in windowsill for hspu
    Pistols were not great!

  36. 8:49
    Real pull ups
    Hspu to 90 degrees
    Leg squats with trx

  37. 8:49
    Real pull ups
    Hspu to 90 degrees
    Leg squats with trx

  38. 5:29
    Low pull up bar
    Feet on first step (first time trying, they were pretty sad looking)
    Squats while holding on to pull up bar to get a deeper squat

  39. Did this workout late due to knee injury I have been out a couple days.
    7:30 very modified workout. Jumping pull-ups. 10 sec handstand against wall

  40. Pat – 6:03
    Maria – 6:55 band assisted pull ups

    We both need work on pistols had to hang on

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