1. It's -8 degrees to his morning. Maybe later.. I did yesterday's WOD today.

  2. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Did 75 45# snatches instead (too many kids)
    Shawntae 12:11
    Sharadee 10ish
    Lauren 10:24
    Courtney 25# 7:22

  3. 29:59. Mainly uphill and against 30mph winds. TGIF!! Good weekend, mamas!!!

  4. 24:52
    Treadmill with slight incline. Running on hills has been paying off! I'm getting closer to where I was before I hurt my knee.

  5. 5.1 miles in 21:50 on my spin bike.
    It's tropical -4 without the wind chill Mama's so my butt is staying inside. Lol

  6. I tried my hand at Crossfit open wod 13.1 (modified, obviously)
    17 Min. AMREP
    40 burpees
    25# snatch, 30 reps
    30 burpees
    25# snatch, 30 reps
    20 burpees
    25# snatch, 30 reps
    10 burpees
    25# snatch, as many as possible
    220 total reps

  7. Knee is still messed up so I did a power walk on the treadmill at 10.0 incline. Made 1.5 miles in 26:10. It was more of a workout than I thought it would be!

    Did do a 5K on Monday. 30:58 on treadmill with 1.0 incline.

  8. 21:54

    Then another mile warm up/ cool down.

    15 burpees.

  9. 60 Minutes
    finished but kept going so that I could burn 500 calories and then i was close to 60 minutes and wanted to finish that. yay 30 minutes of the time was at 8% Incline. Wahoo!

  10. I ran 2 miles, not 5k, kids can maintain for a while by themselves, but didn't want to get too far. 19:14. Oy!

  11. 26:52
    3 seconds faster than last month- but I'll take it!

  12. 36:48 run/walk on treadmill. About 2 min faster than last time.

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