Friday 12.06.13

20 X 20

For time:
20 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
20 Butterfly sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 18″ box
20 Push-ups
20 Cleans, 20 lbs
20 Jump rope
20 Thrusters, 20 lbs
20 Front squats, 40 lbs
20 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
20 Push press, 20 lbs
20 Bench dips
20 Sumo deadlift high pulls, 20 lbs
20 Burpees
20 Hang squat cleans, 20 lbs
20 Jumping pull-ups
20 Walking lunge steps
20 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
20 Knees to elbows
20 Squats
20 Leg lifts

Did I leave anything out? 😉

Compare to 12.06.12


no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleepNEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: eliminate wheat

Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

“Gluten-free is hot these days. There are books and websites,
restaurants with gluten free menus, and grocery stores with hundreds of
new gluten-free food products on the shelf. Is this a fad, or a reflection of response to a real problem? Yes, gluten is a real problem. But the problem is not just gluten. In fact, there are three major hidden reasons
that wheat products, not just gluten (along with sugar in all its
forms) is a major contributor to obesity, diabetes, heart disease,
cancer, dementia, depression and so many other modern ills.”


If you would like to know more about gluten allergy or intolerance and how to test for it read this: 

“Something you’re eating may be killing you, and you probably don’t even know it!
If you eat cheeseburgers or French fries all the time or drink six
sodas a day, you likely know you are shortening your life. But eating a
nice dark, crunchy slice of whole wheat bread–how could that be bad for
you? Well, bread contains gluten,
a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and oats. It is
hidden in pizza, pasta, bread, wraps, rolls, and most processed foods.
Clearly, gluten is a staple of the American diet. What most people don’t know is that gluten can cause serious health
complications for many. You may be at risk even if you don’t have full
blown celiac disease. In today’s blog I want to reveal the truth about gluten, explain the
dangers, and provide you with a simple system that will help you
determine whether or not gluten is a problem for you.”
Stop eating breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, donuts, rolls, buns, wheat cereals and replace with healthier choices. You will see huge results and your health will improve.
For recipes and tips, google: Paleo or Primal diet


  1. 16:31
    gpu, kte on ground, pull ups standing in doorway, 15# med. ball for all weights

  2. 14:36
    Skipped the cleans. Thought I knew what they were but realized I did squat cleans. Need to look them up.

  3. 17:41
    5# wb (Did wb motion with hand weights)
    45# squat
    45# DL
    all others are rx'd

    Fun! Was already up and then found out we have a snow day today!
    Great week of wod's- Happy Friday Mamas!

  4. 19:58 as RX'd
    Last time I did this was 1-2 weeks into these workouts/addiction 😉 so I subbed a lot and didn't have full range of motion on exercises.

    Happy Friday and happy snow day!!!

    Stephanie- yes total weight. Most of us use dumbbells, I think.

  5. I just realized I forgot the leg lifts! I had to write it all down on paper and must have left that off my laundry list of exercises…lol!

    Puts my time at 18:41

  6. 28:54 a lot slower than you ladies!
    Wall ball-soccer ball
    Front squats 45#
    Dead lifts 65#
    Rest as rx'd

  7. 21:04 – so tired and I'm so impressed with you ladies – those are great times!!!!

    10# for cleans, thrusters and push press
    30# front squats
    15# kettlebell and sumo
    40# deadlift

    enjoy your snow day!!

  8. 22:14, slower than I'd like but really sore from WODs earlier this week 🙂
    15" box
    25# clean, thruster, PP, HSC
    45# front squat
    25# kb swing, sumo high pull
    50# DL
    KTE on bar
    Rest as rx'd
    Happy cold, rainy Friday!

  9. 24:02
    instead of wall ball I did thrusters with 8lb kettle bell,
    jumped step and stepped down,
    gpu (also subbed gpu for pull ups),
    cleans,front squat, push press, sumo, hang squat cleans, deadlifts all with a 30lbs bar,
    thrusters 15lbs dumbbells,
    kettle bell swing 15lbs,
    plank burpees,
    and all the rest as posted! Which doesn't seems like much!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. 19:45

    Used 10Lb dumbell for wall ball
    Pull ups with kitchen table
    KTE on Floor
    Rest as rx'd

    Goal was to do it under 20 min.

  11. Ran 4 miles


    WB 14lbs
    35lbs for all exercises
    65lbs DL
    Boy push ups
    KTE on bar

    I was dragging this morning. Must be my old age. I turned 46 today! Good way to start out my day.

    1. Jen Roe- I love to see your workout times because you amaze me! Happy birthday!

    2. Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration and make me want to continue pushing myself harder!

  12. 18:19 as RX'd

    Happy Birthday Jen Roe. I hope to be rocking these workouts when I'm 46! It's pretty clear that you could kick my butt on day when your "dragging" and I'm 10 years younger. You inspire me to work harder. Thanks!

  13. Jen Roe….you inspire a lot of us! Happy Birthday!

  14. 5 mile

    25# ball WB
    30# cleans, thrusters, PP, hang squat cleans
    25# KB swings and Sumo high pull
    75# DL
    My time was slower than last time, but a huge increase in weight.

    Happy Birthday Jen Roe! I hope I am as awesome as you when I turn 46. 🙂

  15. 17:25 including time to keep checking what I was supposed to do next and jog to and from pull up bar
    K2e on ground
    #30 in place of #40 and #60

  16. 27:21 and I only made it through the burpees.

    Oh my goodness! Even with all the breaks I felt lightheaded and queasy through most of this work out. I had to stop because my form was all over the place. That's what I get for working out only 1/week and running 1/week–weak.

    To Jen Roe, I'm only 43 so you are killing it as far as I'm concerned. Happy Birthday!

  17. 13:14
    20# for all weights (except 10# ball)
    Sub tucks for box jump
    K2e on floor
    Sub row for pull ups
    Pretend jump rope
    (Basement workout so lots of mods!)

  18. PS We have to eliminate wheat but only reduce the sugar, eh?

    From what I've read it's the processed sugar (processed foods, really) that is killing us, not the wheat, and an honest to goodness wheat allergy is extremely rare. I can tell you've done a lot of reading on paleo and primal diets. Why not investigate a Traditional Diet and see what you think? Along the lines of Weston A Price and "if your grandma ate it then you should eat it, but if it wasn't available to her then you shouldn't eat it either." Also big on fermented foods and how they relate relate to gut microbes. More of a focus on health and not so much on weight. Maybe start at NourishedKitchen.com.

  19. 18:21
    thrusters 20# in place of wall balls so did 2 sets
    bpu in place of pull ups same way pu
    40# dl

  20. 21:26 – felt slow…
    8 lb med ball for wall ball
    Jumping switch lunge for walking lunge (boys playing hockey in basement while I was working out cramps my space:)

    Rest as RX'd – excited I did all five workouts this week – just started recently and am loving it (thanks to Denise and Julie!)

  21. 19:56
    30lb cleans, thrusters, push press, sumos, hang squat cleans
    10lb kb
    80lb deadlifts
    60lb squats

  22. 28:30 Woohoo! Kte on floor, 15# on mostlyeverything except 30# in push press, thrusters, cleans&hang squat clean. Thank you! Feeling amazing going to stay on the floor a lil bit longer

  23. 18:07
    14 inch box jumps
    Girl push-ups
    30 lb front squats
    Girl push-ups on burpees
    40 lb deadlifts
    K2e on floor

    SO glad to get that over with!

  24. 22:56
    15# wb
    30# cleans
    30# thrusters
    30# DLHP
    30# hang squat cleans
    60# DL
    Remainder as rx'd. I wanted to quit on #6 of the jumping pull ups! What a workout! Have a great weekend ladies!

  25. 1st off, Happy Birthday Jen Roe! You are my hero!
    19:06, way longer than I thought I would go.
    30 lb cleans, thrusters, hsc, and pp.
    48 lb front squats
    1/2 k2e on floor

    Wowzers! Happy Friday!

  26. 18:50
    Subbed jumping jacks for jump rope
    20 lb front squats (didn't realize it said 40)
    26 lb Kettlebell swings
    Assisted pull-ups
    Kte on floor
    Mountain climbers instead of leg lifts

  27. 29:45, 45lb bar for all. Subbed leg lifts for pistols. I don't really understand the diff between hang cleans and cleans. I you tubed both…

  28. 20:33
    At the gym so had to run back and forth between things

  29. 19:52
    15# kettlebell
    24# weights on all but 20# on hang squat cleans
    40# deadlift
    Kte on back on floor

  30. Just under 21 mins. My timer (phone) got interrupted so having to estimate.

    About 6 minutes SLOWER than 12/6/12. But I was in rockstar shape (having done HIIT mamas for 9 months) before getting pregnant and not so much now (3 months after pregnancy with an extra 20#). Oh well! :/

  31. 23:13
    Super slow compared ladies! I was trying to remember how to do all the different excercises! Ha….only got 10 jumping PU….getting stronger but not there yet. Did do all BPU
    Super sore this week which equals results, I hope:)

  32. 21:39
    6 lb wall ball as that is all the hotel gym had. Everything else as rx'd
    Loved this workout! Looking forward to the gluten free challenge next week. Gluten is addicting, I can attest to that. I always feel so much better once I rid my body of it. Going to be hard to do with the upcoming holidays though!

  33. 24:08

    Dying over here.

    15# Wall ball (all I have)
    Clean with 45# bar
    Sumo Deadlift w/35 # kettlebell
    Forgot the stupid push press… oh well.
    the rest as rx'd

  34. 27 min
    Play ball for wb
    30# for pp and front squat
    45# for dl and sdlhp
    14lb thrusters
    Assisted pu (green and purple)

  35. 24:20
    30# front squats
    10 50# and 10 30# DL
    K2E on floor
    rest as rxd
    Burpees were SLOW today!

  36. 18:02
    12" box jump
    30lb front squats
    15lb kettlebell
    30lb dead lifts

  37. 26:15
    wb as rx'd
    13" box
    FS 10 @ 40#, 10 @ 30#
    jumping pull ups as far up a could get.
    DL 40# – all I have

    rest as rx'd whew!

  38. 23:53. Used 50# for DL and front squats. K to E on floor. Rest as rx'd.

    I have always made myself feel better about my times by imagining that you are all much younger than I am. To hear that you have 5 years on me Jen is disappointing! You're amazing Jen and inspire us all!

  39. 28:11 all as Rx'd except 16" box
    Yay! I loved this one. I've been doing these wod's for about 8 months and I'm finally feeling brave enough to leave my stats! You are all so inspiring 🙂

  40. Pat -21:19
    25DB Cleans, SDLHP, HSC, #20db thrusters, #95 FS & DL #25kb

    Maria 22;41, #20DBcleans, hsq, #15db thrusters, sdlhp, #40 fs & dl #20kb

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