Monday 11.18.13


5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
13 Squat cleans, 20 lbs
Push press, 20 lbs
3 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
10 Walking lunges, carrying 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dick Alson Lee Jr., 31, of Orange Park, Florida, who died on April 26, 2012 from injuries sustained when his vehicle
encountered an improvised explosive device in Ghazni province,


  1. I have to get ready for work so I only had time for 4 rounds.

    21:47 with 45# bar, 20# everything else, and very assisted pull ups.

    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Only time for 4 rounds today,
    Sub 200 skips for run
    45 lbs deadlift
    24 lbs for all other

  3. 28:01 (wanted to stop after every round)
    60 lbs
    20 for everything else (butt to floor on SQ)
    Jump pullups

  4. 24:15
    20# for all (more weight coming for Xmas)
    Outside run- then inside to basement for rest
    Jumping pull ups- 1st round on my own
    FYI- my arms are still sore from Friday!!

  5. 22:44
    High knees for 1:30 in lieu of running (heavy rain)
    20# deadlifts
    Bpu's in lieu of pu's

  6. 17:42 only 4 rounds…..completely wiped out!
    Dl 65#
    Cleans- butt to floor
    Jump up pull ups
    25# walking lunges

  7. 29:30
    run 400meters treadmill
    deadlifts 30lbs
    squats & push press rounds(1&2 30lbs)
    (3,4&5 5lbs)
    10 tricep dips
    lunges 15lbs

  8. Pressed for time so did an abbreviated variation. I am excited, though, because I'm starting to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes at 3.5 mo. after baby! Thank goodness for hiitmamas!

  9. 23 something (watch still outside on stroller)
    Subs: leg extensions for DL (20 reps); squats (20lbs) for squat cleans; 10x thrusters (20 lbs) for pull ups.

  10. Ran 3 miles


    Ran on treadmill
    75lb DL
    35lb squat cleans & PP
    Kipping PU on bar
    25lb overhead lunges

    I know I will feel it in my tuah tomorrow.

  11. 22:19
    Doubled up on dead lift reps, only using 30#
    Started with 20# for all others for rounds1,2 then switched to 30# for rounds 3,4,5
    Unassisted pull ups 🙂

  12. 23:36

    50#DL, 20#as RX'd, Jumping Pull-ups.

    I usually punish myself for having to mod anything but this workout combined with our 77 degree weather today kicked my butt. Headed back out to rake leaves as my punishment instead. Great workout for Monday!

  13. 24:04
    250 jumprope each round in lieu of running.
    65 lb dl
    30 lb sc and pp
    jumping pull-ups
    25 lb plate for lunges

    Good Monday!

  14. Holy balls, you girls are GOOD! 30:30 and I'm dead. But for the first time, I jumped up for the pull downs and didn't use a chair to get up to the bar. 50# and rest as rxd.

  15. minus the pull ups, but

    Husband 5 rounds in 18:30
    Me 4 rounds in 19:02

  16. Wow! Tough one, but great work out!
    Did run all at once first at 12:10
    Then did weights in 5 rounds at 19:35
    60# dead lift
    assisted pull ups
    25# for everything else

  17. 25:39
    Treadmill for runs
    40# deadlift
    chair assist pull ups
    everything else as rx'd

    My body definitely wanted to quit early on this one but I did it. YAY!

  18. 24:44, with 50 lbs deadlift and assisted pull-ups. Great workout after being out for a week (strep throat!) Thanks!

  19. 16:23
    As RXed.
    Jumping pull-ups

    Chris: 16:47
    100 lbs all

    Loren: 20:57
    100 lbs all

  20. 23:15 only 4 rds. Ran out of time.
    20lbs for all weights. Slight jump for all pull-ups! Getting better 🙂
    Great wo!!

  21. 28:13
    Outside workout, 60# DL, 30# butt to floor cleans and 30# PP, jumping pull ups.

  22. Katie- 22:20 as rx'd
    Cathy- 23:40 with mods, first hiit mama wod!

  23. First day doing hiit mamas workout! Loved it. (Hubby doing it right now!)

    40 minutes at my gym. Took a few minutes off to make up for walking around folks, getting to bike, etc.

    400 m on bike (recovering from knee injury, can't run right now)
    Did 20lb first round on all,
    15lb last four rounds,and
    50lb KB for last four deadlifts.

    1. Welcome!!!! I have been hooked for a year and have never looked back-my husband loves the results. Good luck!

  24. 25:32
    30# do
    Jumping pull ups
    Did 20 walking lunges 20#
    Power cleans 20#
    Then ran rest of 3.5 km

  25. Also, really appreciate the pic of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dick Alson Lee Jr. Very motivating. RIP.

  26. 1 mile walk/run with my 2 girls(7&6 years old), trying to get them ready for a 5k we are doing.

    65# DL
    30# for everything else
    jumping pull-ups

  27. 28:13
    Row instead of run
    35lb dead lifts
    15lb squat cleans
    24lb push press
    Pull-ups band assisted
    24lb lunges

  28. 26 as Rex's except increased to 30# dbl for squat cleans and lunges

  29. Oh my! How you all did this so fast amazes me! 37:16 40# DL all the rest as rx'd. Had to stop a lot after round 3 to catch my breath. That was a doozy!

  30. 25:25 for four rounds
    60lb dl
    30lb squat cleans and pp
    Green band pull-ups
    Run with stroller
    Totally forgot the lunges.

  31. 26:54
    rounds 1, 3, and 5 – 90lbs dl, 40lbs everything else
    rounds 2 and 4 – 80lbs dl, 30lbs everything else

  32. 30.20 phew! 55lb for squat clean and dead lift last two just 20lb for squat clean! I need faster faster!

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