Friday 08.30.13


For time:
Run 1 mile
50 Sumo dead lift high pulls, 20lbs
Run 1 mile

Compare to 03.20.12


  1. 17:50 (I cleared my watch but I think that's right)
    Happy Friday ladies!

  2. 21:49 (outside)
    Great quote to keep you going-especially at 5:30am!

    Happy 3 Day weekend!!

  3. 9:36
    Biked instead of ran
    10# for deadlift high pull

  4. 21:16
    Outside workout, first run was off actual was 1.08. 30# DLHP

  5. 22:18
    I think I ran too far…totally estimated distance today

  6. 24:31

    Runs were killer, legs still sore from wall balls
    No breaks during sdlhp though!

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