Friday 08.09.13

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10 rounds for time of:
7 Burpees
7 Knees to elbows

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
 NEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: reduce sugar intake
On our first 90 Day Challenge, I wrote that reducing sugar will be my greatest challenge yet!” because I had such a sweet tooth and had to have something sweet after every meal. It used to take everything
in me to not eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. I have to say
though, this time around it is not a big deal to me. Doing this challenge and the Vi-shape shakes in particular have dramatically changed my cravings, particularly for sugar and fatty foods. It has been the best gift ever (along with a flat stomach) to not have those cravings anymore. I still enjoy a bowl of ice cream a couple nights a week but my portions have been greatly reduced because I just don’t physically want more than that. I have found that the healthier I eat, the more my body craves healthy foods. It is a win-win! 🙂

I want you to start to be aware of how much sugar you are consuming
every day and start to cut back or cut out super sugary foods from your
diet. If it is dessert at night, give yourself half of your normal
portion. We all know what our own sugary vices are. Let’s hold ourselves
accountable and start our sugar detox and accelerate our progress on this fitness journey.

Dangers of Sugar

“The dangers of sugar are very serious. Excess sugar
intake will
do more to derail your weight loss eating plan than just about anything
else. If you limit sugar in your diet, you will go a long way to
getting incredible results
with your weight loss eating plan.

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

The Dangers of Sugar – When I researched the bad effects of sugar in our diet, I
was astonished at how harmful sugar is to our bodies. We’ve all learned how sugar can rot our teeth, increase
our risk of getting diabetes, and make us gain weight. You may be surprised at how many other bad effects
sugar has on our system over the long term.

How Sugar Can Ruin Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan:

If you limit your sugar intake, you will be well on
your way to building the body of your dreams. That’s
because excess sugar intake will do more to derail you from reaching
your weight loss and fitness goals than just about anything.

The problem with sugar is that it tastes so darn good. Therein lies the rub. If sugar treats
tasted like broccoli, it would be easy to avoid them altogether. Because sugar tastes good, it can be very difficult
to avoid consuming excess amounts of it. Sugar is habit forming. It is addicting. And that can lead to all kinds
of health problems. Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value. Consuming a lot of sugar is the equivalent
of taking a daily fat pill.

Once we start eating sugar, it’s difficult to stop. The more of it we eat, the more we crave.

Sugar is largely responsible for unwanted weight
gain, excess fat, and excess sugar intake leads to obesity for too many

Sugar can give us a short-term spike in energy, but then we have an energy crash. Sugar actually robs us of energy, and
that creates a vicious cycle where we exercise less, become even more sedentary, and gain even more weight.

Excess sugar intake is one of major reasons why many
people don’t realize their
goal to lose weight or build a lean, muscular body. You cannot continue
to take in excess amounts of sugar and expect to build the body that
you desire.

There is a lot of media coverage about the dangers of saturated fat (and for good reason), but there is not
enough coverage on the dangers of sugar. Limit both sugar intake and saturated fat in your diet, and you will
see astonishing changes in your body. You will not believe the difference.

Dealing With Sugar Cravings:

We all struggle with food cravings. If you learn strategies of how to deal with sugar cravings,
you will go a long way to reaching your weight loss and fitness goals.

Don’t beat yourself up if you give in to the craving. You’re human. Beating yourself up over the
occasional slip up is only going to demotivate you and discourage you.

How Sugar Can Destroy your Body and Your Health:

One of the dangers of sugar is that sugar raises
your blood sugar levels (makes sense). But sugar can also
cause hypoglycemia. Over the long-term, excess sugar in your diet
speeds up the aging process, increases your risk of
getting cancer, heart problems, contributes to diabetes, can lead to
osteoporosis, hurt your eyesight, and can cause arthritis.

For you ladies out there concerned about keeping your skin looking young,
sugar plays a role in giving you wrinkles and aging your skin.

No Sugar Diet – Benefits of Cutting Sugar from Your Diet:

While we’re not suggesting that you never eat sugar (that is extreme), if you adopt a a no sugar diet
most days of the week, you will see quick weight loss results.

To put a more positive slant on it, if you limit your sugar intake, you lower your risk of degenerative
diseases, slow the aging process, save hospital bills and medical bills, and improve the quality of your life. If you avoid
the dangers of sugar, and limit
your sugar intake, you’ll look
better, feel better, and perform better.

If you can discipline yourself to cut back on sugar, your chances of you getting serious results from your
weight loss eating plan skyrocket. Cut back on sugar and the pounds will melt off your body.

Eating a lot of foods that contain too much sugar is
habit forming. And like any other bad habit, the habit of eating
too much sugar
can be broken. Begin by cutting back on sugar a little at a time.
Progressively cut back even more until you get to the point where you
are consuming very little
sugar in your diet. Substitute snacks that contain little or no sugar.
Over time, it
will get easier and easier to substitute good foods for the bad foods.
You will train yourself to avoid the dangers of sugar.

We’re not suggesting that you never eat sugar. Life
is too short to never have candy bars, chocolate cake, and ice cream.
Rather, work on
cutting back on your sugar intake. The more you cut back on sugar, the
more results you will see with your diet plan and your fitness goals.

Save the sugar foods as a way to reward yourself for your discipline with your diet plan. Create an
incentive system where you reward yourself with your favorite sugar foods when you reach a weight loss or
fitness milestone. This can be very effective in helping you reach your fitness goals.”


  1. 9:17
    Working on burpees form
    All K2E's on bar, started out at waist high…some were knee high.

  2. 12:46
    I think that was 10 rounds but I lost count. With that time, I hope it was more but I doubt it. Hard to get moving this morning.

  3. 13:57
    Burpees with push ups- went slow bc of stiff back
    All KTE on bar

    Great week of tough workouts!! Happy FRIDAY 🙂

  4. 14:28
    Burpees with push ups
    All KTE on bar!!!

  5. 9:41 as rxd
    Knees to elbows were pathetic!! All on bar.

  6. 31:20
    2 mile run
    5 sets burpees with push-ups; 5 sets regular
    Kte of floor

  7. 10:42
    Burpees 1-4 chest to ground
    Burpees 5-10 to plank
    kTE on floor

  8. 10:19 as rx'd

    18:00 arm strength & diastasis recti rehab exercises

  9. Only did 6 rounds since this was my first week and I was kinda seeing spots after the 6th.

  10. 12:55
    As rx'd (except 2 sets of KTE on floor)

  11. Hi ladies! This is my first time to comment- I've been doing the workouts for a week now, but still pretty pathetic to watch!! I'm 3 weeks post-partum and have been walking/jogging and slowly getting back into my workouts! So glad to have found these workouts- thanks for posting them!

    Walk/jog 1 mile with baby in jogger

    Burpees to plank, k2e's on floor, all 10 rounds 10:44

  12. Well looks like I'm the slow poke for today. 16:51. Full burpees, k to e on bar.

  13. 8:25 KTE on bar (knees to chest)
    This killed me! My hamstrings are super sore today. Pretty sure my form on the burpees wasn't my best, but I got through it.
    Have a great weekend mamas!!

  14. 10:12 but with 14 v-shaped side twists holding #10 ball each round instead of 7 K2Es.

  15. 9:28. Full burpees and k2e's half on floor half on bar. I can whip out some burpees now. I had to break on the k2e's but not during burpees!

  16. 10:27
    1-6 burpees with pushups
    7-10 to plank
    Knees to elbow on floor.

  17. 14:46-
    Burpees to GPU
    KTE on the floor
    Tough week- Thanks : )

  18. 13:23
    KTE on the floor. Oh Lord how I hate me some burpees. Ran up and down the stairs 36 times afterwards.

    KTE on the floor.

  19. did a different wo today:
    100 meter sprint
    10 push-ups
    100 meter sprint
    10 jumping lunges
    10 meter sprint
    10 pull-ups
    100 meter sprint
    10 burpees
    100 meter sprint
    10 bodyweight squats
    100 meter sprint
    30 crunches

  20. 15:18

    this one was tougher than I anticipated and I thought I could do in about 12 min, but each round got slower and slower! Still sweatin' like a champ though! missed this one last week, so did Sunday, aug 18th

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