Wednesday 07.31.13

For time:
100 Double-unders (400 jump rope)
Run 100 meters
15 Pull-ups (assisted as necessary)
Run 100 meters
30 Front squat, 40 lbs
Run 100 meters
100 meter Farmer carry, 20 lb dumbbells (40 lbs total)
20 Dumbbell snatches, 20 lbs 
Run 100 meters
Post time to comments.


  1. 11:05 including changing my shorts after 400 unbroken JR (yay!)
    Outside workout but in neighborhood

  2. 11:58 + 4x 100m (untimed)
    Had to split up the workout.
    Best I've felt with pull ups (band assist)

  3. 18.57
    20sec breaks in btwn each set of 100 jr
    Only had 20 lbs total for weights
    No pull up bar did straight leg chair raises for back of arms

  4. 13:52
    Single jr (my feet were in the way again)
    Chair assist pull-ups
    45# fs
    50# farmer
    25# bar snatch

  5. 11:08 as rx'd

    That one felt great! I didn't need any breaks to catch my breath!!

  6. Cf Mamas Northglenn
    50# farmers
    Shawntae 8:58
    Janel 9:40
    Holly 12:13
    Jina 8:06
    Jen 8:46
    Karissa 11:56
    Sharadee 12:15
    Riley 10:47
    Jane 9:43
    Charlar 14:30
    Megan 11:48
    Audra 11:30

  7. 15:24
    400 jump rope
    Jump up, lower down
    Great workout! Loved the variety!

  8. Ran 5 miles

    The heat this morning wiped me out, couldn't find the energy to do this wod. Will get it done tomorrow.

  9. 13:05
    inside workout, 400 JR, chair assisted pu, 60# front squat, 60# farmer carry, 30# snatch
    Really like this workout!!

  10. 11:26
    #30 squats
    #30 snatches
    Rest as rxd
    (Note to self-ran around house 1x for 100 m)

    1. Anyone else have issues jumping rope after having kids….any suggestions??

    2. The good news is that the more that you attempt to hold it all in and the fitter you get, the easier it is to not pee your pants. My pelvic floor is much stronger now than it was 2 years ago when I started crossfit. I rarely have a problem anymore and that is after 4 kids.

    3. Kegels to make your pelvic floor strong but also wearing a tampon does wonders.

  11. First 3/4 mile swim with the kids. Then 12:39. Pretend jump rope (yeah, Martha. It sucks. I pee right before I start but still have a little "issue". This is why I can never join a crossfit gym unless they sterilize the floor). Had to locate pull up bar (same kids). But actually used 20# for snatches!

    Never thought I'd be the fiend to do this and swim all in same day. Thanks, mama jenni. Ill follow you anywhere. 🙂

  12. 15:41
    60 lb squats
    subbed sumo deadlift high pull (30 lb) for snatches since I didn't feel like I had the form right
    ran 1 mile after

  13. 9:15
    One toe on chair assist pu
    T-mill for runs
    Rest as rx'd

    Followed with whole WOD same way again…9:45 for round #2.

    Never did farmer carry b4…love new things!!!

  14. Taught step then 11:20. Only had two 10# dumb bells so I did 60 front squats at 20#. Could have done a lot more weight for the farmers walk, next time.

  15. 14:11 : )
    My routine:
    400 Jump Ropes
    2 Up/Down stairs
    15 Pull-ups under treadmill
    50 Jumping Jacks
    30 Front Squats (40 lb)
    5 Burpees
    Farmer Carry (40 lb)
    20 Snatches
    Mountain Climbers (30 sec)

  16. 15:30 with 30# for all and pull ups assisted by a jump. 100m were up and down stairs 8x

  17. 16;00
    400 jr
    30 lb squat
    All pull-ups assisted and 20 lbs for farmer carry and snatch

  18. 14:31. 400 jr, kept messing up & head wasnt into it, lost count but think i was @ 400. Read notes wrong & switched farmers run w/ front squats first but otherwise as rxd. P/u asst band. Really had to talk myself through it as i was tired after 100 & thats not normal but i didn't sleep well so maybe that's it.

  19. ok, so glad to hear I"m not the only mama with the pee pee problem . . kicks in around 50 jumps – maybe add some kegels to the cfmama list lol

  20. 14:39
    That kicked my butt. Half of that time was mastering 100 double unders. I got up to 4 at a time with one jump in between. Happy about that. Jump ups for pull-ups.

  21. 18:40 but did 200m runs instead of 100m….was on treadmill and by the time I get going for the 100, it's time to stop. Also at the gym so took longer to move between the exercises. I'm with you all on the jump rope bladder control! I

  22. 18:23. That wasn't pretty! Got a side cramp during JR and that slowed me down for awhile… Just feeling tired, but glad to have done it! 30/15# is what I have, pull ups from tip toes, last few were reverses, runs around yard.

  23. 15 minutes…that is with 1 pee break during jump ropes and I added an extra 100 meter run by accident
    400 jump rope
    15 tricep dips instead of Pull-ups, I do not have a bar
    10 front squat with 36 lbs and 20 front squat with 20 lbs
    100 meter run AFTER the farmer carry with 36 lbs (heaviest I could make)

  24. 9:41
    regular jump rope
    jumping pull ups
    30# front squat
    30# farmer carry
    15# dumbell snatches

    Did this workout after running a 5k.

  25. 10:44
    400 jump rope, tricep dips instead of pull ups, 30lb front squats, 30lb Farmer carry, and 5lb dumbbell snatches because those are the only dumbbells I have.

    400 jump rope, ran 100 meters instead of pull-ups, 30lb front squats, 30lb Farmer carry, 30lb deadlifts instead of dumbbell snatches. (He's still super sore from the Tabata work out).

  26. 13:02. Did this after doing Thursdays 5k run. Had to do it inside so doing run on treadmill was frustrating to have to keep resetting it. Had to sub push-ups for pull-ups

  27. 11:xx subbed 200 m run for jump rope, but messed up sequence so did it at end after snatches (16 lb), squats with 20 (most I have), and subbed bpu for pullups.

  28. 10:49

    modified pull ups
    4x up and down stairs with weights for farmer carry
    30# squats

    feelin' good – i have just noticed this tiny neck muscles popping out when I flex and I'm so excited lol

  29. 13:54
    30# squats an farmer carry (heaviest I have)
    All else as rx'd
    Good one! Getting back into it after being sick :/

  30. Pat – 11:44 – #75fs,#52fc,#20dbs

    Maria-11:56 #40fs, #20fc, #20dbs and band assisted pullups

  31. 18:07

    Took a long time trying to do the double unders. I'm getting better but I think I might need a lighter rope. I ended up doing a combination of single and double unders.

    That was a fun one!! 🙂

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