Friday 07.19.13


squats- 50/30/15/10
push-ups- 20/15/10/5
sit-ups- 30/25/20/15

*This means do 50 squats, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, 20 lunges, then start back with 30 squats, 15 push-ups, and so on…

Compare to 03.02.12

 HIIT Mama Julianne
“I just finished the
90 Day Challenge! THANK YOU!
I didn’t weigh myself
for the whole 90 days….. and…
I didn’t loose any
weight. Starting weight 160.2, ending weight 160.0.
I did however loose 6
5/8 inches overall and gain strength and stamina.
Thank you so
much!  I look forward to continuing and more changes!
” -Julianne


  1. 9:11- butt is raw from 7/19 WOD so I subbed rowers for sit ups. Also, I messed up my pu reps and did the sit-up reps by accident.

    Followed this with yesterday's WOD.

    Looking good Julianne!

  2. 11:27 as RX'd
    Deep squats (as close to butt to floor as I could get)
    Full boy push-ups without any struggle! I've done a thousand push-ups this week–and I can tell how much easier they are getting.

    Happy Friday! Thank you Jenni for all these workouts. I've been following since November and on Fridays I look forward to the next week's workouts.

    Great job with the 90-day challenge mamas! You all look fantastic!

  3. 12:50 as rxd. Actually, on Fridays I look forward to two days of no possible burpees! Thanks for workouts….hard but effective!

  4. 9:23
    Knee to floor on lunge, butt as close to floor as I can go on squats.
    Feeling my hamstrings this week. I've been working on my form with all exercises, so maybe I've corrected something that I wasn't doing quite right!

  5. 11:12
    Worked on deep squats
    All bpu
    Arms crossed on half of every round
    Knee to floor lunges

    I have definitely felt EVERY workout this week! Thanks for helping all us mamas!!

  6. 12:07 as rx'd
    first round gpu, last three rounds bpu.

    Also did 7/11/13 wod. It was brutal.

  7. 8:41
    Crunches for SU, my butt is raw too! 😀
    Reverse lunges

  8. CF mamas Northglenn
    Shawntae 7:05
    Janel 10:50
    Megan 10:16
    Jen 7:03
    Jina 7:03
    Holly 8:47
    Karissa 12:59
    Riley 8:04
    Jane 8:02
    Sharadee 12:30 (lots of kid breaks)
    Robyn 11:30 (approx)

  9. 23:20 – with toddler interruptions and holding him during a few squats. I have the same question about the lunges. When it says 20, I'm doing 20 on each leg. Or is it supposed to be 20 total (10 on right, 10 on left)??

  10. 9:39
    30 lbs on squats
    My butt was still raw too! Subbed steam engines (standing sit ups) for bsu.

  11. 10:47. It's dinnertime here. Normally I'm a morning workout mama. Felt great, just what I needed!

    Oh and my butt is raw too. Owie!

  12. Had timer issues so my time started after the first round of squats and push-ups. 11:58. I worked on form today. Squatted and lunged closer to the ground and did the same with push-ups.

  13. Much to b proud of Julianne! Yippee!

    Deep squat
    Knee to floor walking lunges

    Afterwards, ran about 3.4 outdoor miles (29:00).

  14. 9:43 – rounds with GPU and 2 with BPU. Had to sub crunches for sit-ups( rear is raw from earlier this week still).
    Wasn't sure on how to count the lunges so added more at the end.

  15. 14:46 as rxd. This is my first time to post! So excited to be joining in!

  16. Completed on 7/22 after group step and 7/22 wod. 10:45. Girl push ups until last two rounds.

  17. 10:29
    cross fit push ups and did lunges as a set.

    Great WOD when I couldn't make it to the gym!

  18. 13:52
    Scaled push ups
    Did almost 2 months later . . . After todays wod. I always right down ones I miss and try and do them at some point

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