Friday 06.14.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
7 Push press, 20 lbs
10 Front squats, 40 lbs
15 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 02.13.12

Annie Thorisdottir
The Fittest Woman Alive

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 10 rounds

    15 lb. med ball on push press and front squats

  2. 11 rounds as rxd but went over about 20 sec to finish last 10 sit-ups.
    Arms crossed with abmatt

  3. 8-2/3, but I did do last set of bfsu after the timer.
    45# front squats

  4. 9 rounds plus push press and squats of next round
    #30 squats (heaviest I have)
    The rest as rxd

  5. 15 rounds
    20# for pp & FA
    Oblique crunches alternating sides with 1 sec pause at top

  6. 10 rounds plus 7 push press and 4 squats.
    30# push press, front squats as rx'd

  7. 8 rounds plus push presses, squats and 9 sit ups

    I'm not sure if it's the heat or just summer laziness but I feel so slow lately!

  8. 8 rounds plus 7 push press; 26#s pp-2 dumbells together; squats as rxd; which way is better with BFSU-arms crossed or overhead?

  9. 9 rounds plus 7 push press and 5 front squat

    45# front squat

  10. 10 rounds plus 7 push press and 12 squats
    only had 15 lbs so did 20 squats per round

  11. Ran 4 miles

    9 rounds plus push press and front squats of the next round.
    25# push press
    30# front squat

  12. 10 + 7 PP, 10 FS, 7 BSU then after timer I finished BSU
    25# PP
    45# FS
    Arms crossed BSU

  13. 9 2/3 rounds. 30 lb pp,45 lb fs. Leg lifts for bfsu. I rubbed my tailbone raw on the last bfsu set. Ouch!

  14. 9 + push press and front squats
    30lb fs the rest at rx'd

  15. 7 rounds with 25 extra sit ups because I misread the number till round 5. Oops. Also 30 min of basketball with kid.

  16. 7 rounds with 25 extra sit ups because I misread the number till round 5. Oops. Also 30 min of basketball with kid.

  17. 10 rounds then all but 10 bfsu's in the 11th round. I liked this one a lot! With my weak abs this was much more manageable in short bursts!

  18. 9 rounds. 10# for PP & FS. (I need to buy heavier weights!) Sweating like a piggy!!! 😉 Happy weekend, Mamas!

  19. 9 rounds. 10# for PP & FS. (I need to buy heavier weights!) Sweating like a piggy!!! 😉 Happy weekend, Mamas!

  20. 8 rounds : )-
    as rx'd
    Thanks for another great, tough week!!!

  21. 12 rounds& 7 push presses 10 front squats& 3 situps.
    30 # push presses, 40# frontsquats.
    I read somewhere to run longer & push harder to get mad that you're out of breath, so i got mad that my thighs were chunky & i imagined the fat burning when they were screaming @ me when the squats got tough & it really worked to push through it & keep up the pace!

  22. 14 full rounds plus 7 PP and 1 FS on 15th round
    30#s on both PP and FS

  23. AmyD…I find BSU to be more of a challenge with the arms crossed. But they are awesome either way. The men/teenage boys in my family have the hardest time doing them which cracks me up.

  24. 12 rounds plus 7 push press, 3 mile run this morning…

  25. On vacation and last day 🙁 the long drive home starts tomorrow. I did get in a 4 mile run along beach and played in the ocean again. Will have to get back to these workouts on monday

  26. 9 rounds (went about 20 seconds over to finish sit-ups)
    As RXed.
    Butt to floor squats

    Cade: (my 7 year old)
    8 rounds
    All with 10 lbs

  27. 8 rounds plus 7 push-ups and 8 front squats.

    I am either really sore from yesterday or a strained a muscle yesterday in my right arm/shoulder. PushPress was not an option today so I subbed girl push-ups.
    45# front squats.

    Happy Friday!!

  28. 8 full rounds, 9 rounds of push press amd front squats. Push press with 20 pounds total. Front squats I did the first 5 rounds with 36 pounds (heaviest I had), last 4 rounds I used 30 pounds.

  29. 10 rounds pllus one set of push presses. Push press 30#
    Mods were crunches and body weight on squats ( I'm working on getting deeper before adding weight)
    I'm going to add in extra core work to get butterfly SU. As it stands, I can only do 2-3 before I need towel to get back up.

  30. 8 min hiit mountain climbers
    8 min hiit jump lunges

    8 rounds
    40# pp
    Squats as rx'd
    Kte for bfsu

  31. 9 full round plus push press and squats for round 10. In a hotel so only had 10# DB and concrete floor so had to do a variety of crunches,bicycle, leg lifts 30 each time. bsu hurt my tailbone on concrete.

  32. 9 2/3

    The first four rounds I did bsu with arms crossed–my first attempt at this. It really s-l-o-w-e-d me down. After four rounds I couldn't even get myself up anymore so I had to go back to arms out in front zombie-style.

    FS were at 30# cause that's the most I can make here in this temp house.

    I was surprised I got this many rounds but I was really fighting for all of them. (Some WODs I try to pace it a little.) Makes me wonder how many I could have done if I hadn't tried the crossed-arm bsu!

    1. 70 push presses
      100 front squats
      137 butterfly sit ups

  33. 9 rounds 30 lbs front. Squats and 24 lbs push press

  34. 9 rounds plus push press and front squats for 10th round.
    Front squats only 20lbs.
    Arms crossed on bsu.

  35. 12 rounds plus round of pp & fs
    20# for all

  36. Totally forgot to post this. Did it on 6.15.13. One bfsu short of 10 rounds. 20# push press, 20# squats

  37. Between 8 and 9 rounds, can't remember if I double-counted one. Also it was 2/3 because I almost made it to 10.

  38. Went 5 seconds over to finish my last round. Used 30lbs for both pp and fs. I think it was 12 rounds but may have been only 11, I lost count near the end.

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