Friday 05.31.13

5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
20 Push-ups
12 Power snatchs, 20 lbs
20 Knees to elbows
Compare to 02.06.12


no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food

NEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: get 8 hours of sleep

5 Benefits of Sleep

1. Health: Not getting enough Z’s can compromise your immune system making you more susceptible to viruses. Plus, living in a constant state of sleep debt can contribute to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 
2. Smarts: Even though your body is at rest, your brain is
buzzing. During sleep is when the brain sorts and processes information
you absorbed while awake. 
3. Weight Control: Recent research indicates a relationship between insufficient sleep and inability to lose or even maintain weight. 
4. Coordination: Trying new activities that require
coordination like step aerobics and playing the piano can be made more
difficult after a bad night’s sleep. 
5. Beauty: They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. While you sleep, your body repairs itself.
Experts say you need 8 hours of sleep to avoid puffy, bloodshot eyes,
as well as dark under-eye circles and a pale washed-out complexion.

Here is another great site about the importance of sleep to our heath and how much sleep our kids need: www.helpguide.org/life/sleeping


  1. 17:31
    DL (55, 55, 45, 45, 45)
    Bpu 1st round, rest gpu
    Substituted DB clean 20#
    K2e (1st 3 rounds accidentally did 20 reps) – 4 rounds on bar, 1 on floor

    That was tough!!

    1. I totally messed up this workout. I did 20 reps of DL and db cleans and 10 reps of push-ups and k2e.

  2. 19:37 as RX'd
    All KTE on bar (got ugly though)
    1st round boy push-ups (and I looked forward to P/U today) Power snatch left me breathless just in time for 20 KTE. Awesome!
    Fun workout! Happy Friday!

  3. 19:55…my goal was under 20 🙂
    As rx'd
    65# dead lifts
    2-1/2 rds bpu, then 2-1/2 rds gpu
    KTE on bar
    Great week, Mamas! Happy Friday!

  4. 17:12
    #30 dead lifts, I don't have #40 dumbbells
    1st round 20 pushups, 2-5 15 pu
    20# snatches
    15 KTE on floor

  5. 15:54…deadlifts I used 38 pounds (heaviest I coukd make, two 10 and two 8 pounds), gpu's (tried a bpu from the statt, couldn't make it up), power snatch I went over my head at end with 20 lb weights (don't know if that was right or not), KTE on floor no bar.

  6. 24:04 ugh 🙁
    And that was with girl push ups and 2 rounds k2e on floor. I'm feeling the long week today. Glad it's Friday!!!

  7. 18:25
    75# dead lifts
    16# snatch
    round 1: 19 BPU, 16, 13,13, 13
    K2E on floor

    My snatches were not pretty. I will need to look at my form this weekend.

  8. 28:49.8
    20# dead lifts
    girl push ups
    snatch as rx'ed
    K2E on floor

  9. 12:06 I didn't do the power snatch (still nursing my neck/shoulder) Did 65# deadlifts, BSU and 30 bpu the rest gpu.
    Also did a 3.75 mile run before the WOD
    Have a great weekend!

  10. 20:55

    40# dead lifts
    all boy push ups
    20# kettlebell snatch
    K2E on roman chair at gym

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  11. 14:28
    #30 dead lift (going to get heavier weights this weekend!)
    K2e on floor (I have a swinging pull up bar…very difficult to do k2e on)
    All regular p/u

  12. Ran 4 miles then


    70lb DL
    All boy push ups
    20lb snatch (worked on form.)
    KTE on bar ( last couple of rounds were difficult-need to strengthen my grip).

  13. 17:15 with heavy modifications. Gpus for all sets, pathetic-barely-qualifies-as KTE. Oh well.

  14. 20:58
    60 lb deadlifts first 3 rounds, 50 lbs 4th and 5th rounds
    all regular push ups
    30 lb power snatch
    1/2 of the KTEs were reverse grip

  15. 27:13
    65# DL
    Incline push-ups
    20# Power snatch
    K2E on Bar

    I feel there is no adequate substitution for K2E on bar. I can say this with confidence as I worked out at home 1 time w/o a bar and did the K2E on the floor. No similarities except the name. Whether it is the skin ripping off my hands, trying not to swing in the air, the required shoulder stabilization….Dripping in sweat, mostly because of those K2E. Next time I work out at home I plan to add several other exercises to get all of the components the floor takes away, minus the skin ripping 🙂

  16. 20:22
    60# deadlifts
    Half bpu/ half gpu each set
    Snatches as rx'd
    Half k2e on bar/ half on floor each set

  17. 19:36-
    40 lb. Deadlifts
    Knees to Elbows on the floor
    Hard week- Thanks!!!

  18. 20:27 missed my goal by 27 seconds BUT…all 100 BPU!!! deadlift was only 30# but I did the power snatch with 30# also and ALL k2e on the bar!!! slower time but so happy about the bpu and k2e being rx'd!

  19. 28:43…BUT I added a 1 minute run to each round!

    Deadlifts w/50 lbs
    20 Pushups
    12 Knees to Boobs, I mean elbows
    10 Power Snatch, right arm w/19 lbs
    10 Power Snatch, left arm w/19 lbs
    1 minute run @4.3 speed & 2.0 incline on treadmill

    I got the knees to elbows and power snatches reps reversed. I used a dumbbell for the snatches.

    Great workout! Thanks, Jenni!!

  20. 18:59 40 deadlifts, majority gpushups, 20lb kettlebell for the snatches with 12 each arm

  21. 19:03
    40 lb deadlift
    40 lb snatch with 20 lbs each hand
    Mostly knees to nose (my elbows are way over my head- long arms)

  22. how are you all doing the power snatches? I see with a bar (both hands) or with a dumbbell (one hand). If you do it with a dumbbell, do you do 10 reps on each side or 20 reps on each side?

    1. I believe I have a link for a demo for using 2 dumbbells instead of a bar for the snatch on the full site down the right side bar.

  23. 3 rounds for 9:51 after 25 minutes of jog/sprints

    Subbed kettle ball swings at 20 lbs and 45 lb dead lift

    Also worked out in the gym and had to deal with people trying to move in on the equipment I was using. I was so smoked anyway I gave up. I won't be going back to e gym. Even though they have the weights I need it's to much of a pain to do a timed work out and have gym etiquette when not in a CrossFit gym.

  24. 17:56 #45 DL, knee PU, #45 snatches, K2E on floor. I need a home pull-up bar!

  25. 20:55. 60lb DL, 20lb single arm snatch, trying to get my hands directly under my shoulders on PU's, so all of them on knees. 28 k2e's on bar, rest on floor. Tough.

  26. 18:50

    40lb dl
    boy and girl pu
    15lb one arm snatches
    knees up as far as possible, still working on this

    next time hold 2 dumbbells for snatch

  27. 13:45.
    25lb deadlifts, last round did push-ups on my knees, round 3,4 and 5 switched to 10lb power snatches, KTE on the floor.

  28. also need to increase weight for snatches.

    Dripping from this workout! Love it!!

  29. 5 Times for TIme: 20:46

    12 DL 40#
    20 Push Ups
    12 Power Snatch 20#'
    20 KTE's (all but first 10 were modified)

    Still SO sore at time of post… Saturday afternoon.

  30. 13:23, did this 2 days late due to working nights this week. 60# DL, KTE on floor

  31. 17:39
    45 lb bar for Dl
    45 lb bar first round on snatch, 30 lb next 4 rounds
    20 standard push ups first round, on knees last 4 rounds
    KTE as rx'd on bar

  32. 13:42
    k2e on the floor
    my knees to elbow and pull-ups are a work in progress post surgery!

  33. Okay, I am back after a long abcense from workingout due to knees and double patella tendon ruptures. I am a day behind so I will double up…but this workout I could not complete as Rx. So I did situps from a bench and pushups on an incline. With my knee surgeries it is hard for me to get on and off the floor. So for now I sub things for that…it took me 20 minutes to complete…did not do powersnatch due to knees….I can not figure out a good modification for that one! I am so happy to be back and back on my diet….I am using shakes but using them as post workout recovery….


  34. 16:37

    Heavier wts are with the movers.
    Used 10s with 5s for 30# DL.

    Military push ups for first 20, then from knees. (I've done many, many more mil push ups before. I was having a weak-feeling day. Maybe because it was day 2 of my cycle?)

    PS as rx'd. Felt a little wonky but I think they were mostly done correctly.

    I'm back to plank K2E until we get the new house set up.

  35. 19:15
    40# deadlift
    knee push ups
    20# snatch 1st round, 10# all others
    floor kte

  36. Had to do LOTS of mods (my first CF workout ever and don't have all the equipment!) but time of 14:26.

  37. 36:04 with 60# DL and 30# snatches. This wod killed me!!! Not even sure why.. maybe my weights were too heavy for me? And k2es took forever, my hands are raw. Yikes!!

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