1. Good for you for staying STRONG! My friend discovered this site in January and we've been following it every single day, we LOVE it and are ADDICTED! You're doing amazing things, I can't even tell you how much my body has changed because of what YOU are doing! Don't give up the fight!

  2. 20:55 (not incl last rest)
    60 sec rests

    Jenni, thanks for all you do. It's sad that you can't post random workouts for moms to follow without getting harassed. I can only imagine how many folks crossfit is going after. Just look at Pinterest or any workout blog. People post crossfit stuff everywhere while using that name. Call this whatever you want, jenni. I love your workouts and will follow your blog no matter what it's called. Stay strong 🙂

  3. I don't time myself, yet. I have been doing this for a few weeks. But thank you for taking the time to post these workouts. It has helped me, as I see my body changing, even though I am not doing it to its full potential, yet! Working on it! Thank you. And hopefully they will quit with this nonsense.

  4. 27:45 as RXd, including the last 90 sec rest.
    Thank you, Jenni! You are making a difference in so many lives. Keep your head up and stay strong!

  5. So I broke my toe and there is no way to run … Any suggestions for a substitute until it is healed enough for me to run again??

    I posted on the new Facebook page about how if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know what crossfit was without believing you had to already be in shape to accomplish a workout (after all that's what our oldest son told my husband so he didn't even try while I was already doing your workouts and succeeding!). I am gaining enough confidence now that I was seriously thinking of joining a box but with this sort of behaviour I am not so sure I want to.

  6. So I broke my toe and there is no way to run … Any suggestions for a substitute until it is healed enough for me to run again??

    I posted on the new Facebook page about how if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know what crossfit was without believing you had to already be in shape to accomplish a workout (after all that's what our oldest son told my husband so he didn't even try while I was already doing your workouts and succeeding!). I am gaining enough confidence now that I was seriously thinking of joining a box but with this sort of behaviour I am not so sure I want to.

  7. Love your workouts! It's the only routine I've been able to stick to. Thank you for all you do!

  8. 20:37
    I am so bothered by what crossfit is doing to you so I can only imagine how you feel. I am so sorry. These workouts are the best thing I have ever found and I have always been an athletic person.

    Anyone else wondering why the sport of fitness (crossfit) wants to be so un-welcoming? No other "sport" is like that.

    I hope you can stay strong.

  9. 23:30

    I understand your frustration, but it does not surprise me. Have you ever looked at the cost to open a 'box'. I do not know the exact price but I know that it is not cheap which explains why it is often expensive to become a member. It is also silly that they are still coming after you because these workouts can be pulled from any number if sites. The CrossFit main webpage as well as pretty much every box post their WODs. Even if your site was not up there are 100s more to get the WOD from, BUT yours is much better because they are intended to be completed at home without any equipment.

    Thank you for posting these!

    1. All of those sites and boxes are paying $3000 a year to be a crossfit affiliate and buy the right to use the crossfit brand. I just can't afford that.

  10. Thank you for what you do! I love these workouts and look forward to them every day. I have seen changes in my body I have never seen before.

  11. I really appreciate what you do!! I'm a mom of 3 and have no time to go to a gym. Never the less dish out $800 a yr to become a member at a cf gym. So it's very convenient for me to wake up, look up your blog and see what today's workout is! 🙂 sometimes I just throw on some shoes and work it in my pajamas! Lol from the bottom of my heart thank you! Isaiah 54:17 hope this helps. Thanx a million!

  12. 17:16 total running time. Only did about 60 sec rests.

  13. Keep up the fight Jenni, I love your site. It's the only thing that keeps me motivated.

  14. This site has changed my life! I love it, I look at it first thing every morning! I tell everyone about it! I don't see Esther being able to do anything else except make us change the name, everything else that is posted is our right as an "AMERICAN!" Keep fighting I got your back!

    1. Love your comment! Amen!
      Glad tour knee is getting better. Great job with keeping up and modifying after knee surgery.

  15. Didn't allow myself enough time this morning. Had to stop after 4 rounds 🙁

  16. Hi Jennifer, i'm from Mexico and i found your blog on Pinterest and it was the best thing happend to me, i have two months doing it and i love it and also the way it is adapted so it can be done at home and with a minumum of equipment. Thanks for all your work, im sure all of us will support your fight. Persist 🙂

  17. Haven't done the WOD yet but here is my email…….Hello, my name is Annie Lindsey and I am a califit mama! I wanted to take a minute to ask you to please be lenient when it comes to califit mama, she is just a mom who likes to exercise and wants to share that with other moms. She is no threat to Crossfit and she didn't create the blog maliciously or with profit in mind, it is free to subscribe! She promotes Crossfit, if anything! I'm sad that just because her blog has become popular, you all have targeted her. I'm sure you know that there are a large number of other places that you can get Crossfit workouts, and that won't change. You have a wonderful program and I know people that use it but the bottom line is that a push up is still a push up and Crossfit didn't invent a push up. I'm sure what you are doing is for legal reasons and that you have obligations to your company but she has complied with any requests to remove the name Crossfit and that should be good enough.

    Thank you for your time,
    Annie Lindsey

    1. Love this! A push-up is still a push-up! Perfect! Thanks for taking the time to write that and support califit mamas and my sister!

  18. What if you were a certified trainer? A couple of my husband's friends have gotten their Level 1 certificatin. Are you then able to craft a work out and share it as a Crossfit workout?

    1. I would love to be L1 certified. It costs $1000 and 2 days away from my kids with a hubby available to take over. That still isn't enough. I would have to become a CrissFit affiliate and pay $3000 a year and since I don't make any money from the site directly I just couldn't afford that unless I started charging for the workouts which I don't want to do.

  19. Been doing these workout since January. Thanks for what you are doing!

  20. 32:41 as rx'd
    I haven't done the WODs in ~2 weeks so I didn't know any of this was going. Jenni, I thank you for everything that you do. I would not know what Crossfit is if it wasn't for you. I will definitely be sending an email today.

  21. I just want to say thank you for continuing to post these workouts. I've been a runner for years, but I've always hated strength training. These workouts I love because they are typically short but intense and never the same. I had done some crossfit style workouts given to me by my brother, but this blog holds me accountable. I am so thankful for that! I tell everybody about this blog! I thank you Jenni for the time you put into this blog!

  22. Email sent. Response received. Email sent again.

    Thanks for the WODs and the forum Jenni!! Now to go run my tail off!

  23. 24:40 with all 90 sec breaks ( not counting last break)
    Thank you for this site Jenni!! i have FINALLY found a workout routine that i can stick to and that actually is making my body better!!I will be writing an email to Ester later today…what a bunch of BS!!

  24. Mile warm-up

    26:57 as rx'd without last 90 seconds rest

    Mile cool down

    Thank you for posting these wod. I love this site! I am a busy mom of 4 small kids and came across your site one day on pintrest. When I started back in Sept. I could barely get through the wod and could barely run more than a mile. 8 months later I am able to get through the wod and have ran a few 5k's and 4 milers. I am working on a 10k and at the end of the summer will start training for a half marathon. None of this would be possible if it wasn't your wonderful site that just keeps pushing me along.

  25. 27:01
    Whew!! That was a killer. Proud of myself that I didn't stop to walk once though. You always seem to know when I over-ate the day before and give me a good workout like this one the following day!
    Jenni, I hope you don't have to take your site down. I know you are helping lots of people and I appreciate all the work you've done and the sacrifice you've put in. Good luck with everything and if need a lawyer, you know who to call! 🙂

  26. 32:00 as rx'd : )

    Thank you so much for your workouts! I love them and really appreciate the time and energy you take in posting them every day. I can really see the difference they have made in my fitness : )

  27. Jenni, my results are amazing,and in just under 6 months. Emailing today!! I'm a mom of six, and yes I birthed them all, I can see my abs. I have NEVER been able to say that. So from the bottom of my healthy heart, thank you!!!

    Now for today's workout, my block is a bit longer than 400 m, so I ended up running a total of 3600 m instead of 3200. 28:52.

  28. 26:46
    Good luck Jenni! I sent my emails. I hope you can come to a solution where both parties cn be satisfied. I would hate to see the website come down along with your hard work here. I appreciate these workouts everyday and the time you put in

  29. Well i got in half the workout today. 13:54. I'll get in some extra time on this long weekend.

  30. 24:24
    I love your site! This is the only workout program I have stuck with. I get bored really quick, but not with your wods. I have gotten a lot faster and stronger thanks to you and your hard work.

  31. I'll follow you no matter what you call the workouts. I'm pretty sure encouraging healthy eating and physical exercise is an admirable thing to do. Especially offering it for free! Perhaps Esther needs a new hobby besides harassing exemplary people.

  32. Hi Jenni,

    I'd kindly ask that you please remove your suggestion to contact CrossFit Customer Service based on your correspondence with Esther Dohl. This is a Legal issue, not a Customer Service one.

    The moms who follow your site are welcome to follow the Workout of the Day that's posted online for free everyday by CrossFit HQ or workouts posted online by other CrossFit affilate gyms. There are also excellent resources on scaling for beginners and substitutions for equipment in the CrossFit.com FAQ section. There are many Message Board threads and CrossFit Journal articles about the same. As a mom of three, a Level 1 trainer, an affiliate owner, and a staffer for CFHQ I'd be happy to help with substitutions and workout modifications. Those emails are welcome at customerservice@crossfit.com.

    Would you kindly update your post?


    Madeline Letchford

  33. 23:09 without last rest. 60sec rests.
    Another awesome wo!! I love this blog site and find it fits perfectly with my working out at home schedule! Very mama friendly!! Thank you for all you are doing to keep this coming to us 🙂

  34. i have been a fan of crossfit since 2009. And honestly this last year especially they have completely turned me off.. Its not the same… keep doing what your doing.

  35. Hello Jenni,
    I was freaking out this morning when for a minute I couldn't find your page. I love this WOD's. I am sure all the califit mamas will support you. I got my back.

    Thank you ,

  36. Did Wed wo today since I missed it. Thanks for these work outs Jenni! I love them and am also addicted. I don't see the harm of helping people get fit if you don't use their term "cross fit."

  37. 32:30 including last rest.

    Love this site. The variety of workouts are perfect. Please don't take it down!!!

  38. I started crossfit back in 2008 and did the wods from the main page but had no idea what I was doing & often took an hour or more to accomplish them. Obviously I had no kids at that time. Since then I have been part of a box for a time(while the $ alllowed) & followed the Brand X scaling on their main page. But the brand X workouts are still not practical for a stay at home mom (rope climbs anyone). And the prices of joining a box plus the cost of childcare is not feasible for our family or many families out there. Which is sad because we are a military family & crossfit was designed in many ways for them in mind.
    Over the last few years I have noticed the message boards on crossfit pages becoming more & more crude & disrespectful of others. Not at all the community that was there a few years ago! And not a community that I want to be around.
    Jenni~ you have helped create a wonderful, supportive fitness community! with practical at home workouts for busy moms. Thank You!

  39. 15.32 with one minute rests between

    Totally bummed to hear about your troubles! She is still after you even though you changed the name?? And what makes Esther the queen of CF?

  40. 39:12 as rx'd

    Very slow but it's the first time that I've ever run 2miles in my life!!! I think that alone says how much this site has changed my life!! Email has been sent!

  41. wait a minute… I did five rounds, not 8! (timed anyway!!)

    I did do a total of 5 miles though. So I sprinted a lot today.

  42. Knee injury
    As many rounds in 8 min of;
    25 shoulder press 20lb
    25 medicine ball through laying down
    25 CFSU

    4 plus 25 SP and 7 MB tosses

  43. 24:39 as rx'd. So so please with my time.
    Thank you JENNI! You are amazing to work through all of this for us. You have made an amazing difference in my life!

  44. Thanks Madeline from crossfit for posting because I hadnt planned on writing in but your comment inspired me to write in!
    I know crossfit.com has free wods i can follow and women help boards etc. However, califit mamas are geared toward more attainable while still challenging workouts easily done @ home, with limted supplies. You have the name of crossfit copyrighted but dont have the exercises copyrighted. Since jenni isnt claiming these exercises are crossfit anymore, leave the blog alone!

  45. I timed each run to motivate myself to go faster.

  46. We did this wod april 8 last month so i pulled up my score. Only took 45- 60 secbreakslast time due to timeconstrains. Today took full rests. I took longer! I thought for sure i was getting better but no. I was worse if i hadtaken the right break time 24:27 last time, 27 : 53 this time. Ohwell!

  47. I did wednesday workout and this one today to make up for days I missed during the week.

    24:25 first two reps i did 90 sec break, the rest 60 seconds. Ran on treadmill at 7.2 mph

    Love your site…hope it all works out!

  48. 29:13.
    Love this site and the work outs you post. Can't believe that she is still bothering you after all the changes you've already made. Thank you for staying strong and keeping on in spite of her.

  49. 22:15 (not in lauding last 90)

    Jenni, this site has changed my body and I would never have known crossfit had it not been for you or this site.

  50. Did this yesterday. I'm pretty disappointed with my time but, I'm still glad I finished it.

    29:47 (no stroller)

    Without this blog I would still be pudgy and unhappy carrying around all my extra inches from having my daughter a little over a year ago. I now fit into clothes that didn't even fit before I had her. This blog has been a life saver for me! Now that my daughter is a little older she loves watching me do the workouts. So, you're not only helping me get back into shape, you are helping me set a good example to my daughter and, for that, I am beyond grateful! Thank you Jenni!!!!

  51. I did this workout on Friday as rx'd in 32:35 (not including last rest) but just getting around to posting. This completed 8 weeks with CaliFit Mamas. I have lost 2" from my bust, waist and belly, an inch from my hips and my arms and legs are much more shapely. I tell everyone about this blog! Thanks Jenni!

  52. Just ran a mile, I know I wasn't suppose to but I did. Didn't keep time.

  53. 24:10, did this on the correct day, didn't post that day. Rest time was 1 min.

  54. Done today. 28:35

    Jenni thanks for the great work outs. You really make this type of fitness accessible for those of us that need to be able to work out at home. I love what you are doing, keep it going.

  55. 26:26 with ALL rests added in. This is a full minute faster than last time. And that's with running into the wind while going uphill for the second 200 of each! Loved it!

  56. Finally did this one on Monday after I took a break from Monday's WOD.

    24:00 I only needed a 60 second break between them and time does not include last rest after round 8.

    Also, the first time I got to compare a workout and I was almost 2:30 faster! 🙂 Thanks Jenni for the great workouts!

  57. Gah! I erased my chorono! Well, I read off my split times to hubby (who did the wod with me) and they went something like this:
    1:52, 2:14, 1:50, 2:10, 1:54, 2:12, 1:58, 2:01.
    With 7 breaks that's what? 26:41?

    Out 400m, rest in sun, back 400m, rest in shade. I ran on outfield grass (75%) and unmown field (25%). You can see from the splits that I was more rejuvenated after the even breaks. I was pretty proud of my time, actually. This pace is roughly 2:00 per 1/4mi…nearly 8 min/mile pace!

  58. I really wish the crossfit nazis would get off their throne and try to remember what the goals of health and fitness really are: To fight the pandemic that is haunting most Americans, OBESITY. I completely support you and agree with your approach. I would follow your site to any domain. It took some time for me to find the blog again but with a good google search you came up again!
    Crossfit is also going after anyone who has an unactive registered domain name with the words "cross" "fit" in it. I like to think of crossfit as the new McDonald's, just another way of branding and patenting something that has existed for years. McDonalds branded hamburgers, Crossfit is now branding Olympic weightlifting and squats. Seriously???
    Frankly, I'm personally offended by Esther and the others who have gone after people like you. Do not take your blog down. They do not own burpess, squats, cleans, jerks, kipping, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, the snatch. WE DO. They do not OWN motivation.

  59. Completed 5/25 after teaching group step 2:14, 2:05, 2:06, 2:03, 2:06, 2:07, 2:08, 2:05. 24:08 total only took 60 sec breaks due to lack of time

  60. I for one have appreciated your postings of your own scaled versions of the WOD, they have been very helpful to a beginner like me. I can see why they would want to protect their brand though. People are making a lot of money from crosfit nowadays and corp wants their cut. I can think of a couple ways to get around this problem you are having. If you were just blogging about what your times on the WOD were and how you scaled the WOD workouts I think you'd be fine. Then you are just posting to the internet about your experience. But I think you made a mistake early on by using the "Crossfit" name and pretending like you were an affiliate when you are not, and I don't think they are going to let you get away with that anymore.
    You could find a local affiliate to team up with and they could host your scaled workouts and then it would be official without having to become an affiliate yourself. That would probably be the best solution. Best of luck to you

  61. I don't know why you thought I was "pretending to be an affiliate". I had know knowledge of affiliation when I started the blog. I started it with the intention of sharing it with my handful of girlfriends who were asking what I was doing to look so great. I have never asked for anything from my Mamas and was never trying to steal anything from CrossFit. I understand why they got upset when I got such a big following, but I have changed the name now so wish they could let it go.

  62. 30:02 – walked slowly through rest then ran remainder of 400.

  63. Jenni, I am so incredibly thankful for you and this blog. It has transformed my body and my life! Thanks for fighting to keep it going!! My time was 24:00 as rx'd including every rest. Each run was about 1:30 long. Just got back from a week vacation, and eating a bunch of junk, so today felt rough!!

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