Tuesday 05.21.13


3 rounds for time:

Run 400 meters
21 Kettle bell swings, 20 lbs
12 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)

Compare to 09.11.12

Post time to comments.


  1. 14:20
    Outside run and kb (did 30 kb with 15 lbs kb b/c don't hv 20 lb)
    Used band on pullups

  2. 12:16
    #15 dumbbell swing
    5 real pull ups each round, rest chair assisted

  3. 14:04
    20 lb dumbell swings
    Jump assisted pull ups

  4. 6:08
    No running(rest day)
    20lb dumbbell swings
    6assisted pull-ups and 6 boy push ups for each round

  5. 11 minites. Do not have kettlebell. First 2 rounds used two 10lb dumbells, 3rd set used one 10 lb (could not hold both weights, kept slipping out of my hand), assisted pull-ups. I need to invest in 20 lb dumbells!!

  6. 14:14
    9/11/12 time was 10:45
    The last day I consistently did the CFM WODS was 9/13/12 – clearly I have lost a lot of endurance and speed 🙁 It's OK – just going to get faster again!

    Did all as Rxd and used a tree outside to do pull ups 🙂

  7. Ran to the end of the block & back. It felt long & afterwards mapped it & 563 meters. Nothing like making it more of a challenge. 🙂

    3 rounds
    563 meter run
    21 Kb @ 35 Lb
    12 pullups on rack bar

  8. 9:48 as rx'd
    Did 2 real pull ups. The rest were jump up and slow down

  9. 13:14
    20# dumbell swings
    Chair assisted pull ups

  10. 11:55 with my new 25 lb KB, also used my new band for assisted pull ups and had some technical difficulties that slowed me down

    compare to 12:11 in September with only 10 lb. KB and girl push ups instead of pull ups

  11. 9:38
    I still don't have a pull-up bar :/….. I usually go to the park to do the wods that require one but wasn't able to make it there today. I did the run pushing the girls in the jogger and instead of pull-ups I did 12 push-ups and 12 thrusters (after the kettle bells each time).

  12. 9:30, run outside, 20# KB, Jump pull ups. Compared to 8:20 on treadmmill, 12# KB and boy push ups.

  13. 15:43
    Jumped up to bar (The first two of each set, I could pull myself up over the bar, the rest I slowly lowered down.)
    Super excited about that!

  14. Did this yesterday evening with the kids 🙂
    rx'd with 25# kettlebell swings & real pull-ups
    I accidently did 15 pull-ups each round.
    LOVE doing wods with my boys!
    Finished in 12:43.

  15. 12:10. 18lbs kettle ball. Had to do the last to sets of pull ups in one bunch because some girls cut in on the machine. 70# assistance. Then body pump class.

  16. 14:43
    10 lb kb, so did 30 each round
    hopped up on pull ups, most were reverse grip
    ran 1.75 miles after

  17. 11:12 subbed boy push-ups for pull-ups. Don't have anywhere to do pull-ups yet.

  18. Forgot to start my timer. Did pull downs on weight machine for pull ups.

  19. 12:45 the run felt aweful today….on dreadmill and tried to push faster runs. Round 1…7 unassisted pull-ups kipping and 5 assisted, rnd 2: 5 and 7, rnd 3: 2 and 10!!

  20. 12:50. Each set of pull ups: 6 from standing, 6 let downs. Weak this week from sinus infection, but feeling good for showing up!:)

  21. 17:03. Used 20 lb dumbbell b/c I don't have a kettle bell. Chair assisted pull-ups. Kettle bell swings felt so hard today!

  22. 10:45, 10 lb weight (don't have kettle bell), super assisted pull-ups, my first time today! WOO HOO!

  23. 16:44

    800m runs
    used a 12kg (~26 lbs) kettle bell
    assisted pull-ups

    Beach Volleyball Season starts tonight!

  24. I did yesterday's workout today, since I was having "issues" yesterday. Anyway – I was two seconds away from knocking off a whole minute from my time! Yay, me!!


    Run 1000 meters
    50 thrusters w/24 lbs
    30 push-ups

    2/15/13 time: 14:46
    today's time: 13:48

  25. 17:43
    2 10lb dumbbells for kettlebell, jump-ups for pull-ups.

  26. 14:30
    working late so brought my weights and pull up bar with me-except my pull up bar wouldn't fit over any of the doors!
    10 pound weight for KBS
    12 gpu's instead of pull ups

    did extra round of KBS

  27. 14:21, up and down stairs each round. KB only 10#. Pull ups assisted with a small jump.

  28. 12:35 as rx'd.
    Chair assisted pull-ups

  29. 15lb kettle bell
    chair assisted pull ups
    running as rx'd


  30. Did yesterday's wod first and had issues with my asthma but finished and he finished this one too. My phone died on the way to the gym though so no time. 🙁 machine assisted pull ups. Week 2 of cf and loving it!!

  31. 13:35 as rx'd

    Ran outside with the new jogging stroller. What a difference it makes!!

  32. 10:40 Storming out so in place of run did 1+30 of high knees and butt kicks each time, assisted pullups with one foot on box

  33. 13:54 ran on the treadmill then went outside to do pull-ups on the swing set.

  34. I'm a day behind this week – just did this one.

    20:24 – I set a goal of 20 minutes, so I'm not off by much.

    22 lbs for kettlebell swings

    Band-assisted pull-ups first round – attempted pull-ups for the last two rounds.

    Great workout!

  35. 15:16 – I actually ran!1 So proud of myself. Did 15# KB swings since that's all I have. Did bench dips instead of pull-ups. Hubby tells me he'll install the bar soon.

  36. 12:15 as rx'd except for pull assisted with band

  37. 14:38 rowing instead of running (injury) and assisted pull ups

  38. 13 minutes, but did this WOD with my boys which made me faster but also slowed me down cause they stopped to walk. Sub push ups-no bar

  39. 14:52 pull ups done on total gym on the top notch. I was grunting on the last ones but I made it.

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