Friday 05.03.13

5 rounds for time of:
12 Wallball shots, 10 lb ball
12 Knees-to-elbows

Compare to 01.19.12


  1. 5:04 modified with 20# db thrusters and knees to waist on bar.

  2. 9 min. I'm slow on KTE on bar
    Outside for wallball inside for KTE

    Yay for Friday!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. 7:54
    K2e on bar but mostly to cheat height. Still getting better!!

  4. 7:30. K2e are so frustrating for me – not making enough improvement to feel like I'm getting the right benefit from the exercise. Arg! Ill keep trying ;). Today I did ten with bent arms and a little jump to start each one.

  5. 6:16 but K2E on floor. My pull-up bar callouses my hands really bad! I need to get some gloves or something! Still a hard workout though! Happy weekend!

  6. 4:36
    20# thrusters
    2 rounds KTE on bar, forgot my gloves and was killing my hands so last 3 on floor

    Have a great weekend mamas!

  7. 4:41 as rxd. Didnt do thurs wod yesterday as i worked night shift but plan on doing it when i get home tonight! Have a great weekend guys!

  8. 7:07
    10# thrusters with a jump. need to get a ball.
    KTE's slowly improving form

  9. 6:35
    Basketball for wall ball.
    3 rounds KTE on bar… yikes I need to work on that.
    2 rounds KTE on floor.

    Thanks… Four weeks down. Loving the 90 day challenge.

  10. 10:08 Used 12 lb ball and did toes-to-bar. My forearms are TOAST!!

  11. 7:00 on the dot.
    K2E's on floor. Wall balls are looking a lot better today!!

  12. 7:50
    KTE on floor (still no bar) so I added 12 CFSU each round
    12lb ball

  13. 7:15. All as rx'd. K2e's all on bar! Good Friday y'all!

  14. 5:24 knees to waist-ish height, thrusters
    How do u do k2e on floor?


  15. 5:11 Raining outside so I couldn't throw ball in air but I did the movement with 8lb ball, and had to bring knees to elbow on floor. No where to put a bar, I rent a trailer and it just seems to flimsy to get a bar.

  16. 6:27

    K2E on floor (would never be able to get anywhere close on a bar! . . .but working on it!)
    did this after Tuesday wod
    slacking off this week as had house guests (inlaws!) but got two in today and will try some of the "killer" ones this weekend!

  17. 4:26, basketball for wall ball, and kte on floor. I realize these modifications make it easier, but my heart is still beating out of my chest!

  18. 6:05 KTE on floor. Been sick all week, will hit a hard workout this weekend.

  19. 5:43. Kte were about knees to waist and only have 8lb ball

  20. 5:32

    *subbed thrusters for wall-ball, 40# first round, 20# rest
    *K2E on floor

    I'm gonna have to get brave one of these days and just do K2E's at the park in front of strangers so I can get experienced on the bar!

  21. 5:40
    I did this one at work on Saturday, so more modifications than usual.
    20 lb. thrusters for wall balls.
    K2E's in push-up position, like mountain-climbers. Right and left knee to chest = one rep.

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