Tuesday 04.30.13

5 rounds for time of:
7 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


  1. 17:06
    Most pullups were assisted with band
    4 real pullups (1st one on 1st 4 rounds)
    Legs were tired from yesterday.
    Did running outside

  2. 16:24
    Assisted pull ups. Less of a jump than before though!!

  3. 18:27 cqnnot do a pull up so I did jump ups. Dying after the run!! That last lap I had to push myself but I feel good!!

  4. 14:37 1st round did all 7 pull ups on own!!!!!! Each round after did three on own and then four chair assisted.

  5. 13:07
    no bar so I worked on my bpu – did at least 5 of the 7 in each round as bpu.
    on the run I did the last 50 meters of each round as a sprint.

  6. 16:49. Had to run up and down the stairs each round. Pulluos were the least assisted thus far!! Just barely pushing off the ground.

  7. 11:16, but with bench dips instead of pull-ups. I've asked for a bar for Mother's Day. 🙂

  8. Random thought- if we are crossfit mamas should we be able to do "wall balls" with our kids? My daughter 20 lbs, not that bad (obviously more of a thruster with a toss in the air), but my son, 41 lbs- a little trickier 🙂

  9. 18:47. Slacked off the last week. Hoping to get my motivation back.

  10. 15:19

    ran 1/2, sped walked 1/2
    15 gpus per round instead of pull-ups

  11. Shoot! I was jut looking at how fast people are so I looked t the wod and I did 7 rounds instead of 5 ;). 7 rounds my time was 20:23.

  12. 16:16
    hopped up on the pull ups and did 4 reverse grip on each round
    ran 1/2 mile after

  13. 22:07 My legs were still worn out from my 5k training yesterday. So I did some walking and I used bands on the pull ups.

  14. 11:33
    I think my runs were just shy of 400m. Running outside because it is a beautiful day! Threw a bar and rope over a tree branch and did my pull ups outside too!
    Actually did a few unassisted pull ups (palms facing me). Did most with jump ups and slow down.

  15. Knee surgery 25:00
    15 push ups
    25 CFSU
    10 push ups
    20 toe touch sit ups
    5 push ups
    15 hollow rockers

  16. did yesterday's today:
    back on track tomorrow, just didn't want to miss yesterdays!

  17. forgot to time it but it was between 15 and 17 min. 500 m run for the first rd. pullups with my foot on the wall

  18. 19:21, all assisted pull ups, palms facing in. Thank you, Jenni! Blessings!

  19. 13:58, did push ups during the actual workout since the track is upstairs and the pull up bar is downstairs at the gym. After I finished went downstairs and did all pull ups on machine.

  20. 16:23 all jump up and slow down pull ups. Wish I could say they were getting better but still struggling with them.

  21. 20:00

    subbed hula hooping 3 minutes for running (going to "no-impact" my shin for 1 week) & jump ups…geting closer with less of a jump

  22. First WOD ever! 21:45 with chair assisted pull up. Can only get better from here. Right ? 🙂

  23. 17:02 knee ups, can't do pull-ups yet, need to order the assistance bands.

  24. 14:02, KTE on floor instead of pull ups because of shoulder injury…

  25. My phone died so my best guess is 15:00. I don't have a bar so i used my band and did 14 reps per round.

  26. 11:06 due to circumstances I had to sub stairs for running and did reverse pull ups

  27. 11:06 due to circumstances I had to sub stairs for running and did reverse pull ups

  28. 27:32

    15 Push Ups
    25 CFSU's
    10 HR's
    20j Toe Touches
    05 Push Ups
    15 V-Ups

    5 Times

    1. Thanks for modifying with me so I don't feel like a lonely crossfit mama! We will be back soon!

  29. 24:11, reverse pu. More running than walking this time and I'm getting the hang of mentally pushing myself!! Feeling proud.

  30. 13:43 as rx'd with band assisted pull-ups. Thank you for a WOD that was easy on the sinuses.

  31. 11:10 band assisted pullups, focused on going slow down your strengthen. I LOVE CROSSFIT!!

  32. 12:03
    Jump up pull-ups.
    Been gone a week…..explanation later. Whew.

  33. 15:00. Pull ups much less asst than usual! Mostly from tip toes, some jumps.

  34. 13:19
    Jumped up a bit for pull ups and ran up ad down the stairs for 2 mom for each round because I had just run 5.5 miles.

  35. 18:31 modified pull ups from treadmill bar
    Luv the running WODS:-)……..luv/hate, lol

  36. 13:14 with 52# assisted pull-ups. The amount of assistance needed is going down!

  37. 17:16 with assisted pull-ups. I couldn't get my legs underneath of me today for some reason, so I was sucking air through those runs.

  38. Super duper hard 26:00 with lots of modifications. Did all reps with…

    10" box (fireplace hearth)
    beginner burpees
    squats with 5lb handweights

  39. 15:36
    My pull ups are horrible. I have jump into every single one.
    I also had to go from the basement to my bedroom (2 flights of stairs) every round. The treadmill is in the basement and the pull up bar is in my room! That added at least a minute to my time.

  40. 14:02.
    So need to work on my pull-ups and get my actual pull-up bar up so I don't have to do them on the stairs, it's killer on my hands.

  41. 12:37, 1st round 30# assistance on pull-up machine, 2nd and 3rd 40# assistance

  42. 18:51
    Jump-ups, but I used to jump from my aerobics step. Today I jumped up from the floor. Improvement!

  43. 14:23
    on eliptical (my pace was faster than other times)
    pull ups on lower bar, leaning back with feet on the floor
    – did this one on Friday with Friday's wod also

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