Friday 04.26.13

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Push-ups
10 Butterfly sit-ups
15 Squats

Compare to 01.13.12 

no caffeine
no soda


NEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: no food after 8:00pm
realize that a few of my Mamas will have to modify this a bit, if you
are a shift worker, etc. The point is to stop eating AT LEAST 2 hours
before you go to bed. I would like most of us to stick to the 8:00pm
rule, even if we stay up later than 10:00pm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Eating Before Bed โ€“ What to Avoid

“One of the most important keys to your weight loss journey is not eating before bed.
Eating before bed gives our body immediate fuel to be used as energy โ€“
the only problem is we donโ€™t need energy at this time. The food that is
not used for normal body processes (our bodies are still active when we
sleep) is left to be digested by the body and is eventually stored. This
is a lot of activity for a body that wants to be resting!
While on a weight loss journey we want to maximize the number of pounds we can lose everyday in a healthy manner.
A great way to do this is to stop eating 2 hours before we go to bed.
Not eating before bed allows our bodyโ€™s natural sleeping metabolism to
help us burn fat while we sleep. Instead of the sleeping energy
processes using our pre-bed snack for fuel they are able to breakdown
fat to gather energy to recover from our day. This is an important part
of any weight loss journey and can be stalled by eating before bed.
By not eating after 8 pm we are limiting those extra
calories that we may have eaten! Stop the madness and save yourself
from these extra calories by not eating before bed.
Getting a good night sleep is important for everyone. It helps us
re-energize from long, tiring days, rebuild our muscles from intense
workouts, and relax our mind from the stresses of daily living. Eating
before bed can have negative effects on our sleep quality. It can make
us feel bloated, uncomfortable, stuffed or too hot. It can ruin our
sleep. On top of that many people experience acid reflux if they eat in
bed or eat and lie down right away making getting a good sleep much more
difficult. If you feel like your sleep has been interrupted by
poor digestion or stomach issues make sure you arenโ€™t eating 2 hours
before you go to bed.

Sleeping is the perfect time to
give our body a rest from food. It
wants to digest what it already has to deal with and doesnโ€™t want you to
add to the fire. This is saying that you are sticking to your 5-6
smalls meals per day and arenโ€™t overly hungry at bed time. I will list a
few pre-bed snacks for those who NEED an after dinner snack. There are
going to be times when you need to eat before bed. Donโ€™t go
to bed hungry. If you canโ€™t help it and need an after supper snack you
need to try these few tips:

  • Re-evaluate your daily meals โ€“ are you eating enough throughout the day? Have you eaten every 3 hours today?
  • Make sure you are eating vegetables, a lean protein and a healthy
    fat for supper. This combination will keep you feeling full longer.
  • First try drinking a glass of water. Sometimes we are really just thirsty and water will do the trick.
  • As a last resort, try one of these after supper snacks โ€“ a banana
    with peanut butter, celery with peanut butter or a handful of almonds

 Reducing the Want to Eat Before Bed

One of the main reasons people eat at night is they donโ€™t eat enough
during the day. Many people have their biggest meal at dinner and then
snack before bed. This extreme hunger from not eating during the day
causes over-eating and worse cravings at night. The best way to prevent
this is to eat small meals every 3 hours throughout the day and keep
your body burning.
Much of our bedtime snacking is caused by stress. Stress is such a
huge factor is stalling weight loss and can ruin your efforts if you let
it! Recognize your stress donโ€™t let it consume you. Do not turn to food
in times of stress. One of the best ways to cut your nighttime binges
is to reduce your overall stress! Try things like mediation, yoga or
massage to reduce your stress and prevent eating at night.
Here are other ways to stop eating before bed:

  • Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.
  • Keep all junk food out of your house.
  • Form a habit of not eating after a certain time (if you go to bed at 10 pm stop eating every night at 8 pm)
  • Do your workouts in the morning.
  • Eat protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables at supper time.

 Your Challenge This Week 

Today I want you to stop eating 2 hours before bed!
You will feel lighter, less bloated, have increased weight loss, better
sleeps and more energy. These are some amazing reasons to take on this added challenge.”


  1. 5 rounds in 9:20 – baby woke up! ๐Ÿ™ Will try to do again later… I did do 10 boy push ups though!

  2. it's been a while since I did one of your workouts but I'm glad to be back !
    took an extra 3 seconds to complete 22 rds as rxed!

  3. 15 rounds and BOY PUSH UPS!!! Never before so many in so many rounds! Thanks for these great workouts and happy weekend!!

  4. I have no idea. I forgot to count, then I guessed, then I lost count again…repeat
    Maybe around 20? Who cares!? It was really good , I never stopped and I was moving fast for me. That's what matters!

  5. 20 rounds plus 5 p/u and 4 sit ups. All guy p/u

  6. 13 rounds
    1st 10 rounds I alternated sets of beginner handstand push-ups and bpu. Last 3 rounds were bpu.

  7. 18 rounds plus 5 pu and 10 sit-ups
    A few rounds of regular pu, but mostly gpu.

  8. 18 rounds (I think… The kids kept messing with the hot wheels I was using as counters)
    Compare to 21 in January (2012) with regular sit-ups

  9. either 16 2/3 or 17 2/3
    boy push ups for first 10 rounds, then switched to gpu

  10. Ran 4.5 miles

    24 rounds plus pushups, situps and 5 squats. All boy push ups.

  11. 17 rounds and girl push-ups! Thank goodness there was no running today!! Happy Weekend!

  12. 14 plus p/u and s/u. bpu,cfsu, focused on good form. not too tired. maybe should have gone faster and focused less on form? still got a good sweat and felt like a great workout.

  13. 17 rounds, plus 5 push-ups, 10 cfsu, and 10 squats. All as rx'd. All bpu!

  14. 13 Rounds. The was a really good one. A friend joined me. She didn't think you could get a good workout in 20 minutes and was shocked at how she felt afterwards. Lmbo.

  15. 10 rounds. Not feeling so hot today, so I'll admit I didn't try my hardest.

  16. 18 rounds
    1st round bpu's, the rest gpu's
    Dripping anyways!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. 18 rounds, but with all gpu's. Proud to say I was shooting for 15, so I really pushed myself to crank out the last 3. Kudos to the Rock Stars above! You women are something to reckon with! Blessings on your weekends!

    1. New time: 20 rounds in 20:09. All bpu and cfsu. I'm improving! Woo hoo!

  18. 12 rounds.
    All BPUs!!!

    Battling costochondritis, so stretching out my rib cage during situps really slowed me down.

    This is my second ever Crossfit Mama workout! Love it.

  19. 16 rounds as rx'd.
    All bpu! So excited!!
    Really tried to go into a full squat.

  20. Forgot the 5 push-ups and 3 sit-ups of the 17th round. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 16 rounds as rx'd!!

    Ready for recuperation, I will be walking with the dog over the weekend.

  22. 11 rounds and I did the last 5 rounds with real push ups. For the first time, ever!

  23. 13 or 14. I did attempt a bpu, but I fell, so all gpu's. Im glad I attemptes though!!

  24. 13 rounds + 5 extra push ups and 10 cfsu. Did gpu.

  25. 24 rounds + 5pushups had to hold my 1 year old the first 7 rounds of sit ups and squats. Dripping sweat though!

  26. 18 rounds. 5 push-ups and 6 sit-ups into 19th round. Boy push-ups.
    And squats past 90 degrees

  27. 14 rounds
    All boy push ups. Should have gone faster ๐Ÿ™

  28. 12~ First 4 were all BPU. All the rest was first one or two were BPU then the rest G. Really struggled with the sit ups.

  29. 18 with p/u, squats and 8 sit ups. Did all girl with 10 push ups in each round. 3 mi run before

  30. When I perform squats, whether it's air squats or weighted squats I always go past 90 degrees. Is this true for everyone else??

  31. 17 rounds + 15 push ups (to make it an even 100 push ups)
    Switched btwn cfsu & leg lifts every other round
    Speed skaters for squats in first 10 rounds, then squats for last 7 rounds

  32. 11 rounds. Y'all are speedy!! I didn't get this in on Friday so I did it Saturday.

  33. 23 rounds, 5 pushusps & 5 cfsu into the 24th.ran out of time fri so did this sat!

  34. 20 rounds with boy pushups and 5 seconds to spare, did 1 round every minute consistently.

  35. 19, I liked the short bursts of push ups! I feel stronger after last week!

  36. 19, I liked the short bursts of push ups! I feel stronger after last week!

  37. Got a new interval timer and was trying it out, and it malfunctioned a little, so not sure of exact number of rounds. I only got through 10 rounds and wondered why I was so slow . . . then I realized I did 30 sit ups (half with feet under chair) each round instead of 10 haha. phew abs are killing me though! Did knee push ups, but was feeling these were too easy when only doing 5 at a time. Not strong enough for full proper ones yet, but getting there ๐Ÿ™‚ Did this workout Sat – also went for nice family walk and did interval strength training to work on my upper body!

  38. I am a working mom so I do my workouts at 8pm. I'm so hungry after I workout. I try to just drink a tall glass of veggie juice and sometimes a bowl of cereal. Any suggestions on this?

    1. Have a Vi-shape shake! Only 90 calories, will fill you up and cool you down, less than 1 gram of sugar=no turning all that hard work into fat, and you will be giving your muscles the protein and amino acid they need for recovery and to build lean muscle, which burns fat! Win-win!

  39. 11 rounds in 11 minutes!!

    Haven't worked out in a few weeks, we just moved. Glad to be back!!

  40. 12 rounds as rx'd although in a few if the rounds of sit-ups did more than 10 got lost in my counts but its okay I could stand to do more abs lol. Feel great all boy push ups!!

  41. Only 8 rounds–1/2 boy push ups each round–but it's my first day! You guys are inspiring!

  42. 16 rounds
    mostly gpu
    alternating knees to chest and cfsu

  43. I did a 3 mile run before hand which was a dumb idea! Oops! Tired legs ๐Ÿ™‚

    7 rounds in 13 minutes

    15 cf sit ups
    5 bpu
    15 squats

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