Tuesday 04.23.13

4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.


  1. 19:00. Had to take a few mins between runs and stretch my cramping arches and calves.

  2. Didn't do this workout cuz it was not posted in time for me.
    Made up my own……
    4 rounds of:
    400 meter run
    25 cross fit sit ups
    20 18" box jumps
    20 push ups

  3. I hit the gym at 4:45am so workout wasn't up for me in time today. I did a repeat of the hardest one for me that we've done.
    5 rounds of:
    Run 400m
    30 box jumps
    30 wall balls

    I love that one. 🙂 Kills me!

  4. Whoops, my husband was logged in–not me. The 17:35 above is mine 🙂

  5. 14:35 as RX'ed; did pliee squats the third round. My goal was under 15 minutes! Please say there's no running tomorrow?! 🙂

  6. Wod was too late for me this morning do I grabbed one off Pinterest
    6 rounds of:
    5 burpees
    10 push-ups
    15 cf sit-ups
    20 squats

  7. 13:05 rx'd. Really pleased with time, although thought I was gonna be sick half through, but recovered and pushed through

  8. 15:20 using treadmill and normal squats. Ran 1:55 400s the other day so I kept the treadmill at 8 min mile pace for 2 min. 1 mile run after.

  9. This workout wasn't up when I got up this morning, so I did Friday's (4-19-13) WOD-12:28

  10. Didn't do this one, but the following:

    Run 400 meters
    25 burpees
    20 pullups – 5 attempted, 15 reverse
    15 squats
    10 kettlebell swing w/25 lbs
    1 10-minute attempted wall walkup
    5 beginner handstand pushups
    Run 400 meters
    25 burpees
    20 pullups – 6 attempted, 14 reverse
    15 squats
    10 kettlebells swings w/25 lbs
    5 beginner handstand pushups
    Run 400 meters

    36:45 – HARD workout! 🙂

  11. 19:06. Interrupted half way through with hungry baby, so I had a 45 minute break before finishing up the workout.

  12. 15:52 As RX'd! Ran in major wind, so I am pleased with my time! I beat the rain too! I'm sure it was my speed! Ha!

  13. 16:03 as rxd with a few pauses to quiet an anxious puppy partner

  14. 19:53

    "ran" on eliptical – squats were tough – I am getting down lower now than when I started (legs are lower than 90 degrees)

  15. 13:03 but did another workout as this one was too late or me. 30 squats with 16#, 30 push ups, 30 crossfit sit-ups. Three rounds.

  16. This wod was posted too late for my AM workout so I did a double today!
    AM was "Aubrey" (from March) in 7:15
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Push-ups (boy)
    Bench dips
    Crossfit sit-ups

    Then PM was this wod as rx'd in 17:51. I should sleep well tonight!

  17. 24:00 as rx'd.
    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to keep motivated through these? I am sure that I could be faster but these squats were killing me! Maybe I am just afraid of the pain…

  18. Erica how i keep myself motivated is to break it up into small parts. Example if its 50 squats ill try to do them in 2 sets of 25 with a few secnd break pushing through the burn as much to my goal of 25 before a break. I chant through my runs im strong i can do it &try to zone out or sing to music to get my mind off of it. I also do a count down rather than counting up to the #. Hope that helps! You are in competition with yourself & how fast you can go so dont let other peoples times bother you. If you gave it your all, as fast as you can do then no regrets!

  19. My sister pinned this website last weekend and I was instantly hooked! Did my first workout yesterday but forgot to time. Competed against hubby tonight with a time of 15:11.

  20. 13:41 as rx'd
    Plus 231 crunches and 341 push ups. This 32 year old beat six 20 year old men doing push ups! They stopped at around 60, mama did 110 in a row!! Only possible because of doing the WODs you post, thank you!!!

    1. I second that! Whuuut?! 341?! 110 without stopping?! That's impressive to say the least…

  21. 15:47 4th round did over 400 meters to make it a complete 1 mile run in total.

  22. 20:15 used 16 pounds for squats, a treadmill to run on, and had to walk a ways between the treadmill and the weights during the workout. Don't know how much time that adds, but I suppose it's also rest time.

  23. 17:38 as rx'd
    This wod wasn't posted when I worked out yesterday, so I did it after today's wod.

  24. 10, 11, 13 minutes? Are you studs for real?

    20:23 for me. And I was running at 7:30 pace!

    I'm back to working out in the a.m. and I feel much stronger and have more energy for the work out.

    Did the WOD barefoot.
    I took a 10 sec break on two of the sprints.
    I did the squats faster than ever–I really tried to do a speed round like you see some doing on youtube but I had to break up the 50 each time into 2 segments/3 segments/4 segments/4 segments. But they were fast segments!

  25. 14:30 as rx'd
    Ran outside for first time this season-wind! & slight hills! but awesome to b out again! Yay for the change of season in the Midwest!

  26. 14:18.
    Couldn't do the last round though. Caught a cold and am having a hard enough time breathing as it is, just couldn't make it.

  27. 15:30, but doing jump rope instead of running.

  28. 16:00 ran on elliptical. Saving my running legs for my 10 miler this weekend!

  29. Late entry (and I forgot my actual time :-(…I'm thinking 12ish min

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