Monday 04.01.13

Rest Day


Hero WOD

For time:
50 Walking lunge steps
25 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
50 Box jumps, 18 inch box
25 Double-unders or 100 jump rope (check out this video of Triple-unders!)
50 Back extensions (Supermans)
25 Bench dips
50 Knees to elbows
25 Wall Balls, 10 pound ball
50 Butterfly sit-ups

I know this is my first time posting double-unders, to be honest, I don’t even know if I can do them because I have never really tried. But I think it is time for some of us to start trying. If you are new and are still mastering jumping rope, you can stick to the single jump roping. Here is a video of double-unders for the rest of you:

They make it look so easy. It is not. Good luck (saying mostly to myself)!!
This WOD is in honor of U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Cameron, 24, of
Portland, Oregon, in training at the Aviation Training Center in Mobile,
Alabama, died on February 28, 2012, when his unit’s helicopter crashed
into Mobile Bay in the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission.


  1. Too much Easter and birthday food…
    Thruster sub
    Finished everything (with help and breaks)

  2. 19:21
    Attempted pull ups
    18" step up/down for box jumps
    100 jump rope
    Kte started off up to chest, faded a bit, then ended back up to chest
    Thrusters sub for wall ball

  3. 15:17
    50 mountain climbers for pull-ups (no bar)
    K2E on floor;
    8# thrusters for wall ball

  4. 12:02 skipped back extensions completely (couldn't figure out a way to modify for pregnancy–any ideas? anyone?), modified cfsu, k2e, and pull ups, subbed stairs for jumpropes (double unders look crazy hard but fun!)

  5. 18:46
    Modified pull-ups on bar
    Jump ropes
    K2e on floor
    Tough but great workout!

  6. 25:25
    Chair assisted pull-ups
    14" box
    100 jump ropes
    K2e on bar….these really slowed me down because I had to take breaks but wanted to finish all on the bar although knee really only going to upper waist height.
    10# Thrusters for wb
    All else as rx'd really worked on form for walking lunges

  7. 20:15

    First workout back after having baby #4. I have a lot of work to do to get back to where I was!!

  8. 19:30
    Assisted pull-ups with band
    Tried double unders
    Shorter box jumps
    K2e on bar…made it knees to ribs

  9. 17:36
    jumping pull-ups
    17 inch chair for box jumps
    tried double unders
    k2e on bar… knees to chest
    25# ball for wall ball

    2 mile run

  10. 16:45
    assisted pull ups
    100 regular jump rope
    k2e on floor
    subbed thrusters for wb

  11. Ran 4 miles


    Unassisted pull ups
    Double unders
    KTE on bar (slowed me down)
    14lb WB

    Great Monday workout!

  12. Just under 20 min
    few modifications as this is my first week!
    – push ups instead of pull ups (could not figure out how to jimmy up a chair version that worked)
    – did k2e as a type of bicycle crunch on floor, as wasn't sure what that was
    – regular jump rope-
    few! abs still sore from "nasty girls" lol

  13. 16:44
    I'm not sure if my ktes would actually be considered ktes. But I did them. All on the bar. Thery get me every time

  14. 14:26
    Modified pull-ups
    14 inch box jumps
    100 jump ropes
    K2e on floor

  15. 20:41 bottom step, 100 jumps, 40 k2e in floor (10 grandma style)
    Happy Monday (that's an April Fool's joke there!)

  16. 19:15

    This is my first WOD ever so I had to do some modifications

    did mountain climbers instead of pullups
    stepped on instead of jumping
    100 jump rope
    had to do tricep exercises since i felt like i wasn't doing bench dip correctly will need to look at that
    tried knees to elbow on the floor
    did thrusters
    had a hard time with the sit ups

    my legs will need that easy run tonight!

  17. 13:59 Tried 5 times to do double-unders, then switched to jump rope. Subbed bench dips for pull ups and k2e on floor. I have got to get a bar!

  18. 17:42. Finally got a bar. Kte are tough. Only did 10 and got knees to waist. Rest on floor. Jump up pull ups. Thrusters. Felt slow.

  19. 23:30. Push-ups instead of pull ups. Step ups instead of jumps. Did 100 standing oblique crunches instead of k2e. Used 8 lb dumbells instead of ball.

  20. 24:18. Many muscles shaking right now.

    Pull ups off treadmill arm
    13" box
    Tried dbl-unders the whole time jumping rope and missed every one.
    K2E from rings for the first time. Yowch! Did 10 K2Armpit and the rest could only do the "beginner mod" which is basically just a knee lift from hanging position. (Hands did not love this exercise any more than my abs did.)
    Subbed thrusters for wall ball shots.

  21. 18:02
    Thrusters instead of wall ball
    Tried the double unders but only did one successfully
    K to E were tough…. Knees to armpits evolved to knees to stomach

  22. 19:02-
    Pull-ups on the treadmill, step-ups, regular jump rope, and knees to elbows on the floor

  23. 15:15 as rx'd, tried the DUs but just couldn't get one, so switched to the 50 reg jr

  24. 13:06 with many modifications (15 weeks pregnant)
    Assisted pull ups
    Step ups for box jumps
    100 jump rope
    No back extensions
    2 minutes of planks sub for sit ups

  25. 16:00 pull ups on treadmill handle, 100 jump ropes, k2e on floor, 2 10# dumbbells for thrusters

  26. 27:55 – Do I still have arms? lol

    5 pullups on bar then 25 reverse pullups

    11" box jumps

    1 double under attempt, then 100 jump rope


    4# wall ball

    Sit-ups killed me after K2Es!!

    Great start to the week!!!! 🙂

  27. 19:12
    Double unders, took longer, but I did them.
    Jump pull ups
    Knees to shoulders, getting there!
    12.5# ball to 9 ft target.

  28. 16:03

    100 jump rope instead of double unders

    15lb dumbbell thruster instead of wall balls

  29. 22:58. Assisted pull ups. K2E on the floor. Rest as rx'd.

  30. day two for me!

    k2e – half on the floor
    thrusters for wall ball with 2 8#'s

  31. Did "nasty girls" today. Can't wait to tackle this WOD tomorrow! (Hoping I will feel better then too)

  32. 26:42

    Lots of subs and breaks to many to note….but I did everything. I ate way to much chocolate yesterday…feel yuc…plus I did something to my back and my SI is killing me….I'm afraid I will be modifying all week….

  33. 18:57
    Reverse pull ups (jenn was on the pull up bar)
    step ups instead of jumps (ankle is still not right)
    100 jump ropes
    wall balls 11# at 9 ft target
    k2e still r sucky ..

  34. 19:16

    Assisted pull ups, knees to waist, step toe taps instead of box jumps (recovering stress fracture).

    Great workout!

  35. No time. Grrrr!!!
    Just April Fools-ed myself invite worst way. You know when you are doing a really hard WOD, like a hero WOD, and you are pushing yourself hard to not take breaks so you can get a good time? And then you go to stop your timer when it is over and you are panting and then you see that it isn't going? THE WORST!!!!!
    As RXed but jump-up pull-ups and KTE were KYBs.
    I did double-unders! I couldn't do them continuously but I did all 25 of them!

  36. 1st day of my 4th 2013 Goal: Start working out!

    12.03, but only 1/5 of the WOD (per doctors orders). He said I can progress by 1/5 if I feel up to it; I'm hoping to be up to 100% of the WOD by the next 90-day challenge!!

    You gals are an inspiration! Hoping my body's ready for this, mentally I've wanted this for months!

  37. 19:56
    Push up for pull ups
    Step up/downs
    Run in place for jump rope
    Skipped back extensions – not sure what they are and no time to look it up
    50 bench dips
    K2e on floor
    Squats for wall balls
    Not at home and I have no equipment. Thought I would be home today so I didn't bring anything with me!

  38. Took a long time, 29:41
    jump up / lower downs from chair
    alternated box jumps step down with step up/down every 10
    jump roping is really hard for me!
    kte on floor
    8 lb ball
    20 cfsu then crunches

  39. 18:03

    *assisted pull-ups
    *box jumps onto a kitchen chair!
    *modified K2E (hanging, bring knees to 90 degrees)
    *wall balls more like thrusters

    **many many interruptions and pausing the timer, tried to do it while taking three little kiddos to the park!

  40. 14:20…lots of mods
    assisted pull-ups, 12" box jumps, k2e on floor, 10lb thrusters

  41. 14:37

    Push-ups instead of pull-ups
    100 jump ropes
    Modify kne

    This was awesome!

  42. 18:55-those double unders killed me and took me forever, but I did all twenty and I have whip marks to prove it! Great wod!!!

  43. 15:41

    pull ups on treadmill
    jump on bottom step
    K2E on floor
    thrusters with 10# med ball

    I have been here for a couple of weeks and have a question. How do you all know when you are doing the movements correctly? I don't think my lunges or power cleans are correct, does it come with repetition?

    1. Erica- if you go to the full site and scroll down the right side bar, you will see links for video demos of every exercise we do so you can use proper form.

  44. 16:41
    Assisted pull ups
    K2e on floor
    8# wall ball
    Then ran 2 miles

  45. 11.47
    Jumping pull ups
    Had to do half of the knees to elbows on ground.
    13 lbs, 6 kg thrusters for wall ball shots

  46. 19:00
    20" box
    Couldn't do a single dbl under but tried the whole time, maybe another day
    Knees to chest area
    20lb squat thruster for wall ball

  47. 25:40 as RX. It's been a few months since I've been consistent at working out and I was glad to still have pull-ups and double unders!

  48. 16:54
    12 knee raises on bar, rest k2e on floor.
    regular jump rope @ 100 reps
    Pullups assisted with chair
    Rest as rx'd, still one day behind, but I will catch up!

  49. 22:18, as RX'd except 100 JR's and 25 thrusters

    The K2E really slowed me down. It was my hands that were giving me a problem, they hurt!!! Anyone else have that problem? Any helps?

  50. Just under 20 minutes. About 19:55. Did tuck jumps instead of box and toes to bar for k2es. Did imaginary double unders because I couldn't find my rope.. ha! Rest as rx'd.

  51. 17:46
    -gpu's for pull-ups (someday I will be able to do them!!)
    -k2e on floor
    -100 jump rope (Someday, these too!!)

  52. 15:41
    -GPU's instead of pull ups
    100 jump rope
    25 K2E (Knees to waist) then 25 on floor

  53. Did it today – 15:16, assisted pu – everything else as rx'd

  54. 17:55
    chair assisted Pull-ups
    30 Box Jumps, 20 step ups
    100 JR

  55. 15 min modifications: 45# lat pull downs, 12 inch box jumps, 100 jump rope, half k2e on floor,, and thrusters for wall ball

  56. 19:50
    Chair assisted pull-ups
    100 jump rope (tried double unders, I'm not quite there… Almost!)
    8# wall ball

  57. 15:43
    assisted pull-up
    12 inch jump
    modified sit up (knees to chest on back)
    10 lb kettle balls for wall balls

  58. 9:15… I did jump ropes and I did push-ups instead of pull-ups (50 instead of 25- I know it's not the same, but what I could do today!)

  59. 20:16
    25# thrusters
    bench dips with my feet off the ground
    assisted pull ups

  60. 13:38 with lots of mods

    pull-ups: reverse pull-ups
    box jumps: step-ups (knee injury)
    k2e on floor

  61. Missed WOD on Monday so I did it today
    Modified pull ups, box jumps, and knees to elbows
    Did 100 jump rope(couldn't do double unders) and did thrusters for wall ball

  62. 17:40
    K2E on floor, chair assist pull-ups, step up-down instead of box jumps, only 15 cfsu

  63. 12:50 jump to pull up, step ups instead of box jumps, 100 regular jump rope

  64. 17:45. 100 jump ropes
    Band asst p/u
    18"box jumps&10lb wallball as rxd! Couldnt convince self to do this mon,hate box jumps more than running but pushed myself to do this sat so glad i did!

  65. 13:55
    step ups
    jump rope with no rope
    14lb wall balls

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