Wednesday 03.20.13

Hero WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
Run 200 meters
9 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
6 Bar facing burpees (demo on full site, down right side bar)

In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ricardo Barraza, 24, of Shafter, California, who died on March 18, 2006, in Ar Ramadi Iraq, when he came under small arms fire by enemy forces during combat operations.


  1. Hi, when I click on bar facing burpee link, the video is the same as the one under the burpee link ( the cute guy with the red hat) : )

  2. 7 rounds plus 200 meter run. That was tough!

    Done as RX'd except checking of the timer 3 times 😉

  3. 7rnds. (Thought my bar was set but my husbands was… Lol. Bad surprise. Took some time).

  4. 8 rounds + .25mi stationary bike. All rounds .25mi on stationary bike, 20# dl, burpees as rx

  5. 4 rounds plus 200 m run. Question on Burpees is it one on each side of bar for12 total each round or do you count each Burpee for 6 per round. I did the twelve per round.

  6. 7 rounds
    Modified burpees(on my knees)
    10 lb dumbbells
    After 7th round I ran till the 1 mile mark.

  7. 7 rounds + 300 meter run (just kept running since I saw timer running out). 75# DL. Did burpee facing bar, jumped over bar and did burpee facing other side of bar.

  8. 5 rounds in 18:55
    Took me a little longer to figure out when I had actually reaced 200 meters running around the houses in my neighborhood (sorry neighbors, lol) and I had to climb stairs before each run- so I'm happy about those results!!

  9. 7 rounds plus 200 meters and 9 dls. 40lbs for dl

  10. 7 rounds plus 200 meters, I think. Lost count
    40 lb deadlift

  11. 6 rounds with 400 meter run each round(done in gym and ran 3 full laps to make it back to starting point where bar with weights sat waiting)

  12. 7 full rounds + 200m run and 6 DL. Finished 8 rounds after buzzer, as rx'd.

  13. My goal was 8 rounds, but I made it to 7 even. First time with 60# DL's.

    Regular burpees, but did tuck jump in between 🙂

    Good workout!!

  14. Timer ran out at end of deadlifts on the 9th round, but I still finished out the burpees! 65# deadlifts. This is my first time commenting, but I've been doing these workouts for 3 1/2 months. I LOVE the variety — never bored!

  15. 5 rounds + 200 meter run finished 6th round after time.
    Really wanted to skip today after spending all day at Disney yesterday with four kids, but I decided to push through it anyway. Glad I did!!

    1. Rachel- We were at Disneyland together!! I just did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with my 4 kids. Exhausting!! You are better than I am!

  16. 8 rounds… cool down was laying flat on the floor trying to catch my breath. Great workout

  17. 7 rounds. Still using a stationary bike instead of running. I tried to make each one a few seconds longer as a figure each run would probably be a slower as I got more tired.

  18. Anyone know if it is posted anywhere on the blog running equivalents? I thought I saw them somewhere, but can't find them?

    Live in snowy, freezing MN and won't be doing any running outside!

    Thank you!

  19. MT I believe she had posted running equivalents on the facebook page

  20. I subbed angie for this wod cuz my ankle is still a bit swollen so running or out of the question for today

  21. 200 Jump rope instead of run, which actually took me longer than running 200 m…
    85# dead lift

    5 rounds + 200 jr

  22. As rx'd, 6 rounds plus 200 meters and 9 DL, finished bar facing burpees to complete 7th round after timer went off.

  23. wow – 6 rounds – ran for 2 minutes instead of 200 meters..

  24. I am VERY impressed with you guys! I only did 3 full rounds, plus 100 meters running into the 4th. I reset my timer and finished the 4th round – went over 3:43.

    Almost as RX'd – I only had 50# for deadlifts, BUT I RAN ALL OF THE RUN SEGMENTS!! Trust me…it's a big deal! 🙂

  25. 5 rounds, plus one more 200m run.
    30lb deadlifts
    I interpreted 6 bar-facing burpees as 6 burpees, not 12, so that's what I did. Hope that was right. I figured I'd err on the side of fewer burpees 😉

  26. Sitting this one out. Just did 2.5 hours of calf deep snow shoeing. Exhausted

  27. 4 rounds + 200m

    I wonder if I didn't calculate my run distance correctly…oh well, still worked!!

  28. 7 full rounds, then ran til timer went off so another 400m. Regular burpees

  29. 8 rounds my block there & back is 150 meters so thats what i did. Got through to run + 6 deadlifts 60#

  30. 6 rounds, 8 lb dumbells, stepped in and out of most of the burpees. Finished with 400m run.

  31. 6 rounds, 1st 200m run, last 5 200 jump rope rest as rx'd

  32. 7 rounds 200 meter run 50lb dead lift 6 burpees. Loved it!!

  33. Wanted to finish the 6th round so finished in 19:37.

    Ran 250 m (ease of measurement- indoor track)
    Deadlifts – 60# x 2 rounds, 40# x 4 rounds
    Regular burpees with jump

    Was definitely feeling the love/hate relationship today! 🙂

  34. oh man! i just realized i did 600 meters instead of 200 for three rounds! no wonder, i was like how are these ladies running 4 miles int 13 minutes!

  35. 8 rounds as rx'd
    Added 6 more burpees b/c had extra :20 on clock

  36. 5 rounds with one minute left. could. not. do. it.
    Slowly getting myself back after 3 months of sickness and chaos
    subbed running with jump rope dr. ordered no more running. ever.

  37. 6 rounds as rx'd plus an extra 100m run. This included running up and down the stairs each time. I ate a slice of pizza shortly before starting this one and I now know that was a terrible idea lol..

  38. 7 rounds
    Only 45 lbs on dl
    What a killer after 20 km XC skiing!
    Felt so slow!

  39. 7 on the dot subbing 1 minute jumprope for run

  40. Just realized we ran 400 m each round not 200 whoops now I feel better that our rounds were not as high as everyone elses

  41. Just realized we ran 400 m each round not 200 whoops now I feel better that our rounds were not as high as everyone elses

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