Wednesday 03.06.13

For time:
10 Pull-ups (modify as needed)
100 Push press, 20lbs
Run 1000 meters

Compare to 12.30.11



  1. 9:50
    Reverse push ups
    Could only do 50 push press at 20#, other 50 were at 10#.

  2. 12:41
    10 Assisted pull ups – jumps
    Run on treadmill

  3. Hi again! I am finally back after missing for three weeks due to moving from Chicago to Massachusetts and having the flu run through our house before that. Needless to say, this WOD was so hard after the time off! I could tell I regressed a little. I used my kitchen counter to do pull-ups, started on 30# then to 15# then no weight and just the motion for the push press, then ran around my house until I hit 10 min. (about 8 min. worth) for the 1000 meters. I'm pretty beat!

  4. 13:25, 53 push press with 15#, finished with 10#. Been sick for the last week and haven't worked out at all, sure can tell by my time!

  5. 24.69- ran 2.09 miles instead of 1000 meters. 8lb dumbbell push presses and 10 pull ups ( jump up, lower down) = 3:40 minutes…then i went and ran.

  6. 12:31
    Pull ups attempted
    20 lbs first 50pp, 10 lbs for 40pp and back to 20lbs for the last 10 reps

  7. 14:35
    Jumping pull ups
    45# pp
    Really windy today, glad it was just a short run!!
    Did the pp in sets of 25, just those took me almost 9 mins :/

  8. 9:44. 40# Push press for first 30, then 30# for last 70 reps. Run on treadmill.

  9. 11:03
    100 push press at one time= brutal
    I am impressed with those of you who did more than 20 lb!!!

  10. Raining today so I couldn't run, so I did the wods from 8/30/12 and 8/31/12 with a time of 8:46 and 8:52. Hopefully I can do this one on Saturday!

  11. 9:37 compare to 12:13

    I did 10 assisted pu
    50 push press 20lb
    1000m run
    50 push press 20lb

  12. 14:28 Did Reverse pull ups, 10# for push press and 1 mile run on treadmill

  13. 10:24 jump up/ lower down pu- when will I ever do a real one?? 25lb pp

  14. 19:14

    used 10lb KB for push press, alternated between L and R arm for total of 100 on each arm.

    Ran 1.2km bc im training for a 5k

    then did 10 burpees instead of pullups since i dont have a pull up bar yet.

    Very sweaty!

  15. 8:31 pull ups were assisted with a jump up and lower down slowly

  16. 15:20
    35# pp
    reverse pull ups
    took me 9 mins just to do the push press and pull ups..I'm super impressed with those that finished the whole thing that fast! choking on Ur dust over here! lol

  17. 10:45-assisted pu, 70 pp @8# each, ran around house for ~7 mins

  18. 11:37 incline treadmill 2 10 lb dumbbells.

  19. 14:14!!

    Reverse pullups using my treadmill. 24# push press – I stopped after 50 and jumped on my treadmill and did just a tad over 1/4 mile, then I finished the other 50 and completed my run.

    VERY happy with my treadmill/run time – 8:41 – I ran 1 minute/walked 1 minute until I finished! Doing it this way, I knocked off 28 seconds of my treadmill time! YAY, me!!!! 🙂

  20. 9:18 did 40 lat pull downs at 50lbs.. i don't have a pull up bar! Finished with a 40 minute inclined walk! My legs are screaming from Monday and Tuesday's workouts!! I think a hot bath is calling my name!

  21. Chris:
    50 CFSU
    50 back extensions
    Instead of PP.
    Strict pull-ups.
    Nursing shoulder strains.

  22. 16:46
    Help with chair on pull ups
    Push press as RX'd
    Run portion on treadmill (as RX'd 9:46 for this portion)

    3k run earlier today

    Thanks for another great workout!

  23. 16:46
    Help with chair on pull ups
    Push press as RX'd
    Run portion on treadmill (as RX'd 9:46 for this portion)

    3k run earlier today

    Thanks for another great workout!

  24. 11:00- Used treadmill for Reverse Pull-Ups. Only did 50 Push Presses with 20 lbs.

  25. 11:49
    modified (reverse?) pull ups
    push press – 50 12#db/ 50 8# db

  26. 11:01 with 30lbs, and jump up lower down pull ups. Push presses are my nemesis so I am delighted! Also, the run included running up and down the stairs to stop my time 🙂

  27. First WOD ever
    3 months postpartum
    Chair assisted PU
    10# instead of 20

    Having trouble with comments; sorry if this posts more than once

  28. 9:09
    subbed jump rope for run. still too cold and dark to run outside.

  29. 15:33

    Did machine assisted pull ups at 120 lbs (subtract from your weight and that's how much you're actually lifting). Did 20 push press at 20#, 20 more at 10#, and the rest at 8#. I'm still suffering soreness from the last 3 WOD!

  30. 13:30
    Attempted reverse pull ups on my stationary bike, but I gave up after the 3rd when the bike nearly fell on top of me. Forgot that I usually plant a kiddo on the bike for pull ups. :- Sub w/ 10 full push ups.

  31. Around 11, step assisted one arm pu, 10# pp one armed

  32. 11:20. Did better than I thought I would considering I hate running with a passion! modified pullups-jumping lower down & 20# pp

  33. 8.50
    Jump up, slowly down pull ups
    Only 8,8 lbs, 4 kg on pushes
    Running on icy road, really need studded runningnshoes!

    All this after a 30 freestyle XC skiing 🙂

  34. first crossfit mom workout; assisted pull-ups (stool underneath); 12# push press; ran to Brookstone stop sign and back

  35. Forgot to post yesterday.
    11:21 It was not easy to run immediately after all those push presses.

  36. 12:11.
    Tricep dips instead of pull-ups. 10lb for push press. I'm day behind because of a 2 year old with the flu.

  37. 11:52
    Not one decent pull- up. Hope upper body strength improves

  38. 17:24
    Machine assisted Pull ups
    20# Push press
    1000 meters…run/walk

  39. 9:36
    Modified Reverse pull ups
    10# pp
    1000 meters…than ran another 3.2 miles

  40. Pat – #45 – all pull ups
    Maria – #25 – 3 unassisted pull ups rest lower downs


  41. 10:54. never would have thought I could do 100pp. esp after how I felt at 50. but I did it! wasn't too bad, actually…

    pull ups off arm of treadmill.

  42. 9:45 assisted pull-ups with pull-up machine ran 1000 m on treadmill

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