Wednesday 02.20.13

Hero WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes of:
Run 800 meters
80 Squats
8 Pull-ups (jump up, slow down or reverse pull-ups)

This WOD is called a Hero WOD because it is done in honor of a fallen soldier. This WOD was created in honor of U.S. Army Captain John D. Hortman, 30, of Inman, South Carolina, who died on August 8, 2011, in Fort Benning, Georgia, in a helicopter accident during a military training exercise. When you feel like you can’t go on and are only 10 minutes into this, think of the soldiers and what they push themselves through every day for us and keep going!


  1. 5 rounds plus 800 m run and 10 squats. My quads are screaming at me for the extra leg workout after WOD yesterday. Those squats were tough today!

  2. It's pouring rain and blowing a gale, these are the days I wish I had a treadmill!! Oh well, I will pick something from my wod hopper and do this another day!
    Good luck ladies!

  3. Altogether- 2.54 miles, 400 squats and 40 pull ups (jump up, slow lower) on a tree:) lol yes, I was running outside and found the perfect tree:)

  4. 5 rounds- I knew I was forgetting something! 🙂 that workout wore me out! 🙂

  5. Did a long run yesterday, so broke it up into 400m row, 40 squats, 4 pull up then .25mi run, 40 squats then 4 pull up = 1 round. Total 5 and 1/2 rounds. Good one

  6. 5 rounds. As a helicopter pilots wife, especially to a deployed sailor, may God bless all of our military and bring them home safe!

  7. 7 rounds, YIKES that was hard! 3.5 miles, 560 squats and I had to substitue push ups for pull ups – the pull up machine was 1/2 way accross the gym, finished about 10 seconds over 45min. GREAT KILLER workout!

  8. Only had 20 minutes this morning, but went 5 seconds over to complete 3 rounds. Awesome job to all those completing 45 minutes – I'm dripping after just 20.

  9. 6 rounds as Rxed except each run was 820m and had extra time at the end for another 400! Great workout! Love the burn!!!

  10. 6 rounds + 400 meters
    I had to talk myself into finishing! So glad I did 🙂

  11. Raining today. Subbed this day from 2012. 23:04. Will do this on Saturday. A big Thank You to those that serve in the military.

  12. 5 rounds + 200m
    subbed 50# standing lat pull downs for pull ups.

  13. went 15 seconds over to complete 4 rounds plus 800 meter run. i did change it though:
    800 meter run
    80 core exercises (crunch, reverse crunch, plank, etc)
    40 squats
    8 tricep dips

    i feel like I need more core exercises.

  14. 6 rounds, push ups for pull ups. Had a hard time because kids needed my attention. :). They don't want me to be fit, apparently. Thank you for the workout!

  15. The rain stopped and the wind died out a lot! Woot!!

    6 rounds plus an extra 35 seconds to finish the 7th run…

    Subbed push ups for pulls ups since there was no where to do a pull up in the middle of the road…lol

    Loved this wod!!

  16. 4 Rounds. I'm an Army brat. Thought about my family full of Vets through the workout- especially those last squats- ouch!

  17. 4 rounds plus 800 meters.
    Running after squats was brutal!

  18. 6 rounds subbed push ups for pull ups. This was a fun workout!

  19. 4 rounds minus 40 squats. Had to split them up the last round because they were killing me. Tricep dips instead of pull-ups. Whew, that one was rough.

  20. 5 full rounds, 1:10 to finish 6th round. Thought about the things I can do because of the brave men who protect our country.

    Subbed pull-up/slow downs for pushups. My bar is upstairs and my treadmill is in the basement.

    AWESOME workout! I have found myself getting complacent with the shorter workouts. This longer one is just what I needed today to rededicate myself to eating better!

  21. 5 rounds plus 800 m.
    went 15 seconds over to finish the 800 m
    pushups instead of pull ups..
    pushups in the road are a bit embarrassing! lol

  22. 7 rounds
    As RXed.
    Super strict with my squats after watching Monday's video. Surprisingly, the squats were easy with no burn! Love progression.
    Felt slow on the runs but it was 45 minutes with 560 squats so I will let it pass.
    Jump pull-ups.

  23. Unfortunately, I did not have 45 minutes for working out today, so I did Monday's workout that I missed. I'll do this one tomorrow or Saturday.


  24. 4 rounds plus 800 meters on incline treadmill

  25. 5rds. I think my loop was longer than 800 … Maybe 1000.

    Subbed pushups for pull ups because there was no where at the park to do pull ups. Great workout!

  26. 5 round in 39:00. Had yo stop to get ready for work

  27. 8 rounds + 800m run
    kipping pull ups

    squats kicked my butt. I really wanted to finish the 9th round in 45 minutes, however, my squats slowed me down the last few rounds.

    You've gotta love dripping in sweat!

  28. 5 round in 39:00. Had yo stop to get ready for work

  29. a note for myseld I think my 12 laps around the gym might be more than 800m But More is better than less, right! 🙂

  30. 5 rounds plus 800m. Squats are killer at the end!

  31. My heart wasn't in it today, so this workout would not have been accomplished. Subbed in WOD from 2-12-13 bc I skipped that one last week.

  32. 4 rounds plus an extra 800m and 8 reverse pull ups..loved this!

  33. 5 rounds. Love/hate relationship with this one 😀

  34. 4 rounds plus a little more running. Loved it!

    Anything Military-related has a special place in my heart. Especially right now. My boyfriend leaves for basic training on Sunday and I'm so proud of him, but get teary anytime it gets brought up! Thanks for the great workout 🙂

  35. 4 Rounds in 40 MInutes…
    Used Bands on ALL Pull Ups but tried to take the Squats deep..

  36. 6 rounds..
    Only did 40 squats each time…legs were really sore when I started and even worse now
    Wanted to stop at 15 mins but made myself keep going and glad I did!

  37. 4 full rounds + 800 meters and 30 squats, finished after time to complete 5 full rounds

  38. 5 rds + 800m run

    blessedly married to a military man-God bless our soldiers and their families!!

  39. 6 rounds. My quads are already sore. I had to sub stationary bike for the run. Did in between 4 mins and 4:30 each time on the bike. This was a good one.

  40. 7 rounds (i think), with up right rows instead of pu, plus another 400+ run

  41. 6 sets yesterday! Feeling healthier and stronger each day!

  42. I wasn't able to get this in yesterday, planning on doing this on Saturday with only 1 rest day this week.
    I subbed 5 rounds
    30s' hand stand against wall, heel touch only
    60s' squat and hold
    I really loved this one.

  43. 6 Rounds! This is really getting me moving and changing the way I look at working out! I was always just 'a runner,' but now its great to have a little more!

  44. The six rounds I did took 49 minutes, executed back to back after friday's WOD, 2 min rest in between.
    Free Style XC skiing 1400 m,
    Squats and jumpin pull ups, slowly down done with skis on, had to take the poles off for pull ups.
    This was a blast! And people Staring and wondering what the hell I was doing was just making me workout out harder.

  45. Missed this workout on we'd, so subbing on Friday. 6 rounds, subbed boy pushups for pullups

  46. 6 rounds but did elliptical instead of running and did push ups because pull-up machine was on the other side of the gym and didn't want to lose my machine

  47. 3 rounds. I have to move WODs around to fit my schedule so doing this on Sunday.
    First week of WODs and I'm slow, but loving it! I'm determined to get more rounds next time!

  48. 4 rounds + 800m with only 15 seconds to spare.

    Pull ups on arm of treadmill.

    Would never ever have pushed myself to do so many squats, so thank you for that! Scary how many strides it took for my legs to switch back over into "running mode" after the squats.

  49. Almost 4 rounds!
    3 plus the running, pull-ups and 31 squats of the 4th round. I had two-ish minutes left when I finished the 4th run, so I figured I'd do the pull-ups and then just squat until time ran out.
    I finished the rest of the 80 squats after time.

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