Friday 02.08.13


20 Leg lifts
30 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
20 Knees to elbows
30 Box jumps, 18 inch box
20 Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 20 lbs
30 Burpees
20 Push press, 20 lbs
40 Walking lunges (40 total steps)

Compare to 12.22.11

 Hiit Mama Jodie
My friend Jodie has been with us for a long time and since I forgot to post her birthday WOD in December I thought I would throw it in now. Jodie has 3 kids and is in pharmacy school. Catch her if you can, Jodie is super fast!


no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcoholNEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: reduce sugar intake
 (this will be my greatest challenge yet!)

Dangers of Sugar

Sugar is the number 1 reason why you aren’t loosing weight.

Dangerous Sugar

Sugar is harmful to our bodies. It can can rot your teeth, increase your risk of getting diabetes, and make you gain weight. You might be shocked when I tell you how many other bad effects sugar has on your system over time.

How Sugar Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Plans:

Sugar is habit forming and addicting. It has absolutely no nutritional value. Eating a lot of sugar is the same as taking a daily fat pill. Once we start eating sugar, it’s so hard to stop. The more of it we eat, the more we crave. Sugar will give you a short-term spike in energy, but then you will have an energy crash. Sugar actually robs us of energy, and that creates a vicious cycle where we exercise less, become even more sedentary, and gain even more weight. You cannot continue to take in excess amounts of sugar and expect to build the body that you desire. Limit both sugar intake and saturated fat in your diet, and you will see astonishing changes in your body. You will not believe the difference.

How to Cope With Sugar Cravings:

If you learn strategies of how to deal with sugar cravings, you will go a long way to reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Don’t beat yourself up if you give in to the craving. You’re human. Beating yourself up over the occasional slip up is only going to demotivate you and discourage you.

How Sugar Can Destroy your Body and Your Health:

  1. Increased blood sugar levels which can cause hypoglycemia.
  2. Speeds up the aging process = more wrinkles sooner and aged skin
  3. Increases your risk of getting cancer.
  4. Causes heart problems.
  5. Contributes to diabetes.
  6. Can lead to osteoporosis.
  7. Hurts your eyesight.
  8. Can cause arthritis.

No Sugar Diet – Benefits of Cutting Sugar from Your Diet:

Try to adopt a a no sugar diet most days of the week and you will see quick weight loss results.  If you avoid the dangers of sugar, and limit your sugar intake, you’ll look better, feel better, and perform better.  If you can discipline yourself to cut back on sugar, your chances of you getting serious results from your weight loss eating plan skyrocket and the pounds will melt off your body.  Start by substituting snacks for ones that contain little or no sugar. Over time, it will get easier and easier to substitute good foods for the bad foods. You will train yourself to avoid the dangers of sugar. You don’t have to deprive yourself from ever having a donut or ice cream again. Instead, cut back, have smaller portions of ice cream, eat donuts less often and maybe only have a half.  The more you cut back on sugar, the more results you will see with your diet plan and your fitness goals.

Mamas, I want you to start to be aware of how much sugar you are consuming every day. I challenge you to cut out sugar 6 days a week. Let’s hold ourselves accountable and start our sugar detox and accelerate our progress on this fitness journey. Remember, your body will burn off all the sugar you are consuming before it will even touch the fat you are storing. Make that decision easy! No sugar….go straight to the fat! BURN! BURN!! 


  1. 8.25
    Thrusters 6 kg instead of wall ball shots
    Sumo high pull 16 kg
    Puh press 2*6 kg
    Walking Lunges 6 kg

  2. 8:08. Subbed thrusters. Rest as RX'd. Happy Friday all!

  3. Much slower than you ladies. 11:03. thrusters/no wallballs. 15 lb kettlebell for all weighted exercises. K2E on floor.

  4. 8:42– 10 lb wall ball. KTE on floor. 8 lb dumbells for the rest

  5. 13:10, pretty slow had to run aroung gym to get different equipment. Step ups for box jumps used dumbbells rest rx'd

  6. 11:08
    thrusters for wall ball
    k2e on floor
    11" jumpbox and running step up
    sumo 10 #
    burpees proabaly not done properly but did best i could manage
    push press 10#
    leg lifts and lunges as rx'd

  7. 11:27

    K2E on the floor
    Step ups

    ohhh burpeees. you kill me
    hehe great workout 🙂

  8. 11:34

    Scaled thrusters for wall balls, kte on floor, and 10# pp.

  9. 10:20… Subbed thrusters knees to elbows on floor… Thanks great workout!!!

  10. 10:57 with knees to shoulders only, and 30lbs for high pull and push press. Yay Friday!!

  11. 8:32
    Sub 30 jacks for burpees (not feeling the greatest today!!)
    Step ups for 20 / 10 box jumps

  12. 9:32

    20# th for wb
    k2e on floor
    12" bj
    burpees stink!

    rest as rx'd

    4 weeks complete of these workouts and i am forever in your debt..I have a long way to go but am making progress every day! THANK YOU CROSSFIT MAMAS!!

    this is the weekly challenge ive been dreading (need the most!).. heres to less sugar!….

  13. 10:10 with thrusters and K2E on floor, and 8 lb dumbells (16 lbs) for all. Just missed my goal of under 10 minutes, thanks to those cursed burpees!

  14. 10:45
    Thrusters instead of wall balls
    Knees to elbows on the floor
    Step ups instead of box jumps

  15. 2 mile run then
    k2e on the bar
    35# sdhp & pp
    11" box jump
    full chest to floor burpees

  16. 14:12 first work out in a week due to a crazy work schedule. Plus the 500 jumping jacks last Friday left be barely able to walk for four days!

    Box jumps on the stairs and subbed thrusters for the wall ball. Still sweated my butt off!

  17. 9:05
    K2e on floor
    Knee tucks sub for box jumps
    25# for weighted exercises
    12# wb

  18. 11:52

    15# medicine ball thrusters
    K2E on the floor
    20" box step ups
    no knee touches on walking lunges

    I haven't done a burpee in about 18 months so my form wasn't good, and I still hate them with a passion.

  19. Ran 5 miles then…


    14lb WB
    35lb SDHP
    35lb PP

    Have a great weekend!

  20. 11:05. 12 in box jump. Kte on floor. Thrusters.

  21. 11:34 thrusters sub for wall ball, step ups for box jumps.

  22. 9:34
    15 lb wall ball
    kte on bar
    45 # sdlhp
    first 2 push press with 45 lbs, but had to drop to 20 lbs. for the rest
    rest as rx'd

  23. 13:58
    50# sdhp and pp
    K2E on bar
    Full burpees
    18# box
    Fell last week on a box jump and ripped up my shin, had a hard time convincing my brain to jump this week…lol

    1. Oh, ran 4 miles first…

      Happy weekend all!! For those of you in the Northeast, enjoy the snow this weekend!!

  24. 10:20 subbed 10lb push presses for wall balls (I did kind of throw my bar a little, but I"m sure I didn't use as much force as I would to get a ball to 10 ft.)K2E's on the floor, and the rest as rx'd.

  25. 10min. had to do burpee's in groups of 5's. oh my… #sweating!

  26. 9:19! Feeling pretty good about that 🙂 Not so happy about my K2E, they were pretty pathetic looking, but that gives me a good goal to work toward!

    Thrusters for wall balls
    About 10 lbs for the push presses

  27. 11:38 so humbling to see all your times but I will be there one day!
    20 lb thrusters for wall balls
    Floor kte
    10 in jumps
    2/3 Burrpees were planks

  28. 10.47
    30 Pound bar for DL and PP
    Had to do 5 rep intervals for knees to elbows but I'm doing them better 🙂

  29. Second time here – back for more after yesterday! Didn't realize this was for time (are they all for time?).

    Subbed thrusters with 15lb dumbbells
    Threw in another five elbows to knees because those are HARD
    Used 25lb dumbbells for sumo dead high pull and the push presses

    Thank you!

  30. First Crossfit Mamas work out!
    Sub'd medicine ball knee-elbow crunches for knee-elbow (dont have a bar yet) Thnks!

  31. 9:56. Knees to elbows on the floor. 10lb for Sumo-deadlift high-pull. Girl push-ups in the Burpees.

  32. 13:26 – K2E on bench, 15lb kb on Sumos, first time doing Burpees took awhile to get motion down. Great work out!

  33. 9:25
    All 15#
    K2E floor
    Thrusters subbed for wall ball
    18 inch step up and down

  34. This is my FIRST crossfit workout EVER!! I don't think that I have worked up a good sweat like this in 9min34sec, EVER!!
    Definitely looking forward to more!

  35. subbed plank k2e, all else as RX'd
    10:07. Worked out later in the day and I felt more sluggish. 🙁

  36. 12:03

    Full back extensions on roman chair
    5 kg wall ball
    26 lb sdlhp
    45 lb bar push press

  37. 11:40 (with bathroom stop, I usually forget to note that)
    10# thrusters for wall balls; KTE on floor; jumps on 1st step, almost all jumps today!; 10# sumos; 20 burpees (slow & weak!); rest as rxed

  38. 11:25 k2e on the floor, held on for a few box jumps but I'm getting better. 🙂 30lbs on Sumo's and push press! Good workout!!!!

  39. 12:40
    30 lb sumo dead lift
    Push up for push press
    100 jumping jacks for box jumps
    Knee to elbow on the floor

  40. I've been half assed doing these WOD for two weeks, but I need to get myself in gear and be accountable! 11:12 subbed thrusters for wall balls, K2E on floor, 15lb kb for sumo dead lifts rest as rx'd. Slower than most but better than not at all! Ps burpees, especially 30 of them, just suck! Ha

  41. 8:00 subbed thrusters and KTE on floor. Everything else as rx'd. Followed by 2.3 mi run. Happy Friday!

  42. 20 min…55lb sumo squats…11lb wall ball shots…55lb push press…did everything else as it was written in the workout

  43. Question regarding reduced sugars next week…
    Are you saying only food items with added sugars? Are you suggesting we cut back on fruits and veggies as well that have higher amounts of sugar? Or just processed foods with added sugars?
    Thanks for the clarification.

  44. 14:30, but I'll add another min for the 2 water breaks I took. Thrusters for WBs & KTE on the floor.

  45. 11:05 felt slow today!!! Have a great weekend! Though I'm not doing the 90 day challenge, I'm still going to try to cut out sugars with the rest of you! This is my weakness! The other challenges aren't a problem for me, this one is! 🙂

  46. 9:39

    Thrusters instead of wall ball.
    K2E on floor.
    Everything else as rx'd.

    I'm limiting sugar to 30g a day. It was a struggle at first, but now it's getting better after a week!

  47. 11:40
    Thrusters instead of wall shots
    Step up for box jump
    I HATE burpees

  48. Kimberly- good question. I am talking about refined sugars, not fruits and veggies.

  49. Jessica- yes. All for time. Push yourself. 🙂

  50. 11:39
    Also subbed thrusters for wallball.
    The rest as rx'd.
    Man, those burpees slow me down!

  51. 13:29

    Subbed thrusters. First time on bar for k2e so they were kind of slow and more like knees to chest.

  52. 11:50 with break for 2 year old hitting head on a weight
    subbed thrusters for WB
    step ups instead of box jumps

  53. My timer didnt go off….but just over 10

    burpees in groups of 10

    15 min elliptical

    Im so sore….almost didn't go today but knew I was going out to an Italian dinner…carb city

  54. 9:42
    subbed 30 kettlebell swings 10lb for wall shots.
    7 KTE hanging, 13 on the floor.
    Tuck jumps for box jumps.
    10lbs for sumo-deadlifts

  55. 9:13 Thrusters 15# instead of WB
    K2E on floor
    Box jumps on 2 stairs @14"
    Rest as Rx'd
    My 10 yo son Andrew 6:30
    My 17 yo friend Anna 12:25

  56. 10:02. Great workout! I bit of all the challenging moves…..burpees…..box jumps…….k2es…..etc!

  57. 7:14

    40# Sumo dlhp
    30# push press

    Forgot to post on Friday. Great workout. Feeling it this week!

  58. I did this on MOnday
    Thrusters for wall ball-20#
    Step ups for Box Jump
    all else as RX'd

  59. 14:15.
    Thrusters w/10 lbs for wall balls.
    Real K2E on the bar, although my knees are still nowhere near my elbows.
    Box Jumps on my 8" step.

  60. 12:41

    6lb wall ball
    atl knee to elbox
    step ups i/o box jumps


  61. 13:20
    KTE on the floor
    Box Jumps: Stepped up because I injured my right calf somehow.

  62. 9:36 10# db with toss for wall ball, 25 # for sumo-deadlift high-pull and push press, 10# db in each hand for walking lunges

  63. 15:52
    Had to break up in 2 sets
    Subd wall balls with thrusters
    Floor knees to elbows
    Subd knee high jumps for box jumps
    These subs because at home no gym but still pushed extremely hard through it all and loved it!!

  64. 9:36 modifications: KE ground, 8# ball, 10# sumo

  65. Oh nd box jumps are getting easier!!!

  66. 14:13
    Subbed thrusters, plank K2Es, 13" box, 14# push press (need to get 10#dumbbells).
    Form is drastically improving on burpees.
    Lunges were killer after the 238 squats I did yesterday!

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