Friday 01.25.13

3 rounds of:
20 Overhead or front squats, 30-40 lbs
50 Jump rope

Compare to 12.12.11

Hiit Mama Lynn
Madison, Wisconsin
“I’m 31 years old. I am a proud SAHM of a 9 month old daughter. Thanks so much for your blog! It really has helped me get closer and closer to my pre-pregnancy days of running 5+ miles and daily Insanity workouts. Unfortunately, with a 9 month old, running any long distance is a challenge and trying to work in a 45+ min Insanity workout just doesn’t work. HIIT is a great way for me to get a challenging workout in while my baby girl naps! I’ve been following your blog since October when I ran across it on Pinterest. Been in love with it ever since! HIIT Mamas has helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight 6 months after having my daughter – and closer and closer to my strength pre-pregnancy. This picture is post-WOD (1/16/13) – I’m surprised I managed to smile – I. Hate. Burpees. x70! Thanks, Lynn”


  1. 3:33
    Ouch, did front squats since my shoulder doesn't tolerate overhead ones.
    This was a killer after a 1 hour XC skiing!

  2. 3:14 with 40 lb front squats. I added a short 2 mile run before this because I missed running and temps were above 19 degrees. Good job Hanna with an hour of XC skiing. I wish we had snow to go with these cold temps. Happy Friday!

  3. 3:14 with 30lb front squats. Now core and a 5km stationary bike ride!

  4. 4:06 with 35# front squats. Happy Friday everyone!

  5. 4:57 did jacks bc don't have a rope and only 16# for squats. Feeling weak from this cold

  6. 4:29
    35# front squats
    damn jump rope..coulda had a killer time if I could jump without tangling my feet up 🙂 happy friday!

  7. Gave Fran a try, modified to assisted pull ups, and 40# thrusters
    7:18, I think that's ok? lol

  8. 4:37
    did 1 round with 35# OH squats and the other two were 35# front squats.
    Jacks for the Rope.

  9. Just found your blog and am so excited to get started! Is there anything I can sub for the squats? We just moved and my husband's dumbells are in storage at the moment! Thanks!

  10. 5:04
    first round did 40lb front squats then went to 20, don't have 15# dumbells
    jumping jacks, no rope

    I thought I was in pretty good shape until I started doing this and now I'm seeing i'm one of the slow ones!! Oh well, i'm getting there…

  11. 5:13. Was a little slow at first with the squats – was having a hard time stabilizing the DBs and wanted to focus on form over speed. Wish I had a bar! Plus, I've really noticed how having a baby really makes an impact on jump ropes – I feel like I have to pee with every jump! lol.

  12. Oh, started with 30# overhead squats but my form started to really fade, so I switched to 30# front squats for rounds 2 & 3.

  13. 3:00 exactly
    20# front squats

    Happy Friday!! 🙂

  14. 2:56 30# front squats

    I have a question. I take casein 1 hour before bed with 1Tbs cashew butter and 1/3c almond milk (it makes a cookie dough and almost feels like I'm cheating! lol). Anyways…It says to take casein 30-60min before bed…is this a no-no for loosing fat?

  15. 4:05. Half overhead half front. Heaviest weight I have is 15 lb kettle bell.

  16. 4:08 Only have a 10 lb kettle-bell, so I held my 22 lb. daughter and did front squats 🙂 Jacks instead of rope.

  17. 5:15
    30lbs (2 15 lb dumbbells) front squats. I tried overhead and couldn't even do one. Is it possible without a bar?

    3 mile interval run.

  18. 4:26 with 30lb sandbag for front squats. Awesome short workout-just what my body needed!

  19. 3:24 with 40 lb FS followed by 2.71 mi run. Glad there were no CFSU today as I have developed a nice raspberry on my tailbone!

  20. 3:21 with 20lb. Could have increased weight but with my knee hurting, thought I should keep it pretty simple.

  21. 4:04 with 20 lbs and then some shoveling the Chicago snow! Have a fabulous weekend Crossfit Mamas!

  22. 10 overhead squats r1, 5 r2, those are hard.

    Done in 6:07.

    I followed with a 9:30 mile but continued on till I hit 10:00.

  23. 4:16
    Over head squats are head -and I only did 20 lb! Can't imagine using more weight

  24. 6:47
    Front Squats with 12# db in each hand/arm
    Jumping Jacks instead of rope

  25. 6:45 45# bar (overhead squats first round, rest -front squats) Feeling really week today
    Thanks for keeping me motivated!

  26. 6:27 with 30# front squats. Love these Friday quickies!

  27. 6:04 with 20lb DB's. Was working on form more than time. Nice one. 1.5 mile run to end the day 🙂 Happy Friday ladies.

  28. 5:21
    front squats w/8lb dumbbells
    jumping Jacks for rope

    need to get some heavier dumbbells!

  29. Josh- 5:30 with 60# front squats and substituted jumping jacks instead of jump rope.

  30. 3:52 (o.h., 5#dumbbells , only ones that I have. I also did 49 oh prior because I kept counting and then realized I only needed 20 at a time…my legs are hating me already 😉

  31. 3:52 (o.h., 5#dumbbells , only ones that I have. I also did 49 oh prior because I kept counting and then realized I only needed 20 at a time…my legs are hating me already 😉

  32. 4:25 with 25lbs front squats. I had no idea overheads would be so hard. I tried to keep my squats super low like the videos. Wow could really feel it.

  33. Have been sick and have been off for a week. Starting back up today. Will be doubling up the WOD to catch up. Don't know about the 10k yet, as it's really cold out -40 with windchill.

    4:02 Overhead squat with 25#, need to buy more weights.

  34. Forgot to post this yesterday. 4:12 with 30# front squat.

  35. 5:33 with 25lb KB front squats and jacks instead of rope all after a grueling spin class

  36. 3:31, 20# squats ( 1 overhead, 2 front)

  37. 5 mins exactly!

    40# overhead squats
    Jumping jacks for jump rope

    Couldn't find a jump rope at work. Good one!

  38. Just found this site and want to join in. What's the number, avg time per round?

  39. 4 mile Run at 37:20, 4:38 30# squat trying to perfect my form

  40. 4:44 – 30lbs, subbed front squats for 15 of 2nd set. Did double jumps w/out the rope to 100 counts.

  41. Started C25K today. Completed the workout and continued to walk for 50 min total.
    Did 3 sets of WOD w 15# front squats, did last 2 rounds w no weights. Completed all 5 sets in 12:20.

  42. Do you have a page that describes these exercises for newbies? I've heard only good things about cross-fit so I want to start doing it especially since it's time effective but I don't know the lingo. Thanks!

  43. 4:50! Overhead 30lbs. Jump rope free jump rope…

  44. 4:24 with modifications: no weights, so just did normal squats, but 40 instead of 20; JJ instead of jump rope.

  45. Dionn- The number that everyone is posting is the total length of time that it took them to complete the WOD (workout of the day). They are all timed workouts and that is how we push ourselves and track our progress.

  46. Megan Passey- There are video demos of all the exercises we do down the right side bar of the full site (not mobile).

  47. 4:05 30lbs and a broken jump rope
    compared to 3:58 on 12.11.11 (15lbs)

  48. 9:48
    I think I took to long of breaks between exercises. Man I suck at jump roping

  49. 4:14
    25# front squats. I had no idea overhead squats would be so hard – definitely something to aspire to!

  50. No excuses for me. I was snowboarding with my kids and hubby all day! 🙂

  51. Did this in place of 2.22.13
    Time 5:03
    8 lb dumbells in each hand for squats. Thought I would die! 😉

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