Friday 01.18.13

As many rounds in 12 minutes of:
5 Push-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
15 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 12.01.11

Chad Bambrick

no caffeine
no soda

NEXT WEEK’S ADDED CHALLENGE: only fruit or veggie snacks

“Eating healthy snacks is a simple
method for ensuring that your body gets the nutrients and energy it
needs throughout the day. If you’re on a weight management program, maintaining a regular snack time routine can actually help you
stick to your diet, as long as you eat in moderation and choose healthy
foods. Snacking is also important for athletes who need to stay in
condition for competition, and for children who are still growing.

Healthy Eating Defined

is important to know how to eat healthy. You should try to get three
regular meals per day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, as the
Center for Young Women’s Health recommends. Ideally, snacks should not substitute for regular, full
meals; you should snack when you need extra energy or feel hungry, but
don’t overeat. Try to eat foods from all the food groups — fruits,
vegetables, proteins, grains, healthy fats and dairy — in order to get
the maximum benefit.

Snacking for Athletics

and people who engage in regular physical exercise need more energy
than those who have a sedentary lifestyle, as Drugs.com notes. However, a
busy schedule may make it difficult to get these extra calories and
nutrients through proper mealtimes. Healthy snacks allow you to make up
the difference without taking too much time for preparation and eating.
Snacking before exercise can also give you an energy boost to aid your
performance, while having a snack after exertion helps prevent
overeating during mealtime. In fact, eating an apple can give you an energy boost similar to coffee or energy drinks but without the harmful drugs and chemicals or the inevitable crash, as well as providing so many nutrients such as 12% of your daily recommended intake of
fiber, 10% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and
trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and manganese. You can’t get that in a cup of coffee!

Children’s Physical Development

adolescence, children’s bodies start developing rapidly. This process
takes a lot of energy, and therefore often leaves kids feeling hungry,
KidsHealth explains. Healthy snacking helps meet children’s elevated
nutritional requirements while ensuring that they don’t gain excessive
amounts of weight or consume foods that contain unhealthy amounts of
sodium, carbohydrates and fats. This is especially important for
teenagers, who may tend to opt for unhealthy, nutrient-poor junk foods
for their snacks and meals.

Weight Management

to popular belief, snacking does not destroy diets, as long as it is
properly planned. In reality, healthy snacking helps prevent binge
eating, MayoClinic.com notes. When your hunger is momentarily
alleviated, you will be less likely to overindulge. But it all depends
on your choice of snack food. The best options are foods that make you
feel full, provide you with nutrients, while still leaving your appetite
for a proper meal still intact.

Healthy Snack Choices

are several foods to choose from if you’re looking for a healthy snack.
In general, the fresher and less processed the food, the better. Fruits
and vegetables are among the most popular, since they contain lots of
nutrients with little to no fat and are still very filling. Nuts and
seeds, on the other hand, have high amounts of amounts of both protein
and healthy monounsaturated fat. However, their high calorie content
means they should be eaten in moderation.”


  1. 7 rounds with thrusters instead of wall ball shots.

  2. 9 rounds plus 12 CFSU on 10th round. Partial CFSU. And 20 lb thrusters (10 lb dumbells). Happy Friday!

  3. Went into the 8th round (finished push ups and started thrusters). Good workout.

  4. 9 rounds. My body is so sore but it feels good.
    Only mod was situps-did reverse b/c of diastisis

    Total side note. Non preachy, just informative…while we are giving up things…I gave up grains, soy, most dairy, and sugars about a year and a half ago. (paleo/primal type diet)I no longer have cravings and the need to snack as my insulin levels are adjusted to stay in balance through the day. No starving feeling, no hungry feeling, no mood swings (my husband and I are especially happy about this, haha).
    If you are interested in learning more there are lots of good books and websites. I started with The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. It changed my view on food and how our body composition.
    Like I said, no preachy…just throwing it out there because it has really changed my life for the better. (and I lost 20 pounds over the course of a year).

    See you all Monday!!!

    1. We went Paleo as a family about a year ago, can't say enough good things about it. We did it for health reasons, long and short range goals. Good for you, Running T!

  5. 8 rounds.

    Did 10lbs thrusters instead. Really need to get heavier weights.

    Was able to do one ab without modification. All the rest were modified, hurt my tailbone. Need to find how to do the modification properly.

    Did girly pushups, next time will try to do a few boy. :o)

  6. 8 rounds plus push ups and thrusters for next round. Subbed thrusters with 10 lb dumbbells.

  7. 8 rounds plus pu and wall ball
    boy push-ups & 8# ball
    compared to 12.5 rounds on 12/1/11
    (the difference was sit-ups v's CFSU)

  8. 12 rounds with loads of substitutions 🙂 Girly push ups. 6lb Thrusters, and sit ups on a ball because it is more fun

  9. 9 rounds plus 5 push ups. All boy push ups, 16# for thrusters.

  10. 7 rounds, plus push-ups and thrusters from 8th round.
    Went ahead and did the 8th round of sit-ups anyway.
    Subbed thrusters w/20 lbs for wall ball.

  11. 9 exactly. I died on the floor from the last CF situp and the alarm went off. Welcome weekend.

  12. 8 rounds, plus wall balls. Changed the order up so Gina and I didn't need the wall ball at the same time.
    2 mile run first…

  13. Running T, what about eggs? Message me on fb if you'd like, Jennifer Liddle Morse

  14. 7 rounds

    2 rds boy pu, 5 rds girl
    thrusters, 10lbs (2 10lb dumbbells)
    2 rds cfsu, 5 rds modified sit ups

    1. I meant 9 rounds PLUS the push ups and wall ball. I went ahead and finished the CFSU without the timer going.

  15. exactly 10 rounds
    girl push ups (do reg next time!)
    10 lbs thrusters (should've done more, not hard enough!)
    various abs – cross fit, reverse crunch, 6 inches and reg crunches)

  16. 6 rounds with 10lb thrusters
    4th round- 5 sit ups, 10 crunches
    crunches for 5th and 6th

  17. 6.5…love love love this blog!!! Thank you
    Is that you in the pic at the top? How I wish I was at that point:)

  18. Ran 4 miles then

    12 rounds in 12:13 (I had to finish the 12th round!)
    boy push ups
    14 lb wall ball

  19. 7 rounds
    thrusters with 2 10# db's instead of wall ball shots
    boy pu's

  20. 10 rounds as rx'd with 9 seconds to spare. Did 10# thrusters. More weight next time.

  21. 7 rounds + 1 extra set of pushups. did 16 lb thrusters instead of wall ball shots.

  22. 7 rounds

    Sub thrusters with 15# dumb bells for wallballs. Oh Happy Friday!

  23. 9 rounds. Perfect workout today because I slipped on the ice yesterday and hurt my foot, but could still do the exercises since there was no running.

  24. 8 Rounds

    3 sets boy push-ups/4 sets girl push-ups

    thrusters with 15 lbs. instead of wall balls

  25. Exactly 9 rounds.
    All BPUs! Never done that before
    8# ball (that's all I have)

  26. 9 round plus 22 reps

    boy push ups
    subbed 20# thrusters for wall ball

  27. 11. Girl push ups (next week going to try regular) and crunches due to injury. Thrusters with 10 lbs. use 15 next time.

  28. First ever WOD.
    Almost 5 rounds.
    1+ set bpu, rest gpu
    10# thrusters (5# each hand)
    Couldn't finish situps in round 5. Had 1 minute left, but no stomach muscles left.
    Going for Week 4 Day 1 5K run later.

  29. Jen Roe, you are always crazy fast! So impressive, I want to catch you! 🙂

  30. 11 rounds, plus 5 pushups and 7 wall balls.

    10lb wall ball, boy pushups.

  31. 9 rounds! Thrusters with 15lbs for 2 sets and 12lbs for the rest. Boy pu for 1st 2 rounds, then girl pu.

    Ran 2 miles.

  32. 10 rounds + 59 sec to finish thrusters and CFSU's.

    Thrusters instead of wallball. All else as RX'd.

  33. 9 rounds. Gpu & thrusters w/ 8 lb dumbbells.

  34. 8 rounds. I went 17 seconds over but I just had to finish the last round.

    Girl push ups.
    Sub thrusters @ 10 lbs.
    And daughter sat on my feet for sit ups–still weak there but improving!

    As husband pointed out, we are more than 10% of the way through our challenge! Go, go, go!

  35. 7.5 rounds with girly push ups and thrusters with 10# dumbells. Also had an interruption with 3.5 minutes left and finished later on.

    Any suggestions for diet with nursing? I have kind of been following weight watchers on my own for nursing moms. Although sometimes I eat less due to time it more if I am super hungry from running or exercising. Not sure if anyone else has had success with anything else??

  36. 8 or 9. My timer stopped a couple times and the counter added a few reps once. So kinda guessing. Did 30 min on the elliptical after

  37. 7 full rounds plus PU's for next round. 5KG weighted ball, first round of pu's were boy, rest were girl. Someday I'll be good at boy pu's 🙂

  38. 10 rounds plus 5 push ups. Did boy pu and 20# thrusters. Followed it up with a 4 mi run

  39. 9 rounds + 5 PU, 10 thrusters, 5 CFSU

    Thrusters 10lb in each hand.
    Girl PUs.

    I'm going to have to try the apple in the morning…I'm dragging BUTT without my morning coffee, but no coffee/caffeine, pop yet! Whew!

  40. 9 rounds
    15# dumbbell for thrusters
    plank for cfsu

  41. 11 rounds
    As RXed.

    1st time for this WOD (5/11): 6 rounds
    2nd time (6/11): 8 rounds
    For some reason I don't have a post from 12/11 but am super happy with the progression.

  42. 11 rounds
    15 lb thrusters instead of wall ball
    All boy p/u

    Have a great weekend crossfit mamas!!!!

  43. Kerri E- Having nursed 4 babies for a year each, my advice to you is to focus first on what you baby needs and what you need to keep up your milk supply. Both of those things require calories and a proper, balanced, healthy, diet. If you don't eat or drink enough, your body will stop producing milk and your baby won't get the rich, creamy milk containing all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong and build up his or her little immune system. I am sure you already know all of this. I encourage nursing Moms to focus on eating clean and sufficiently and exercising but not cutting calories for fear of depriving your baby. The Vi-shakes that we are doing with our challenge are excellent for nursing mothers. They provide so many vitamins, nutrients, protein, fiber and prebiotics in one shake but minus the hundreds of calories that it would take to ingest all of it. You still need to eat three balanced meals a day and add the shakes to your post-workout routine. This will help you to lose weight without depriving your baby. Hope that helps. Here is a link if you want to check out the shakes: http://www.crossfitmamas.myvi.net

    1. Thanks Jenni! I definitely want a good.milk supply. I nursed the first two for a year and want to do the same this time around. I will check out the shakes. 🙂

  44. Thanks Tiffany (Running T)! That is great! The Paleo and Primal diets are excellent (although I have a slight disagreement with giving up grains unless you are allergic). It is all about balance. 🙂

  45. SO happy with my workout today!

    9 complete rounds of pushups
    8 complete rounds of wall ball w/4# ball +9 shots
    8 complete rounds of CF situps

    I went ahead and finished the last wall ball shot and a 9th round of situps. Y'all have a great weekend!!

  46. 11 rounds with girl pu and 20# thrusters. Scrape me off the floor…

    I've been here a while (October maybe?) but I just figured out how to comment.
    Have a great weekend!

  47. 7 rounds with thrusters (10#) and knee p/u.

  48. 7 rounds … Half 10 lb thrusters and half 20 lb thrusters. Feeling stronger!!

  49. warm up and then 5×5 bench press – heaviest was 85lbs

    WOD – 6 rounds with 5 seconds to spare, military sit ups instead of cfsu because my abs are still too weak

  50. Great progress, Jenni! I can't wait to compare some…though I feel like I need to get back into it for a couple more weeks. Boy am I sore!
    Yes, everyone is different. I don't think I am allergic to grains but I know MY body process foods and feels much better without them. It was a bit of a transition but after the first couple weeks when the carb withdrawal was over I was feeling like a million bucks. :).

  51. 9 plus thrusters and pu for round 10. One armed girl.pu, one armed thrusters with 10# dbl

  52. 4 miles then 7 rounds (with gpu, 10 lb thrusters)plus 5 more pushups when time ended. Happy Friday!

  53. 9 round after running 4miles:
    thrusters 10#db for half, 6# other half,
    half boy pu

  54. 8 rounds pu (2 boy 6 girl) and thrusters, 7 rounds cfsu. TGIF 🙂

  55. 7 rounds exactly. Thrusters instead of wall ball 10 lbs.

  56. I'm embarrassed to even post it but:

    I got 2/3 through my 5th round (short the sit ups)

    Substituted 10 lb thrusters for wall balls and did ring dip push ups.

  57. Substituted 10# Wall ball shots for 10.2# Bar thrusters:
    9 Rounds
    5 Pushups & 10 Thrusters

  58. First day using the blog! 6 rounds with thrusters plus 5 push UPS. I think I'm gonna like this!

  59. 4 full rounds, 5th round p/u and wall ball…1 day late

  60. 8 rounds + 5 push-ups (3 sets were girl pu, all others were full pu)

  61. 13 rounds plus push ups ad 5 thrusters. Note, thrusters imstead of wall ball 8# db.

  62. I subbed thrusters for wall ball. I did 7 full rounds and got through the push-ups and thrusters on round 8.
    Did a strong/fast 15 minute run afterwards.
    Day 2 for me of any Crossfit… hard work.

  63. 6 rounds
    Still can't do all crossfit situps…crunches
    1st round BPU
    rest GPU
    #8 wall balls

  64. Super Cat- Welcome! No, that is not me. She is my motivational picture! (although my 2 year old thinks it is me- we both have dark hair and olive skin)

  65. 14-4 cross fit sit ups. Thrusters 10 lbs instead of wall ball shots.

  66. Woo hoo! First time doing crossfit and I'm so excited to commit to the program! Did 9 rounds with thrusters instead of wall ball

  67. I made it 8 rounds minus 1 round of sit-ups. Loved the wall shots! I wasn't able to do this Fri or Sat so did it Sunday.

  68. 9 rounds, 10# dumb bells for thrusters instead of wall ball

  69. 6 rounds w thrusters and gp. Hirt back over wknd so had to stop early.

  70. Completed 01.21.13

    Subbed 20# thrusters for Wall Balls
    7 full rounds
    + 5 PU/G
    + 10 Thrusters

  71. 10 or 11 rounds (lost count half way) plus 5 push ups…..

    boy pu
    20 lb dumbbell with slight toss for wallballs

  72. 6 rounds + pu w/ 16 lb thrusters and mostly modified sit ups.
    I'm getting there!

  73. Josh- 8 rounds (subbed 20# thrusters for wall ball) 1st day of CF!

  74. 7 rounds with thrusters and a couple distractions from the kiddos.

  75. I forgot to record my time again! I did this WOD on Sat and it felt great! 🙂 6+ rounds: boy PU, 6lb wall ball. I'm still quite slow compared to most, but I do feel like I'm getting stronger! 🙂

  76. Forgot to mark down everything. I did warm up of max front squat of 155

    and 8 rounds for the wod!

  77. Completed 8 rounds, just finished the push-ups of the 9th round when the timer rang.

  78. 7 and a half rounds (push ups and thrusters done)

    20 pound thrusters

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