Wednesday 12.12.12


12 rounds for time of:

12 Butterfly sit-ups
12 Squats
12 Walking lunges
12 Push-ups
12 Box jumps
12 Thrusters, 20 lbs
12 Back extensions
12 Bench dips
12 Kettle bell swings, 15 lbs
12 Jump rope
12 Leg lifts
12 Wall ball, 10 lbs

*Mamas, I know this is a big WOD. Push your self to complete as many rounds as you can. If that is 3, do 3, if that is 10, do 10. This is a one time WOD that we will never do again. 😉


  1. Yeay!! I'm so excited to see Soo many people benefit from your experience & research!! Nice WOD!! Happy 12-12-12!!

  2. The Legs Lift video is gone. Can you link to another one. Since I'ma beginner I really like having all the video on te side so I can check before starting my workout.

    Thanks for this great site.

    1. Hey Steph, if you go to the full site, the leg lift video is down the right side bar (in alphabetical order).

  3. I tried to click on the 90 day challenge link and didn't get any information–could you check it? I'm pretty interested but would like to hear more about the shakes!

  4. 43:32
    Used 2 8 lb dumb bells for all weights needed
    Great workout!!!

  5. 1:09:21- It took me forever to finish this workout. It was really cold outside this morning and it took me a while to get warmed up. I also kept forgetting the order. Happy that at least I finished.

    1. Good job! Seriously, that was a Crossfit marathon!

  6. Kept forgetting the order and I only had 30 min to do a workout this morning. 6 rounds give or take a few minutes. I like it so much I will try to finish it later tonight.

  7. Oh my that is going to be a killer, will need some more coffee. No coffee, no workee. 🙂

    1. 1 apple will give you more energy that will last longer than an entire cup of coffee… Just sayin' 😉

  8. 3 rounds 20:00 as RXd for weights

    -Only had time for 3 rounds. Had a 30 minute tempo run before for 1/2 training.
    -Should have upped the weight on KB swings
    -Still an awesome WOD!

  9. 3 rounds 22 min. Can't do anymore really shaky. Close to that time of month(sorry, TMI)
    Kicked me behind!

    Clicked on the 90 day challenge link and it did not work. Watched video and I'm really interested.

  10. 54:54
    I wanted to stop at 10 rounds but pushed myself to finish!
    Did step ups/jump down for the box jump.
    First four rounds boy p/u then the rest girl p/u

  11. This took me forever!!! 55:54 Happy 12-12-12 everyone. I am moving to Australia in 3 days, my husband is already there and I have to fly with three kids by myself for 30+ hours. I think this workout was helpful in preparing for that! It felt like it was taking forever and I wanted to quit in the middle but I didn't! I hope that I can do the same on the flight! Can the 90 day challenge shakes be shipped to Australia?

  12. Ran out of time. Got in 3 rounds in 19:38. Have a 5 mile run later today, and then I'll try to get in a few more rounds.

  13. 6 rounds 37:04. hope no one new looked at this workout and felt discouraged before even starting! There was definitely a better way to do a fun 12's workout that would push Everyone at their level!

  14. I made it through the whole thing. It took me 1:37:24. I drank 64 ounces of water and according to my watch burned 1093 calories. Now I can slack off for a while. Whew!!

  15. 48:36
    That was a marathon!!!
    Only the first couple of sets were boy push-ups.
    Some lunges, squats, push-ups, and leg lifts included a little 20 lb. girl insisting that I "hold me!"

  16. Woops! I wrote down the workout so I could refer to it without running back to the computer, but it looks like I left out the leg lifts. So I guess mine was a 12.11.12 workout. Still kicked my trash, though!

  17. Oh. My. Heavens. Whole thing, as rx'd in 1:03:11. Fought the urge to throw up a few times. But i finished. Wow. Wrote it all down on a piece of paper, kept track of what to do next and how many rounds i completed. What a WOD!!!

  18. I thought this was a joke!!! But it was the first workout in my life that I soaked my shirt with sweat and it was AWESOME!!!
    Thrusters- 5kg weights
    KB- 12#
    WBall- 7#
    I loved it bc my hubby was so proud of me!

  19. I did 5 rounds
    I forgot my timer but I'm thinking it was at least 40 mins with the times of the other girls in my group.

  20. 8:34 girl push ups I wasn't sure how to do the leg lifts so I improvised Pilates scissors

  21. 58:39. Dripping with sweat… Loved this one!

    1. Hey Suzanne! The kit you choose really depends on your goal for the 90 days. If you have more than 20 lbs to lose, I would recommend the Transformation Kit so you can have 2 shakes a day and really get that weight melting off fast. The shakes are all the same: sweet cream flavor and 1 bag is enough for 1 person to have 1 shake a day for a 30 day supply.

  22. 50:07
    I wrote down the wod too. However I somehow missed the wall balls :/
    Killer. I didn't think I was going to make it after 8!

    1. Forgot to put I had a break after round 8. Had to get the kids up and going. So I had a fresh start for round 9

  23. Only made 10 rounds before I was losing form and tripping.
    Knee PU
    10" jump
    10# thrusters
    Bent knee bench dips
    Kettlebell toss subbed for wall ball 8#

    10 rounds: 52:49

  24. Hoy cow. This WOD was ridiculous. FUN, but hard! I made it four whole rounds in 29 minutes. Whew!

  25. PS Do you have an ingredient list for the shakes? I googled it, but couldn't find any info on it :/

  26. 40:34 for 9 1/2 rounds. Had to leave to pick up preschooler, so had to stop. WHEW!! Was drenched in carpool line!!

  27. 1:03:34…..Killer! Just glad I made it thru all 12 rounds. Only 2 modifications….one is my ball for wall balls is 15 lbs. rather than 10 lbs. The other…in the 8th round my right shoulder just couldn't take the bench dips anymore. I switched to tricep extensions in the middle of the 8th round set.

  28. Thanks Jenni! Oh, and I only did 1 round of this exercise. It took me 9:48–subbed 10 lb dumbbell thrusters for wall balls. I am just getting over the flu and am easing back in slowly. Hacking lungs and all!!!

  29. Using:
    30# Bar for Thrusters
    10# WB
    10# KB
    6" Box
    Modified Push Ups

    6 Completed in 38:40

    I was so excited to try this.

  30. Maureen- For some reason my replies to you are only showing up on my phone. Just wanted to make sure you got my response. I fixed the link and if you have any questions about the shakes, let me know. 🙂

  31. 42:06! Thought I would drop dead after round 10 but managed to do the last 2. I don't have a wall ball so I subbed #12 with a wall push-up/press. Wow! I feel great!

  32. Noelle- The shakes don't yet ship to Australia so I would advise you to put in your order ASAP so you can have a couple of bags to take with you. You will need 3 bags for the 90 day challenge for 1 shake a day or 6 bags for 2 shakes a day for optimum weight loss. That will get you through 3 months.

  33. 38:50..I only had time for the half marathon 😉
    Thank you!

  34. I like to mix sugar-free jello pudding flavors, or a few fresh/frozen fruits into my Visalus shakes. It doesn't take much to make a delicious shake, either. I use UNsweetened Almond milk for maximum calorie burn. 10 lbs off, 6 pack on!

  35. 3 rounds @ 20:04

    plank sub for cfsu. workin my way toward 1 min plank

    girl pu
    10" box

  36. I wasn't sure I could do this, but I DID IT!! 55:06. Running step ups for box jump. Instead of two sets of thrusters each round (no wallball), changed one to 20# deadlifts. Yay Crossfit Mamas!!

  37. 4 rounds in 28:44
    Then the babies woke up from their nap!

  38. 52:41 as rx'd
    Ran 6.5 before the WOD with the stroller and I am spent

  39. 59.23
    20lb thrusters
    Half boy p/u
    10lb wall

    Definitely had some rests between sets 4-5, 7-8 and after 10… Extra 4 min in time but needed it. Whew!

  40. 6 rounds only did 6 thrusters ea round bc my bar is 45 lbs and 12 lb wall balls everything else as rx'd 38:00

  41. Six rounds 30 min. All I've got without having terrible form.

  42. 6 rounds in 38:13. My arms and legs were shaking. I'll try this again sometime~!

  43. Forgot to post yesterday.
    45# squats
    2 pull ups, the remaining 10 was assisted.

  44. Tapped out after 5, I've been having a sour belly today.


    Memory was horrible tonight had to check it every 3 sets

    Liked the challenge maybe do the other 7 this weekend lol

  45. 56:33, holy cow. when I started I said "I don't care how long it takes so long as I finish". Halfway through I decided to aim for under 60. Made it 🙂

  46. Awesome workout!!
    50:17 as Rx'd. I'm sweating and breathing hard! Master's Mindset!!

  47. 59:43

  48. 59:43
    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I JUST CROSSFITTED FOR ONE HOUR!!!! If I cannot see every muscle on my body tomorrow I am going to be pissed. 😉 I seriously wanted to stop on round 3! That was the first time, and the last time. 🙂

  49. 58:42
    I took a 3 min break after the 8th set. I almost quit but I kept pushing!!!
    30 lb thrusters.
    17.5 lb kettle bell swing
    8 sets were boy PU, rest were girls!
    I was dripping sweat!!! 🙂

  50. 29:22 for 6 rounds 30lb thrusters, 10lb KB swings. So amazed by you ladies who did all 12 rounds!!

  51. New to the site. Love it. 4 friends of mine meet in the am to workout together. Your website is a gold mine. We did 6 rounds 37 min. It was hard and great.

  52. Thanks for finding that out for me Jenni! I'll have to get my order in!

  53. I only did 8 rounds, and I had to do half on my lunch break, half when I got home. Didn't have the time for this one.

    Finished the first 4 rounds in 30:42

    The next 4 rounds in

  54. 45:00 for 6 rounds then I had to go pick up kids. I was happy for the excuse to quit, holy crap! Good work out, thanks!

  55. 1 hour 18 mins! started with 15" box jumps for first half lowered to 9"..started with 25 # thrusters…dropped to 15# on round fatigue by the last round!

  56. 1 hour 18 mins! started with 15" box jumps for first half lowered to 9"..started with 25 # thrusters…dropped to 15# on round fatigue by the last round!

  57. 1:01:50 as rxed. I chuckled because when I would make it around to the jump rope I found them to be a reprieve. Whoohoo feels great! Got to watch the snow fall as I sweated like a pig.

  58. 6 more rounds to make 12 for the week 🙂 ha ha! 29:40
    It was snowing like crazy today so I didn't do an outside run.

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