Monday 11.12.12

For time:
30 Push-ups
50 Back Extensions (Supermans)
30 Knees to elbows
30 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
30 Dumbbell push press, 20 lbs
50 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs
Run 400 meters/ 200 Jump rope or jacks
10 Pull-ups (assisted if necessary) or Pull-downs (lower down slowly from bar)
30 Bench dips

 Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who served, past or present, our country to protect and serve, 
“that others may live”.
 my husband, Chris Alvies, who served as a 
Helicopter Rescue Swimmer in the US Coast Guard
Hiit Mama Vanessa
Kansas City
 “I’ve been
following and recommending your blog since July. Love the workouts and
the growing community you have fostered. So supportive and vastly
different from any other online fitness group I’ve encountered. Your
modifications are right on track with my goals. So pleased with the new
CF Mamas tank that I decided to be brave and send you an “action shot”.
Thanks to hard work and your workouts I can do more pull ups at 39 than I
could at 18. Keep up the great work!!”


  1. 18:32… K2e on the floor, and squats instead of pull ups. Does anyone have suggestions about what to do if you can't get to a bar?

    1. Can you or anyone post a link to a video or give a description of how you do k2e on the floor? I can think of a couple of different ways but want to know how you all are doing it

  2. 13:22…….did leg lifts for knee to elbows and boy push-ups for the pull-ups bc I don't have a bar.

  3. 20:16, couldn't do a single pull up. I got up a little bit but nowhere close to the bar! My push ups have improved though…I was able to do 17 without stopping today when three weeks ago I could only do five before having to rest.

  4. 14:52 K2E on the floor ( no bar ) 14 boys pushups then had to go to the girl style ( improvement !! ) I did lat pull downs with a band because again I have no bar so I did 20 instead of 10 .

  5. 13:22
    you guys are so awesome–way to go on the push ups, Heather, and I loved Vanessa's comment!

  6. 13:58
    I used my bar for the first time today. My K2E and pull-ups were both pretty bad, but looking forward to improving them.

  7. 20 min, 10 lb kb's, jacks, and subbed p90x steamrollers for k2e. Stopped (gladly!) a couple of times for a fussy baby, but just for a few seconds at a time. Thanks for giving an alternative to running!

  8. 15:54
    K2E on the floor and 60 lb deadlift.
    What a great way to start the week.
    Vanessa you are looking AMAZING!!!

  9. 11:24
    Assisted pull ups
    Knees to stomach ( not to elbows)

  10. 14:31
    Did toes to bar (on floor) instead of K2E
    400 meters on elliptical
    Lat pull-down with band instead of pull-ups

  11. 9:45 Ran 2 miles earlier, so I didn't run or do any of the alternatives. K2E on floor, and don't have a bar, so I did an additional 30 PU.

  12. 20:50 15# dumbells for deadlift, pushpress and KBs, jumping jacks, pull downs.

  13. 12:58.

    40lb deadlift, 10lb kettlebell, and pull downs…and my knees still not up to my elbows.

  14. 11:27. Still shaking. Boy push ups. 40lbs dead lift, 20lbs kettle bell. Pull ups. rest as rx'd. Happy Monday!

  15. 15:00, had to dodge all my kids to day at one point or another during the workout. It's strange that when I say, okay I'm doing my workout, don't bother me, they do the opposite! I did both the run and jump rope, but no pull ups! I don't have the equipment and I doubt I could do one even if I did!

  16. 12:18 what a way to start the week!
    20 Knees to stomach on bar – rest on floor
    anyone else have to stop to pee before and/or during the jump ropes? will there ever be a time when I don't need to?!
    assisted pull ups – someday i'll be able to them unassisted!!!
    Vanessa, rock on girl – you look like one tough, awesome mama!
    Noelle, same here. It's like my workout gear = kid magnet

  17. 13:10 boy pu/k2e on incline bench/65 lb deadlifts/20 lb each hand for dumbbell pushpress/20 lb dumbbell swing/jumprope/small hop on pull ups

    I was confused as to whether the dumbbell pushpress was 20 lbs total (two tens or one twenty with both hands) or 20 lbs dumbbells in each hand….so I did the latter, I am thinking that was not right because it was REALLY hard by the end! (maybe I am just a whimp)

    1. You are not a wimp. It was 20 lbs total. It is always total weight. 🙂

  18. 18:35
    40lbs for half of push press and 30 for the other
    35 lbs for swings
    1/3 boy push-ups. The rest were girls
    Thanks for the wod

  19. 11:57

    Boy PU's
    40 lb deadlifts
    20 lb push press
    15 lb kettlebells
    200 jumprope
    no pull ups, no bar yet!

  20. 14:20 as rx'd
    KTE is still knees to waist 🙁
    DL: 15 @ 80 lbs, 15 @ 40 lbs.
    PP: 20 @ 30 lbs., 10 @ 15 lbs.
    KBS: 15 lbs.

  21. 10:59
    1/2 boy pu
    2 3/4 pull ups then rest as pull downs
    Jump jacks

  22. 12:09
    1/2 boy pu, 1/2 girl pu,
    40 # deadlift,
    30 # push press,
    20 # kettle bell swing,
    knees still don't make it to my elbows,
    pull ups were terrible…used a chair to assist and still couldn't make it up past the bar- very sad!

    Great workout!!

  23. 18:21 Oh my gosh I suck at this. But I'm going to keep going with faith that someday I might be able to do it all.
    HOV pushups (wrist issues still)
    120 high knee lifts
    DL 36#
    KB 10#
    Pull-downs (more like fall-downs for me, but oh well)

  24. 12:47 – 60# deadlift, 30# pp, 17.5# kb swing, 200 jump rope, 10 inverse rows on rings with feet on wall, 30 bench dips broken into 15-15. Followed up with 150 different situps of 15-30 each style… feeling good. master's mindset!

  25. 14:54. Pull downs with some attempts at pull-ups. And some pretty sorry k2e. They were good at first and slowly got worse. Some boy push ups too.

  26. 18:36 45# dl
    25# pp
    25# kbell
    k2e half on floor half on bar
    very very sad assisted pull ups

  27. 18:36 45# dl
    25# pp
    25# kbell
    k2e half on floor half on bar
    very very sad assisted pull ups

  28. 27:46 – I bought a bar today so I could do real k2e's…what was I thinking?!? lol –
    k2e's were k2hips 😉
    44 lb deadlifts
    24 lb push press
    15.5 lb kettlebells
    EXTREMELY sorry, but thankfully assisted pullups
    I struggled through the bench dips – OH! I ran first, BEFORE I got tired!!

  29. 14:28
    girlie push-ups
    leg lifts instead of knees to elbows
    200 jump rope
    50 bench dips (no pull up bar)
    *50 kegels… jumping rope has reminded me that I need to keep these up after having my second baby 🙂

  30. 11:29
    Pull-ups at the end like that were TOUGH!! You are all very sweet. Everybody rocked this today! Thanks Jenni for the W.O.D. & Britta LOL 🙂

    Dead lift – 45
    Push press – 35
    KB – 25

  31. I almost forgot, Jenni! Be sure to tell you husband thanks for serving and protecting our wonderful nation. That goes for all of you out there who have/are military family members that are now serving or have served in the past. Thank you!!

  32. 12:34
    k2e (more like knees 2 chest)
    KB swings – 16# (two 8# dumbbells)
    10 jumping pull ups

    I seriously almost cried doing those dips at the end. My arms are SHOT! 🙂

  33. 11:38
    As RXed.
    Knees to shoulders, mostly
    15 lb kettlebell
    Jump up pull downs

    My 6 yr old son, Cade, did the entire WOD with me with 5 lb weights. 🙂

    Vanessa, sorry Chris kind of stole your picture thunder today. Originally it was just you when I scheduled all the WODs on Saturday. Then I remembered Veteran's Day at the last minute today. I'm sorry! I feel bad. :/

  34. 13.52 Had to run around the gym a bit to get to certain things, but I think I did pretty well for my first WOD!
    30# Deadlift
    20# push press
    12# swings
    had to do assisted pullups. 50lb assist

    loved the 200 jump ropes!

  35. Jenni, I feel like I took away from his thunder! He totally deserves the spotlight and our gratitude. Tell him thanks for sharing Veteran's Day. 🙂

  36. 14:00 last 10 pushups girlie, ran 10 lengths of Bball court which is only 260 meters, i later discovered otherwise as rxed.

  37. 15:50, did the kettlebell swing with dumbbell (10 lbs)
    and didn't do the pull-ups…

    Thanks for the WOD!

  38. 15:23
    Boy pu's
    K2E's were hard because I hurt my hand on the weekend, makes hanging on the bar rather hard, but I managed… 🙂

  39. Chris: 10:40
    K2E on the floor
    40# deadlifts
    40# push press
    20# kettle bell swings

    Lori: 16:14
    girly pushups
    K2E on the floor
    30# deadlifts
    20# push press
    10# kettle bell swings
    assisted pull ups

  40. 18 even! no pull up, no bar, leg lifts on the floor and jogged the dog too, feeling good whats for tomorrow?

  41. 20:49
    Girl push-ups
    K2e on floor
    35# dl
    16# pp (two 8lb dumbells, also used for kbswings)
    Jumped rope 200
    And can't even begin to do a pull up or pull down yet!
    Can't wait for tomorrow!

  42. WOW!!! I'm a day late this week… what a killer workout!!

    With two breaks in between
    30lb deadlift
    15lb dumbbell press
    15lb kettlebell swings
    200 jump rope

  43. There are some on YouTube. Some have you laying on your back, holding on to something heavy above your head with your elbows pointing up (I used my treadmill) and bringing your knees up to your elbows. I've also seen some where you're in the pushup position and bring one knee to your elbow.

  44. 16:17

    35# deadlift
    20# kettle ball
    25 lb push press
    40 meters
    13 boy pushups, 17 girl pushups

  45. 13:28, did 20 pull downs with a resistance band instead of pullups. I need to get a pullup assistance band, I think I would gain strength much faster that way… Also I banged out those pushups like nothing, when I started these WODs I could only do about 20 before stopping!

  46. 14:23. All boy pushups, 50 lb deadlifts, 15lb kettle bell swings, 200 jacks, no pullups

  47. 18:37
    Girl push ups
    40 lb DL
    20 lb PP
    200 jump rope
    Assisted pull ups
    20 lb kettle bell swings

  48. Around 16 minutes. Did this Monday, I have problems posting sometimes.

  49. 10:48 55lbs deadlift, k2e on the floor, 20 lbs wall balls instead of pull ups!

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