1. Amy Brown says:

    2.32 miles.. 37 minutes

  2. My ankles are still quite sore- getting some better running shoes this weekend. Ended up doing a bike instead- biked 11km, 55min. Tried to do a 1:3 ratio for cycling vs running

  3. Gabrielle Johnson says:

    Completed, didn’t keep time.

  4. Heather Mask says:

    36:41 on eliptical
    Lots of distraction from little ones but did first mile in 15:03….a minute better than Thursday!

    Feeling good. Bought some decaf coffee. I think I’d rather give up sugar than my coffee lol

  5. I forgot to post I did it on Sat. 21:56

  6. Done!
    Had to wait til the weekend for gale force winds to end, but I finally got to run.

  7. 2.25 miles in 19 minutes.

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