Monday 05.08.17

5 rounds for time of:
Swim 200 meters or Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes 

Compare to 05.05.16

Post time to comments. 


  1. Nissa Van Riper says:

    29:59 including 4 rest periods.
    Intervals were 4:24, 4:22, 4:23, 4:25, 4:23.
    Running time alone averaged 8:47 pace. Approx 1 min faster than my “going for a run” pace. I guess the rest periods do do something!

    I’m pretty amazed at the consistency considering that I perceived each round to require more and more effort. The last round was achieved only via will-power.

  2. What do you recommend in place of swimming? I have a in home gym… buuut that doesn’t have a pool ?

    1. Hiit Mamas says:

      You can run or swim. Swimming is just an option today.

  3. 29:32 including rests

  4. 1. 3:33
    2. 3:35
    3. 3:29
    4. 3:53
    5. 4:00

  5. Swimming, 24:03, including rests (but I only did 1:30 for the rests). Four 200s of freestyle, 1 of IM. I wasn’t wearing my speedo (note to self for future reference)

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