Monday 01.16.17


5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
25 front squats, 20-45 lbs
25 sumo deadlift high pulls, 20-30 lbs
Post time to comments.

My puppy is 1!
Happy 1st Birthday Masi!


  1. Two rounds in 9:48 due to time (?? always time!), wish it was more, that was fun. So glad to be back after a cold.

    Happy birthday Masi!

  2. 39:31
    Rounds 1,3 & 5 55# FS
    Rounds 2 & 4 25# plate -overhead squat
    40# SDLHP

    Glad I had today off to get all this in.
    Brutal. Dripping, out of breath, and a teeny bit nauseous!

  3. 39:15
    Treadmill at 7.6
    40# back squat, butt to ground
    40# SDHP

    Quick break at around 23 mins to make sure big kids woke little sis from nap. She will nap all day then party all night!
    #dripping #gladit'sover

  4. 45:20
    45 lb front squat with bar to the floor
    25 lb SDHP

  5. 4 rounds in 33:05
    Long weekend of lots of travel, little sleep, no workouts, and lots of walking caught up with me.

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