Wednesday 10.15.14

4 rounds for time of:
45-second plank
30 deadlifts, 60 lbs
5 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine


  1. 10:09
    60 second planks
    DL 60#
    Decline pushup's

    Good workout!! ??

  2. This was posted just as I finished making up Mondays workout. Had no excuses so I did it, albeit slowly!
    9:00 regular boy push-ups

  3. 10:31. 115# deadlift, push ups off a stack of weights. Then 8/21 wod. Then RPM.

  4. I missed this post this morning so I did Ronna from 10/15/13
    3 rounds
    800m, 50 reverse crunches, 50 supermans

  5. 10:33. 70# DL, pike push ups. 10 second break after round #3 b/c I couldn't remember how many rounds there were.

    Holy handgrip, batman!

  6. Hotel room at ten p.m. = no weights. Used my full backpack for 5 lb. Deadlifts, better than nothing. Pike pus, 7:36.

  7. 11:55

    85 lb DL

    HSPU modified to pike position with feet up on treadmill handles.

    Treadmill is officially toast, so did jump rope for a bit afterwards.

  8. I did it but totally forgot to post my time.

    I think it was around 12 minutes. I did BPU and then did handstands.

  9. 11:03
    65lb deadlift
    HSPU on car hood
    (Still dealing with shingles)

  10. 10:19
    1 round leaning against door frame
    2+ feet on high stool & deep pu

  11. I'm just starting, so I'm slow as molasses, but 23:00 (with breaks in between to take care of kiddos). 40#dl, push ups on raised feet.

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