Wednesday 04.23.14


9-7-5 reps for time of:
Squat snatches, 20-30 lbs

Post time to comments.

no caffeine 

no soda


  1. My upper body is toast from my last few workouts, so I did:

    400m run
    50 squats


  2. 3:45
    Girly push-ups
    I started I with 30 lbs on squat snatch but after a few, and my uncertainty of proper form- I switched to 20 lbs.

  3. Can you explain what 9-7-5 and 30-20-10 reps are in the posts? I googled these terms with no luck. 🙁

    1. You would do 9 of each exercise listed, then 7 of each and then 5 of each
      So, today it would look like..
      9 push ups, 9 squats
      7 push ups, 7 squats
      5 push ups, 5 squats

      Hope this helps!! 🙂

  4. 3:05
    25# squat clean/thruster
    Squat snatches felt extremely awkward…to the point of hurting myself. And no time to practice.

  5. 3:10
    30# snatches. I too felt awkward with my form on the snatches.

  6. 2:45
    Not sure I'm doing the squat snatches correctly. It doesn't feel right.

  7. 2:54, 20#
    Squat snatches felt awkward
    I thought, "I'll do boy push ups because its a short number today!" Yeah right, after yesterday, I did one and almost collapsed! Ha! 🙂

  8. 1:44
    Boy push-ups
    20# snatches first 9 were squat cleans then switched to snatches

  9. 4:00
    Squat snatches-started with 30lbs and literally fell on my butt! Went down to 20lbs and still worked at lowering in the squat while raising overhead. By the end I was doing pretty good. Definitely harder than it looks!

  10. Ran 4 miles, working on hills.

    30# squat snatches.
    Worked on form and deep squats.

  11. I like those squat snatches. Fun movement! I had 23# bar, dumbbells were a no-go, too awkward with independent weights.

    Hand-release push-ups

  12. 2:59
    20 lbs per arm

    I do one-handed snatches since doing both hands with the dumbbells feels awkward for me too. So I did 9 reps on one side and switched to the other, then the same with 7 and 5 reps.

  13. 2:37
    GPU, 20# snatch

    Bench on Mon + push ups Tues + push ups Weds = how will I ever lift my 7 month old again??

  14. 4:44
    20# on snatches. Not sure if maintaining proper form. They felt awkward. Maybe because not used to doing them. Happy hump day, mamas!!

  15. 4:25
    Added squat cleans so did
    Squat cleans
    Not feeling the squat snatch so added squat cleans
    Then 5 pullups with band assist
    39 burpees

  16. 3:57.

    Used 22# and did BPU.

    Started off with 40 min 3.5 walk at random LVL 12

    Followed with 20 bfsu

  17. 3:34 gpu and 20#. That was an awkward move. My very last one was my best one.

  18. 3:58 no weights for 2 rounds and then 10# for last. Wanted to work on form as snatches are tricky!

  19. 14# sumo squat overhead extension type move- couldn't figure out the squat snatch
    1/2 bpu each time

  20. 1:58

    BPU and 20# squats. Unsure about the snatch too.

    Followed with yesterdays WOD

  21. 2:51
    24#snatch, yes, those were tricky! definitely awkward.

  22. I think it was between 3-4 minutes. My 4 year old decided to pick up my phone while I was squatting and stopped the timer. Oh well.

  23. 2:32

    25 lbs Snatch squat. (+ a bunch of extra when I was practicing the form.)


    Then ran 4.5 miles outside and got my time down to my normal range! Yippe!

  24. 3:06
    Regret taking a month and a half off! Legs felt that.

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