Tuesday 12.24.13

For time:
100 Double-unders (or 400 single jump rope)
Then, 5 rounds of:
10 Dumbbell deadlifts, 60 lbs total
10 Dumbbell front squat, 40 lbs total
10 Handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
Then, 100 Double-unders (or 400 single jump rope)

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat 
finish strong!


  1. 12:33
    200 jump rope
    Then 5 rounds of:
    40# dead lifts
    40# front squats
    Feet on floor with hips in the air for push-ups
    Then… 200 jump rope

  2. 18:57
    Started with 40 double unders then switched to singles. Did 200 after the 40 doubles
    Only 20lbs for all
    Handstand push-ups were feet hooked on back of chair, hips over arms.
    Then 400 jump rope.
    Wow!! This one was hard to catch my breath!!
    Merry Christmas everybody!!

  3. 13:48 as RX'd (scaling was feet on 18" box but not too much in a pike position)
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. That was SO FUN.

    400 singles
    For each set I did 3 handstand PU against the wall with my exercise mat under my head & 7 with my legs up on my desk in pike position.

  5. 17:49
    400 singles jump rope both
    30lbs for weight (15lbs dumbbells)
    gpu-I didn't know how to modify the handstand push ups so next time I have an idea. Plus I can't even do regular push ups yet. One day!

  6. 14:24 with 200 jumps subbed for 400 and 50# instead of 60#. Happy Tuesday!!!

  7. 13:30
    As rx'd, single JR, HSPU on bed fist two rounds on shins, last 3 on quads. Merry Christmas mamas!!

  8. 17:11
    40 lb dead lifts
    Boy push ups

    Had to go slow on each of the 400 jump ropes. My bladder just isn't what it used to be 🙁

  9. 14:40
    40# DL
    40# squats
    hspu on 18' box

    Fun! Merry Christmas Mamas 🙂

  10. 16:57
    single jump rope
    50# DL and front squats
    modified hspu using chair

    30 min. tempo run
    30 burpees

  11. 15:47

    -200 singles
    -60#dl bar
    -15# each db squat
    -shins resting on 24" bench, no pike PUs
    -200 singles-these killed me!

    Merry Christmas Eve

  12. 16:09

    400 singles
    65# DL
    40# Squat
    10 Down Dog Mod/40 BPU (push ups are my weakness but I'm improving!
    400 singles

  13. 12:48
    400 jump ropes
    40# deadlifts
    30# squats
    pike push ups (feet elevated 15")

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  14. 15:09 30# for all, pu on ball, jumps with invisible jump rope ? Wishing all you Mama's a VERY Merry Christmas!

  15. 15:27
    40# deadlifts, so did 20 each round.
    40# squats
    knees on chair for handstand PU
    400 single jump ropes

    Merry Christmas All! What a way to rid myself of stress and enjoy this special holiday with my husband and kids!

  16. I made up a WOD since we're out of town.

    5 rounds of the following:
    7 pull ups
    10 push ups
    25 squats

  17. Ran 3 miles

    Dead lifts 40lbs
    Front squat 40lbs first round then 20 for rest
    Handstand PU off edge of bed in pike position
    200 jump ropes

  18. 16:10
    65 lb dl
    25 lb squat to below parallel
    Boy push-ups
    Anyone else surprised how tiring that jumping rope was??? Haha
    Merry Christmas!!!

  19. Get ready for the record breaker Mamas…..43:21!!!!
    That's right, I suck at double unders. But I did them all, sometimes one at a time. I set a new PR of 10 double unders in a row with 1 jump in between. My last record was 5. I also squatted my heaviest yet of 60 lbs (30 lb dumbbells)- butt to the floor.

    Double unders
    60 lb butt to floor squats
    Knees on weight bench for HSPU

    1. You are good for working so hard on those double unders! Great job!!

  20. 27:56
    single jumps ropes
    knees on a fit ball for handstand push ups

    Not sure why my time was so much longer than everyone else's! That was a LOT of jump ropin'.

  21. 19:40
    Singles with my feet getting in the way 🙁
    75# DL, 55# squats
    Feet on36" counter x 3 rds
    2 rds bpu

  22. I did this yesterday, but never posted…

    did 400 singles instead of double unders (haven't really tried them before)- feet on 8" step for headstand push ups…

  23. 20:47
    Single jump ropes
    70lb deadlifts
    45lb front squats
    Push ups knees on 6"step

  24. 18:50 including 1 phone call and a trip to the bathroom before last set of jump ropes 🙂
    Did 20 dead lifts and 20 squats each round since only using half the weight
    Hand stand push ups with legs on deep freezer in pike position

  25. Pat – 18:55, #50db DL, #25 dbFS,modified hspu single jump ropes

    Maria 16:35 #65 DL(bar), #20DB fs,#15 shoulder press(no hspu) single jump rope…did not do last jump rope…major headache (head cold)…headache was gone until I tried hspu's ugh!

  26. Completed on 1/1 after 1/1 wod. 400 jump rope 75# dead lifts. 45# front squat. 400 jump rope.

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