Friday 10.18.13


5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Kettlebell swing, 20 lbs
15 Push-ups

Compare to 01.15.13  (with only 15 kettlebell swings)

Post time to comments.


  1. 29:50 as RX'd
    Yes…. For-Eva and tiring. Awesome Friday!!!

  2. 31:08
    20# kettle bell swings
    Mostly bpu's
    That was a tough one!!

  3. Well I finished all 5 rounds at 44:08 with the first time doing all gpu before that I have been doing even modified push-ups. If I can do it so can anyone else who puts there mind to it.

  4. 26:38

    10lbs on KB and bpu 5, gpu 10 each round.

    So tired. Need to go mix my smoothy but I don't want to move. 🙂 Happy Friday.

  5. 35:45 with 25lb kb. Ran in rain which felt great!

  6. 24:45
    I did 400 jump ropes for each 800 m run. 2000 total. Brutal! Happy Friday.

  7. 25:59
    Mix of butlers and running up and down stairs for run. Had I actually ran the 800m each time, I think I might have been a little slower.

  8. Well I subbed 800 meters of rowing but thought it only called for 400 or 500 meters of running. So my time is shorter.
    Rowed 800 meter
    25lb kb

  9. 3 rounds since I was short on time this morning
    3 min on spin bike (I don't know how much bike equates to 800m)
    15lb kb
    15 pups on knees

  10. 34:08
    Ran 1K each round (1000 M)
    So ended up with a 5K.
    Had to pause for 20 minutes after round 3 to pick up my kindergartener.

  11. 44:50 18# KB (The next size up at my gym is 26#- go figure…) gpu Two weeks down- feeling great!

  12. 28:19. Used 8kg Kettlebell (around 17 pounds). That was a harder workout than I thought. Tough but felt great after!!

  13. 29:07
    Treadmill, 30#, all bpu!! I've never been able to do them, and they are NOT pretty, but I'm getting there.

  14. 12:06

    5 Rounds for time
    -15 Dead Lifts 40#
    -15 KATE's (Knees ALMOST To Elbows..)

  15. 35:54

    Goal was to be withing 35 min, it was a close call but I pushed myself and did it!! Happy friday

  16. Darn! My timer didn't start. My husband said it was around 30 minutes.

  17. Did it all but I forgot to turn on the timer it took me around 40 minutes.

  18. 22:52
    Runs were more like 600m (ran to corner since baby was napping, didn't feel comfortable going further)

  19. 36:32


    Thanks Catherine H. for being my motivation partner.

  20. 36:50
    Outside workout. My first run was farther than 800m, ended up running a total of 2.7 miles instead of 2.5.

  21. About 30 min, 35 lbs, 16 kg kettlebell. All boy push ups. Loved this in the slippery subzero morning <3

  22. 35:30
    Took a phone call during 4th round so I walked while I talked.

  23. 35:30
    Took a phone call during 4th round so I walked while I talked.

  24. Better late than never. 🙂
    34:30 on treadmill, 10#plate for kettlebell swings, gpu.

  25. 34:15, with half girl push ups and 12 Kg kettlebell.
    This one was really tough for me!!

  26. Pat and Maria -running out of time this morning…

    only ran 400 meters a round

    21:17 – Pat #25
    22:03 – Maria – #20

  27. Completed on 10/26. 31:09 with a 16# kettleball and all girl push-ups. Then 10/24 wod.

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