Thursday 10.17.13

5 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
15 Knees to Elbows

Compare to 08.07.13

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 12:58 as rx'ed
    KTE need some help, but did them all!!!

  2. 9:15-
    compared to 7:55 before- but last time I did KTE on roman chair at gym before which was easier.
    Did all KTE on bar- but had to adjust my grip often

  3. 10:25
    40 lb dead lifts
    Knees to elbows (or boobs) on bar

  4. 14:04 I don't have a bar to do knees to elbows so I held myself in a plank. And I lifted 50lbs. I have only been doing this for three weeks but I can notice changes already. Thank you for this blog!

  5. 20 lb dumbbells for dead lifts
    K2E on floor

  6. 8:45 50# dl; Two sets of KTE on bar (first time for that!) but my hands were DYING so I did last three sets on the floor 🙂

  7. 9:46
    I'm developing a love/hate relationship with K2Es

  8. 8:26
    Knees on bar. Only could get to above waist. First time doing them on the bar. Much easier on the floor
    Rowed 10 minutes

  9. 8:38

    65lb dead lift and kte on floor with 2lb weights on each foot.

    Kudos to the ladies doing the full kte. I don't have a chin up bar yet but I'm scared to even try one of these for real.

  10. 111;14. 60 3's, a 2 sets of KTE on the bar, 3 on the floor. Using a door jam in my unfinished basement for the bar, kills my hands so bad! need a real bar.

  11. 7:55 with 50# DL for 3 rounds then 1 round at 40#. I had to stop because my lower back on the left was killing me. All 5 rounds of KTE on the floor. I've watched the YouTube videos and none of them help with my DL's-help?

    1. Keep your back flat at all times. Also, focus on your hip movement: hips way back at the bottom of the lift and then press your hips forward to lift the weight. Hips back, hips forward, that has really helped me.

  12. 6:19, K2E on floor.
    I've got to get me an over the door bar for the house.

    First 3 rounds dl with 60 lb. Ended up dropping to 40 lb because my 30 lb dumbbells were a 10 and 20 crossed over and smashing my thumbs. Need to get me some weights to add to my dumbbell set as well.

  13. 5:39
    40# DL because that's the most I can make.
    Plank K2E. After I did 3 on the rings I pretty much wasn't moving anymore so in the interest of working our I moved to the floor. I realize my time is faster due to this.

  14. 10:04
    Round 1 & 2 – 95#DL and K2E on bar
    Round 3 & 4 – 75#DL and K2E on floor
    Round 5 – 65#DL and K2E on floor

    Lots of skills that need work for me in this WOD.

  15. 8:38, 65# dead lifts, no pull-up bar so alternated butterfly sit-ups, leg-lifts & K2E on floor.

  16. 6:06

    24# squats instead of deadlifts (I have a really hard time getting a good form for deadlifts and don't want to injure myself)

    KTE's were more like "knees to chest"…

  17. 9:56. 60 lb. And 3 full rounds on bar, so it took a while. Ran 3 miles beforehand. Great Sunday workout.

  18. Completed on 10/22. 8:57 45 sec slower but I just got back from a mini vacation, jet lag and lack of working out…then body pump. Ouch, forearm pump!

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