Wednesdsay 10.02.13

Run 5K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 08.01.13

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!

2   MORE   DAYS  !!

*if you are new and will be joining us for the next 90 Day Challenge, starting Monday, October 7th, now is the time to order you shakes so they will arrive in time.


  1. 25:20 (same as last time)

    I haven't ran any distance since the august 5k. It is amazing that these daily workouts have helped me maintain my running fitness. I am thrilled!! Thanks Jenni!!!

  2. 31:53
    New PR!! 2:01 faster than my best time in a 5k in April. I'm not a long distance fan at all- but this is proof too that these workouts make you stronger!

    I love feeling accomplished- especially before 6am!

    Love the new pic Denise 🙂

  3. Gonna save this one for Saturday when the hubby is home. Sad I can't do it today, will have to find a substitute workout.

  4. 25:44 with an average of an 8:06 mile. Super happy. Last time I ran that fast was April 2012 at 3 months pregnant. Have been working hard to get back in shape and extremely happy with my time!

  5. not at that distance yet thanks to injury but ran 1 mile @10.00 then did yesterdays workout with step as box jumps (hate these more than i hate burpees) 12:51. whole family was sick yesterday including me 🙁

    gonna try 5k next week.

  6. 3 miles at a 6:11 pace. I just wanted to tell some of you ladies that last year my pace was 11-12 min miles.. Keep going you will get faster!

  7. 26:02 slower than last time, but I know I put forth effort so I am happy. Jessica, how do you run that fast! good for you!

  8. 27:07 Last time was 26:00, so I was slower this time, but that's because I hurt my knee recently. My pr is now 24:27, which is a lot better than last time!

  9. Garmin quit in me so I ran for 30 min. Should have been a little over a 5k. I will run with my Garmin (charged) over the weekend to confirm.

  10. 31:00
    You ladies are fast!! I haven't gained much speed back since I had Carter! But it felt good- hilly!

  11. Just an FYI for any mamas who use the nike running app and have the new software….if you don't run the app refresh you can't track your run!! Learned the hard way, luckily I knew the route I was running and may have been off but only by a few yards.

    28:08 today compared to 31:13 in August.

    1. Can't thank you enough Jenni or keeping this site going! I love seeing the improvements in my times and feeling stronger than I have in a long time. The looking better is just an added bonus!!

  12. 23:50 new PR
    Beat PR from August by 10 seconds. ?

  13. 37:30. Not happy with my time but I had to walk a bit here and there.

  14. 36:55 but ran almost .25 miles more because i didnt see that i was done. So i ran 3.34 miles total for time. About 4 min more than last time so i think if i stopped on time it mightve been about the same.

  15. I didn't run the whole 5K, but I got a whole mile in without stopping, walked a 1/4 mile, then ran 3/4 of a mile more without stopping. I am so proud of myself!! I have never been a great runner, and at just under an 11 min mile I'm still really slow, but I did it! Yay!

  16. 32:26 but ran 3.22
    Also had to stop at stop light for 1:30

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